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Periodical: Life

History: Published weekly on Thursdays (until 1883) then Saturdays, price 6d. Illustrated. Full title: Life: A Weekly Journal of Society, Literature, the Fine Arts, and Finance.

References: British Library

Novels and short stories serialized in Life:

  1. Major Arthur George Frederick Griffiths. Viscount Lacklands. 17 April-10 July 1880 (weekly).
  2. Frederick William Robinson. "Women are Strange." Women are Strange, and Other Stories. 3 March-26 May 1881 (weekly).
  3. Anthony Trollope. The Land-Leaguers. 16 November 1882-4 October 1883 (weekly).
  4. David Christie Murray. Hearts. 9 February-28 September 1882 (weekly).
  5. Charles Reade. "The Knightsbridge Mystery." The Jilt and Other Stories. 11 May-1 June 1882 (weekly).
  6. Charles Reade. Singleheart and Doubleface. 8 June-7 September 1882 (weekly).