Author: Lt. Col. Henry Senior

Author: Lt. Col. Henry Senior (1794–1861)

Biography: Lt. Col. Henry Senior was born in 1794, the son of the Rev. John Rowen Senior, the vicar of Durnford, Wiltshire, and Mary Duke, the daughter of the solicitor-general of Barbados. He was the younger brother of the economist Nassau William Senior (1790–1864). He served in the 65th Regiment before he retired and bought the estate Glassdrummond, Co. Down, Ireland. Senior wrote one novel Charles Vernon (1849): according to the preface, the author wrote the novel thirty years earlier while stationed in Jamaica. He died suddenly in 1861.

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References: DNB (Nassau William Senior); Gentleman's Magazine (February 1861)

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  1. Charles Vernon, a Transatlantic Tale.  2 vol.  London: Longman, 1849.

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