Periodical Information At the Circulating Library

Periodical: The Sixpenny Magazine

History: Published monthly.

References: British Periodicals; Sutherland

Novels and short stories serialized in The Sixpenny Magazine:

  1. Mary Elizabeth Braddon. The Captain of the Vulture. September 1861-March 1862 (monthly).
  2. Mary Elizabeth Braddon. Lady Audley's Secret. February 1862-January 1863 (monthly).
  3. Charles James Collins. Sackville Chase. May 1863-January 1864 (monthly).
  4. Gustave Aimard. The Smuggler Chief. July 1863-February 1864 (monthly).
  5. Joseph Verey. Who Was to Blame?. November 1863-March 1864 (monthly).
  6. Mrs. M. A. Bird. The Fate of Thorsghyll. November 1864-June 1865 (monthly).
  7. Charles James Collins. Singed Moths. February-October 1864 (monthly).
  8. Annie Thomas. Barry O'Byrne. March-December 1864 (monthly).
  9. Anonymous. How I Rose in the World. July 1866-February 1867 (monthly).