Periodical Information At the Circulating Library

Periodical: The Sixpenny Magazine

History: Published monthly.

References: British Periodicals; Sutherland

Novels and short stories serialized in The Sixpenny Magazine:

  1. Mary Elizabeth Braddon. The Captain of the Vulture. September 1861-March 1862 (monthly).
  2. Mary Elizabeth Braddon. Lady Audley's Secret. February 1862-January 1863 (monthly).
  3. Charles James Collins. Sackville Chase. May 1863-January 1864 (monthly).
  4. Gustave Aimard. The Smuggler Chief. July 1863-February 1864 (monthly).
  5. Joseph Verey. Who Was to Blame?. November 1863-March 1864 (monthly).
  6. Mrs. M. A. Bird. The Fate of Thorsghyll. November 1864-June 1865 (monthly).
  7. Charles James Collins. Singed Moths. February-October 1864 (monthly).
  8. Annie Thomas. Barry O'Byrne. March-December 1864 (monthly).
  9. William Russell. "The 'Rainbow' and the 'Mary Rose'." The Jolly Boat. April 1864.
  10. William Russell. "The 'Dolphin' Sloop of War." The Jolly Boat. May 1864.
  11. William Russell. "Bevis Hill, Mariner: An Autobiography (1657)." The Jolly Boat. June 1864.
  12. William Russell. "In the South Seas." The Jolly Boat. July 1864.
  13. William Russell. "Jaques Cartier." The Jolly Boat. August 1864.
  14. William Russell. "The Burning of the 'Kent' East Indiaman." The Jolly Boat. September 1864.
  15. William Russell. "A Christian Hero." The Jolly Boat. October 1864.
  16. William Russell. "The Andromeda." The Jolly Boat. November 1864.
  17. Anonymous. How I Rose in the World. July 1866-February 1867 (monthly).