Periodical Information At the Circulating Library

Periodical: Longman's Magazine

History: Published monthly, price 1s. Edited by Andrew Lang.

References: Ashley; DNCJ; Sutherland; Wellesley

Novels and short stories serialized in Longman's Magazine:

  1. James Payn. Thicker Than Water. November 1882-October 1883 (monthly).
  2. Margaret Oliphant. The Lady's Walk. December 1882-January 1883 (monthly).
  3. William Clark Russell. Jack's Courtship. November 1883-December 1884 (monthly).
  4. Thomas Hardy. "The Three Strangers." Wessex Tales. March 1883.
  5. Grant Allen. "The Foundering of the 'Fortuna'." Strange Stories. November 1883.
  6. Margaret Oliphant. Madam. January 1884-January 1885 (monthly).
  7. Wilkie Collins. "Mr. Medhurst and the Princess." Little Novels. Christmas Number 1884.
  8. Walter Besant. "Sir Jocelyn's Cap." Uncle Jack, etc.. December 1884-January 1885 (monthly).
  9. Walter Besant. "Even with This." The Holy Rose, etc.. December 1884.
  10. Julian Sturgis. "A Mad Person." After Twenty Years and Other Stories. April 1884.
  11. Julian Sturgis. "Romance of an Old Don." After Twenty Years and Other Stories. November 1884.
  12. Emily Jane Gerard. "Two Robbers." Bis. December 1884.
  13. William Black. White Heather. January-December 1885 (monthly).
  14. Robert Louis Stevenson. Prince Otto. April-October 1885 (monthly).
  15. Grant Allen. "The Search Party's Find." The Beckoning Hand, and Other Stories. February 1885.
  16. Andrew Lang. "My Friend the Beachcomber." In the Wrong Paradise and Other Stories. August 1885.
  17. Walter Besant. Children of Gibeon. January-December 1886 (monthly).
  18. Grant Allen. "The Third Time." The Beckoning Hand, and Other Stories. January 1886.
  19. Sabine Baring-Gould. Eve. September 1887-August 1888 (monthly).
  20. H. Rider Haggard. Allan Quatermain. January-August 1887 (monthly).
  21. Julian Sturgis. Thraldom. May-August 1887 (monthly).
  22. Grant Allen. "Claude Tyack's Ordeal." Ivan Greet's Masterpiece Etc.. February 1887.
  23. Emily Jane Gerard. "Grey Fur." Bis. December 1887.
  24. Dorothea Gerard. Orthodox. July-October 1888 (monthly).
  25. Walter Besant. The Bells of St. Paul's. January-December 1889 (monthly).
  26. Margaret Oliphant. Lady Car. March-July 1889 (monthly).
  27. L. B. Walford. The Mischief of Monica. November 1890-October 1891 (monthly).
  28. Valentine Cameron Prinsep. Virginie. January-December 1890 (monthly).
  29. F. Marion Crawford. The Three Fates. May 1891-April 1892 (monthly).
  30. Henry James. "The Pupil." The Lesson of the Master. March-April 1891 (monthly).
  31. Grant Allen. "Melissa's Tour." Ivan Greet's Masterpiece Etc.. June 1891.
  32. Margaret Hunt. Mrs. Juliet. January-December 1892 (monthly).
  33. William Edward Norris. His Grace. May-October 1892 (monthly).
  34. Grant Allen. "The Pot-boiler." Ivan Greet's Masterpiece Etc.. October 1892.
  35. L. B. Walford. The Matchmaker. November 1893-October 1894 (monthly).
  36. Stanley John Weyman. A Gentleman of France. January-December 1893 (monthly).
  37. Grant Allen. "Cecca's Lover." Twelve Tales with a Headpiece, a Tailpiece, and an Intermezzo. January 1894.
  38. Dorothea Gerard. An Arranged Marriage. November 1894-May 1895 (monthly).
  39. Margaret Oliphant. Old Mr Tredgold. June 1895-May 1896 (monthly).
  40. James Eastwick. The New Centurion. September-October 1895 (monthly).
  41. A. E. W. Mason. Parson Kelly. January-November 1899 (monthly).
  42. Arthur Williams Marchmont. In the Name of a Woman. April-December 1900 (monthly).
  43. Edward Dyson. The Gold-Stealers. July-December 1901 (monthly).