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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

Author: Stephen Joseph Mackenna

Author: Stephen Joseph Mackenna (1837–1883)

Biography: Stephen Joseph Mackenna was born in 1837 in Raheny, Co. Dublin, the son of writer Theodore Mackenna. His brother was army officer Capt. Theobald Mackenna. He attended Benedictine College of Downside before joining the army in 1859. He served in India where he learned Hindi and worked as a journalist. On his return to Europe in 1868, he continued in the literary life publishing stories in magazines, editing newspapers including The Buckingham Chronicle and The Catholic Times, and serving as the foreign correspondent for the London Daily Chronicle. In addition, he published several novels and wrote plays. He died in 1883.

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References: Irish Monthly (August 1894); NCBEL

Fiction Titles:

  1. Off Parade.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett, 1872.
  2. Plucky Fellows: Being Reminiscences from the Note-book of Captain Fred. A Book for Boys.  1 vol.  London: Henry S. King, 1873.
  3. Kings Beeches: Stories of Old Chums.  1 vol.  London: Virtue, 1873.
  4. At School with an Old Dragoon.  1 vol.  London: Henry S. King, 1874.
  5. A Child of Fortune.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett, 1875.
  6. Handfast to Strangers: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall, 1876.