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Periodical: Time

History: Published monthly. Edited by Edmund Yates (1879–84) and Ellen Mary Abdy Williams (1885–1888?).

References: Sue Thomas, Indexes to Fiction in Time (1879-91), Murray's Magazine (1887-97), and The Quarto (1896-98) (University of Queensland, 1980)

Novels and short stories serialized in Time:

  1. Walter Besant. The Seamy Side. April 1879-April 1880 (monthly).
  2. Violet Fane. Sophy. April 1880-December 1881 (monthly).
  3. Emma Newman. With Costs. June 1880-July 1881 (monthly).
  4. David Christie Murray. "The Major's Valediction." Coals of Fire, and Other Stories. December 1880 (monthly).
  5. Annie Thomas. Allerton Towers. November 1881-November 1882 (monthly).
  6. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. Portia. April 1882-March 1883 (monthly).
  7. Robert Edward Francillon. A Real Queen. January 1883-January 1884 (monthly).
  8. Annie Thomas. Love's a Tyrant. December 1886-February 1888 (monthly).
  9. Ellen Mary Abdy Williams. The World Below. January-November 1886 (monthly).
  10. Andrew Lang. "The End of Phaeacia." In the Wrong Paradise and Other Stories. January-March 1886 (monthly).
  11. George Moore. Confessions of a Young Man. July-November 1887 (monthly).
  12. Sir Julian Stafford Corbett. Kophetua the Thirteenth. April 1888-February 1889 (monthly).
  13. Francis Charles Philips. Young Mr. Ainslie's Courtship. January-October 1889 (monthly).
  14. Lillian Spender. Lady Hazelton's Confession. January-December 1890 (monthly).