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Author: Sir Claude Arthur Bray (1858–1934)

Biography: Sir Claude Arthur Bray was born in 1858 in Pyrgo Park, Essex, the son of Joseph Bray. He attended Winchester and Sandhurst and entered the army in 1878. As a young ensign, he and five fellow missed boarding a steamer that subsequently sank. As an officer and later paymaster, he served in Afghanistan (1880), South Africa (1899–1901), and France (1914–18) (the latter as paymaster-in-chief). For his services, he earned a C.M.G., C.B., and promotion to K.C.M.G. Bray married Mabel Kingsley Parr and the couple had one daughter. He also found time to write half a dozen novels, including To Save Himself (1891), Randall Davenant (1892), The Last of the Dynmokes (1893), Ivanda (1894), The King's Revenge (1896), and Chattel or Wife? (1899). He died in 1934 in Dawlish.

References: Times (28 August 1934)


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