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Periodical: The Day of Rest

History: Published weekly on Saturdays, price 1d. Illustrated. Beginning in 1879, published monthly, price 6d.

References: British Library (incomplete); GoogleBooks (volume 4; incomplete)

Novels and short stories serialized in The Day of Rest:

  1. John Saunders. The Shipowner's Daughter. 3 January-[July?] 1874 (weekly).
  2. George MacDonald. Thomas Wingfield, Curate. 1 January-16 December 1876 (weekly).
  3. Eleanor Grace O'Reilly. Phoebe's Fortunes. 7 July-29 December 1877 (weekly).
  4. Mrs. J. Hunt. The Wards of Plotinus. January-December 1879 (monthly).
  5. William Black. "The Pupil of Aurelius." The Beautiful Wretch; The Four Macnicols; The Pupil of Aurelius. June 1881 (monthly).