Periodical Information At the Circulating Library

Periodical: The Gentleman's Magazine

History: Published monthly.

References: British Periodicals; DNCJ; Sutherland

Novels and short stories serialized in The Gentleman's Magazine:

  1. Henry Kingsley. Mademoiselle Mathilde. April 1867-May 1868 (monthly).
  2. Joseph Hatton. Christopher Kenrick, His Life and Adventures. October 1868-June 1869 (monthly).
  3. Vaughan Morgan. Not in Society. June-November 1868 (monthly).
  4. Victor Hugo. By Order of the King. May 1869-May 1870 (monthly).
  5. Henry Sutherland Edwards. Malvina. July 1870-March 1871 (monthly).
  6. Joseph Hatton. The Valley of Poppies. June-December 1871 (monthly).
  7. Joseph Hatton. In the Lap of Fortune. May 1872-March 1873 (monthly).
  8. George John Whyte-Melville. Satanella. January-July 1872 (monthly).
  9. Joseph Hatton. Clytie. March 1873-May 1874 (monthly).
  10. Robert Edward Francillon. Olympia. January-December 1874 (monthly).
  11. Robert Edward Francillon. A Dog and his Shadow. July 1875-June 1876 (monthly).
  12. Justin McCarthy. Dear Lady Disdain. January-December 1875 (monthly).
  13. Robert Williams Buchanan. The Shadow of the Sword. January-December 1876 (monthly).
  14. Helen Mathers. As He Comes Up the Stair. September-October 1876 (monthly).
  15. Justin McCarthy. Miss Misanthrope. January-December 1877 (monthly).
  16. David Christie Murray. "An Old Meerschaum." Coals of Fire, and Other Stories. November 1878 (monthly).
  17. James Payn. "Number Forty-Seven." High Spirits, Being Certain Stories Written in Them. December 1878 (monthly).
  18. George John Whyte-Melville. Roy's Wife. January-August 1878 (monthly).
  19. Eliza Lynn Linton. Under Which Lord?. January-December 1879 (monthly).
  20. Robert Edward Francillon. Queen Cophetua. January-December 1880 (monthly).
  21. Justin McCarthy. The Comet of the Season. January-December 1881 (monthly).
  22. Julian Hawthorne. Dust. January 1882-March 1883 (monthly).
  23. Robert Williams Buchanan. The New Abelard. January 1883-March 1884 (monthly).
  24. Grant Allen. Philistia. January-December 1884 (monthly).
  25. Alice O'Hanlon. The Unforeseen. January-December 1885 (monthly).