Periodical Information At the Circulating Library

Periodical: Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine

History: Published monthly, price 2s. 6d. Edited by Alexander Blackwood (1834–1845), John Blackwood (1845–1879), and William Blackwood III (1879–1912).

References: Ashley; British Periodicals; DNCJ; Sutherland; Wellesley

Novels and short stories serialized in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine:

  1. Amelia Gillispie Smyth. "Selwyn in Search of a Daughter." Selwyn in Search of a Daughter and Other Tales. January-June 1827 (monthly).
  2. Michael Scott. Tom Cringle's Log. June 1831-August 1833 (monthly).
  3. Richard Harris Barham. Some Account of My Cousin Nicholas. April-December 1834 (monthly).
  4. Michael Scott. The Cruise of the Midge. March 1834-June 1835 (monthly).
  5. Samuel Warren. Ten Thousand a Year. October 1839-August 1841 (monthly).
  6. Samuel Phillips. Caleb Stukley. February 1842-May 1843 (monthly).
  7. Rev. George Croly. Marston. June 1843-October 1845 (monthly).
  8. Edward Bulwer Lytton. The Caxtons. April 1848-October 1849 (monthly).
  9. Edward Bulwer Lytton. My Novel. September 1850-January 1853 (monthly).
  10. Margaret Oliphant. Katie Stewart. July-November 1852 (monthly).
  11. Sir Edward Bruce Hamley. Lady Lee's Widowhood. January-October 1853 (monthly).
  12. Margaret Oliphant. Zaidee. December 1854-December 1855 (monthly).
  13. Margaret Oliphant. The Athelings. June 1856-June 1857 (monthly).
  14. Edward Bulwer Lytton. What Will He Do with It?. June 1857-January 1859 (monthly).
  15. George Eliot. "The Sad Fortunes of the Reverend Amos Barton." Scenes of Clerical Life. January-February 1857 (monthly).
  16. George Eliot. "Mr Gilfil's Love-Story." Scenes of Clerical Life. March-June 1857 (monthly).
  17. George Eliot. "Janet's Repentance." Scenes of Clerical Life. July-November 1857 (monthly).
  18. Emily Jolly. "My First and Last Novel." A Wife's Story, and Other Tales. July 1858 (monthly).
  19. William Lucas Collins. The Luck of Ladysmede. March 1859-March 1860 (monthly).
  20. William Edmondstoune Aytoun. Norman Sinclair. January 1860-August 1861 (monthly).
  21. Margaret Oliphant. "The Rector." The Rector and The Doctor's Family. September 1861.
  22. Margaret Oliphant. "The Doctor's Family." The Rector and The Doctor's Family. October 1861-January 1862 (monthly).
  23. William George Hamley. Captain Clutterbuck's Champagne. October 1861-February 1862 (montly).
  24. Margaret Oliphant. Salem Chapel. February 1862-January 1863 (monthly).
  25. Margaret Oliphant. The Perpetual Curate. June 1863-September 1864 (monthly).
  26. Charles Lever. Tony Butler. October 1863-January 1865 (monthly).
  27. Emily Jolly. "Annie and her Master." A Wife's Story, and Other Tales. April 1864 (monthly).
  28. Margaret Oliphant. Miss Marjoribanks. February 1865-May 1866 (monthly).
  29. Charles Lever. Sir Brook Fossbrooke. May 1865-November 1866 (monthly).
  30. Anthony Trollope. Nina Balatka. July 1866-January 1867 (monthly).
  31. Margaret Oliphant. Brownlows. January 1867-February 1868 (monthly).
  32. Anthony Trollope. Linda Tressel. October 1867-May 1868 (monthly).
  33. Lawrence William Lockhart. Doubles and Quit. November 1868-April 1869 (monthly).
  34. Robert Edward Francillon. Earl's Dene. November 1869-December 1870 (monthly).
  35. Margaret Oliphant. John. November 1869-July 1870 (monthly).
  36. Lawrence William Lockhart. Fair to See. January-November 1871 (monthly).
  37. Richard Doddridge Blackmore. The Maid of Sker. August 1871-July 1872 (monthly).
  38. Sir George Tomkyns Chesney. The Battle of Dorking. May 1871.
  39. Sir George Tomkyns Chesney. A True Reformer. March 1872-June 1873 (monthly).
  40. Edward Bulwer Lytton. The Parisians. October 1872-January 1874 (monthly).
  41. Richard Doddridge Blackmore. Alice Lorraine. March 1874-April 1875 (monthly).
  42. Margaret Oliphant. The Story of Valentine and his Brother. January 1874-February 1875 (monthly).
  43. Julian Sturgis. "The Philosopher's Baby." After Twenty Years and Other Stories. February 1874.
  44. Julian Sturgis. "A Disappointing Boy." After Twenty Years and Other Stories. September 1874.
  45. Sir George Tomkyns Chesney. The Dilemma. May 1875-April 1876 (monthly).
  46. Charles Reade. A Woman-Hater. June 1876-June 1877 (monthly).
