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Periodical: The Queen

History: Full title is "The Queen, The Lady's Newspaper and Court Chronicle." Published weekly on Saturdays, price 6d.

References: British Library; DNCJ; Chris Tiffin, Rosa Praed (Mrs Campbell Praed), 1851-1935 : A Bibliography (University of Queensland, 1989)

Novels and short stories serialized in The Queen:

  1. George MacDonald. "My Uncle Peter." Adela Cathcart. 21 December 1861.
  2. George Hatton Colomb. Hearths and Watch-Fires. 6 January-29 December 1866 (weekly; intermittently).
  3. Eliza Lynn Linton. "For Love." With a Silken Thread, and Other Stories. 23 September-18 November 1871 (weekly).
  4. William Wilthew Fenn. "The Lady in the Blue Barouche." After Sundown. 7 December 1878.
  5. William Wilthew Fenn. "The Lady of Merry Bell Holt." A Noble Name. 10 December-17 December 1881 (weekly).
  6. William Wilthew Fenn. "In the Room with the Arras." Woven in Darkness. 2 December 1882.
  7. William Wilthew Fenn. "The Ghost on the Chain Pier." Woven in Darkness. 8 December 1883.
  8. William Wilthew Fenn. "The Face at the Window." Woven in Darkness. 20 December 1884.
  9. Richard Doddridge Blackmore. Kit and Kitty. 6 July 1889-22 March 1890 (weekly).
  10. James Payn. A Stumble on the Threshold. 2 July-19 November 1892 (weekly).
  11. Rosa Caroline Praed. Christina Chard. 15 July-25 November 1893 (weekly).
  12. Sabine Baring-Gould. Cheap Jack Zita. 7 January-20 May 1893 (weekly).
  13. Rosa Caroline Praed. Mrs. Tregaskiss. 6 July-14 December 1895 (weekly).
  14. Arthur Conan Doyle. Uncle Bernac. 16 January-13 March 1897 (weekly).
  15. Walter Besant. The Lady of Lynn. [?] January-[?] June 1901 (weekly).