Author: George Marin De la Voye

Author: George Marin De la Voye (1796–1877)

Biography: George Marin de la Voye was born in 1796 in France. He taught French language and literature at the East India Military College, Addiscombe military academy (1825–45), and the University of Paris. As an author, he produced numerous works on French language and literature as well as one novel, Eugénie, the Young Laundress of the Bastille (1851). He married Eleanor Worgan in 1828. He applied successfully several times to the Royal Literary Fund. In his 77th year, he renounced his Roman Catholicism, and he died in 1877 in London.

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References: Asiatic Journal (August 1828); Hull Packet (21 October 1870); RLF (case number 1694); H.M. Vibart, Addiscombe, its Heroes adn Men of Note

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  1. Eugenie: The Young Laundress of the Bastille.  3 vol.  London: Hope, 1851.

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