  47. Julian Sturgis. "An Unimportant Person." After Twenty Years and Other Stories. February 1876.
  48. Julian Sturgis. "John's Hero." After Twenty Years and Other Stories. July 1876.
  49. Beatrice May Butt. "Nenuphar: A Fancy." Elizabeth and Other Sketches. October 1876.
  50. Lawrence William Lockhart. Mine is Thine. July 1877-June 1878 (monthly).
  51. L. B. Walford. Pauline. February-October 1877 (monthly).
  52. Anthony Trollope. John Caldigate. April 1878-June 1879 (monthly).
  53. Sir George Tomkyns Chesney. The New Ordeal. October-November 1878 (monthly).
  54. Dorothea Gerard. Reata. April 1879-May 1880 (monthly).
  55. Alexander Charles Grant. Bush-Life in Queensland. December 1879-October 1880 (monthly).
  56. Sir George Tomkyns Chesney. The Private Secretary. November 1880-September 1881 (monthly).
  57. Anthony Trollope. Dr. Wortle's School. May-December 1880 (monthly).
  58. Beatrice May Butt. "Lois: A Sketch." Elizabeth and Other Sketches. October 1880.
  59. Anthony Trollope. The Fixed Period. October 1881-March 1882 (monthly).
  60. Frederick John Fargus. "The Secret of the Stradivarius." Bound Together. December 1881.
  61. Beatrice May Butt. "Denis." Elizabeth and Other Sketches. October 1881.
  62. Margaret Oliphant. The Ladies Lindores. April 1882-May 1883 (monthly).
  63. Margaret Oliphant. "The Open Door." The Stories of the Seen and Unseen. January 1882.
  64. Frederick John Fargus. "The Bandman's Story." Bound Together. April 1882.
  65. Louis John Jennings. The Millionaire. April-December 1883 (monthly).
  66. L. B. Walford. The Baby's Grandmother. October 1883-August 1884 (monthly).
  67. Frederick John Fargus. "Fleurette." Bound Together. April 1883.
  68. Dorothea Gerard. The Waters of Hercules. August 1884-July 1885 (monthly).
  69. Margaret Oliphant. "Old Lady Mary." The Stories of the Seen and Unseen. January 1884.
  70. Beatrice May Butt. "Dorothy: An Interlude." Elizabeth and Other Sketches. December 1884.
  71. Emily Jane Gerard. "Magda's Cow." Bis. June-July 1884 (monthly).
  72. William Minto. The Crack of Doom. August 1885-June 1886 (monthly).
  73. Alexander Innes Shand. Fortune's Wheel. April 1885-February 1886 (monthly).
  74. Emily Jane Gerard. "A Polish Elias." Bis. October 1885.
  75. F. Marion Crawford. Saracinesca. May 1886-April 1887 (monthly).
  76. Henry Curwen. Zit and Xoe. April-May 1886 (monthly).
  77. Margaret Oliphant. Joyce. May 1887-April 1888 (monthly).
  78. Margaret Oliphant. "The Land of Darkness." The Land of Darkness. January 1887.
  79. Beatrice May Butt. "Eberhardt." Elizabeth and Other Sketches. August 1887.
  80. L. B. Walford. A Stiff-Necked Generation. April 1888-January 1889 (monthly).
  81. Dorothea Gerard. Lady Baby. December 1888-February 1890 (monthly).
  82. Thomas Hardy. "The Withered Arm." Wessex Tales. January 1888.
  83. Margaret Oliphant. "On the Dark Mountains." The Land of Darkness. November 1888.
  84. Emily Jane Gerard. A Secret Mission. May 1890-January 1891 (monthly).
  85. Arthur Conan Doyle. "A Physiologist's Wife." Round the Red Lamp. September 1890.
  86. Margaret Oliphant. Sons and Daughters. March-April 1890 (monthly).
  87. Emily Jane Gerard. "His Uncle and her Grandmother." Bis. January-February 1890 (monthly).
  88. James Franklin Fuller. Chronicles of Westerly. April 1891-February 1892 (monthly).
  89. Margaret Oliphant. Diana Trelawny. February-July 1892 (monthly).
  90. Sarah Grand. Singularly Deluded. August-December 1892 (monthly).
  91. Alexander Allardyce. Earlscourt. January 1893-January 1894 (monthly).
  92. Margaret Oliphant. Who Was Lost and Is Found. June-November 1894 (monthly).
  93. Dorothea Gerard. The Rich Miss Riddell. February-May 1894 (monthly).
  94. Emily Jane Gerard. A Foreigner. December 1894-December 1895 (monthly).
  95. Margaret Oliphant. "The Heirs of Kellie." A Widow's Tale and Other Stories. March 1896.
  96. Richard Doddridge Blackmore. Dariel. October 1896-October 1897 (monthly).
  97. Joseph Conrad. "Karain: A Memory." Tales of Unrest. November 1897.
  98. Joseph Conrad. "Youth." Youth. September 1898.
  99. Joseph Conrad. Lord Jim. October 1899-November 1900 (monthly).
  100. Joseph Conrad. "Heart of Darkness." Youth. February-April 1899 (monthly).
  101. Joseph Conrad. "The End of the Tether." Youth. July-December 1902 (monthly).