Author: George E. Vail

Author: George E. Vail (born 1859)

Alternate Name(s): George Frost (pseudonym)

Biography: George Eugene Rene Vail was born in 1859 in Saint Servan, France, the son of Eugene L. Vail and Clotilde Legue. His brother was the painter Eugene Laurence Vail (1857–1934). As a child, he moved to New York where he attended Columbia University. Thereafter, he spent most of his life in France. He wrote two books: the first on painting and the second a collection of humorous stories The Troubles of Monsieur Bourgeois (1890) under the pseudonym "George Frost." (His pen name results from his ice-skating hobby.) Thereafter, he turned to drama. A one-act comedy "Partie Gagnee" played for 200 nights at the Gymnase in Paris. He married Cecilia Dougherty, the daughter of a Philadelphia politician. Vail was living 1921 but his death has not been traced.

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References: New York Herald (13 January 1895); New York Times (30 August 1903)

Fiction Titles:

  1. The Troubles of Monsieur Bourgeois.  1 vol.  London: Remington, 1890.

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