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Periodical: Sala's Journal

History: Published weekly, price 1d. Full title: Sala's Journal: A Weekly Magazine for All. Edited by G.A. Sala.

References: British Library

Novels and short stories serialized in Sala's Journal:

  1. Rosa Caroline Praed. December Roses. 30 April-2 July 1892 (weekly).
  2. Edward J. Goodman. The Fate of Herbert Wayne. 2 July-15 October 1892 (weekly).
  3. Benjamin Leopold Farjeon. The Last Tenant. 15 October 1892-25 March 1893 (weekly).
  4. George Augustus Sala. Margaret Forster. 8 July-29 November 1893 (weekly).
  5. Mary Kennard. Just Like a Woman. 6 December 1893-[?] 1894 (weekly) .