Author: James Augustus St. John

Author: James Augustus St. John (1801–1875)

Biography: Author, traveller, and journalist. Father of authors Percy Bolingbroke St. John, Bayle Frederick St. John, and Vane Ireton St. John. See entry in DNB or Sutherland.

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References: DNB; DNCJ; Sutherland

Fiction Titles:

  1. Tales of the Ramad'han.  3 vol.  London: Bentley, 1835.
  2. Margaret Ravenscroft: or, Second Love.  3 vol.  London: Longman, 1835.
  3. Sir Cosmo Digby: A Tale of the Monmouthshire Riots.  3 vol.  London: Bentley, 1843.
  4. The Ring and the Veil: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall, 1856.
  5. Weighed in the Balance: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers, 1864.

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