Periodical Information At the Circulating Library

Periodical: Cassell's Family Magazine

History: Published monthly, price 7d. Continues Cassell's Magazine.

References: Ashley; DNCJ; Sutherland; Sue Thomas, Indexes to Fiction in Cassell's Family Magazine, later Cassell's Magazine (1874-1910) (University of Queensland, 1987)

Novels and short stories serialized in Cassell's Family Magazine:

  1. Theo Gift. Pretty Miss Bellew. December 1874-November 1875 (monthly).
  2. Isabella Banks. The Manchester Man. February-December 1875 (monthly).
  3. John Berwick Harwood. Paul Knox, Pitman. December 1876-November 1877 (monthly).
  4. Frances E. M. Notley. Cordelia. December 1877-November 1878 (monthly).
  5. John Berwick Harwood. The Tenth Earl. December 1878-November 1879 (monthly).
  6. Isabella Banks. "Old Elspa." Sybilla, and Other Stories. December 1878 (monthly).
  7. Frederic Edward Weatherly. Oxford Days. December 1878-July 1879 (monthly).
  8. Arabella M. Hopkinson. Waiting. December 1880-November 1881 (monthly).
  9. John Berwick Harwood. "Ralph Raeburn's Trusteeship." Ralph Raeburn, and other tales. December 1881-May 1882 (monthly).
  10. Arabella M. Hopkinson. Pardoned. December 1882-November 1883 (monthly).
  11. Arabella M. Hopkinson. Sweet Christabel. December 1884-May 1885 (monthly).
  12. Alice O'Hanlon. A Diamond in the Rough. December 1884-November 1885 (monthly).
  13. Frank Barrett. John Ford. June-November 1884 (monthly).
  14. Alice Price. A Wilful Young Woman. December 1885-November 1886 (monthly).
  15. Evelyn Ward Everett Green. Monica. December 1887-July 1888 (monthly).
  16. Frank Barrett. Under a Strange Mask. December 1888-May 1889 (monthly).
  17. Elizabeth Neal. The Wooing of Christabel. September-December 1890 (monthly).
  18. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade. The Voice of the Charmer. December 1894-November 1895 (monthly).
  19. Max Pemberton. "Yerut the Dwarf." Queen of the Jesters, and Her Strange Adventures in Paris. June 1897.
  20. Rudyard Kipling. Kim. December 1900-November 1901 (monthly).