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Periodical: Temple Bar

History: Published monthly, price 1s. Edited by Edmund Yates (1860–67).

References: Ashley; British Periodicals; DNCJ; Sutherland; Wellesley

Novels and short stories serialized in Temple Bar:

  1. Edmund Hodgson Yates. For Better, for Worse. December 1860-September 1861 (monthly).
  2. George Augustus Sala. The Seven Sons of Mammon. January-December 1861 (monthly).
  3. Eliza Lynn Linton. "The Countess Mélusine." With a Silken Thread, and Other Stories. February 1861 (monthly).
  4. Mary Elizabeth Braddon. "The Mystery of Fernwood." Ralph the Bailiff and Other Tales. November-December 1861 (monthly).
  5. Mary Elizabeth Braddon. John Marchmont's Legacy. December 1862-January 1864 (monthly).
  6. George Augustus Sala. The Strange Adventures of Captain Dangerous. January 1862-February 1863 (monthly).
  7. Mary Elizabeth Braddon. Aurora Floyd. January 1862-January 1863 (monthly).
  8. Edward Dutton Cook. The Trials of the Tredgolds. February 1863-February 1864 (monthly).
  9. Mary Elizabeth Braddon. The Doctor's Wife. January-December 1864 (monthly).
  10. Henry James Byron. Paid in Full. April 1864-March 1865 (monthly).
  11. William Gorman Wills. David Chantrey. December 1864-December 1865 (monthly).
  12. Edmund Hodgson Yates. Broken to Harness. February 1864-January 1865 (monthly).
  13. Mary Elizabeth Braddon. Sir Jasper's Tenant. February-December 1865 (monthly).
  14. Edmund Hodgson Yates. Land at Last. April 1865-April 1866 (monthly).
  15. Annie Edwards. Archie Lovell. January-December 1866 (monthly).
  16. Ellen Wood. Lady Adelaide's Oath. April 1866-March 1867 (monthly).
  17. Annie Edwards. Steven Lawrence, Yeoman. April 1867-May 1868 (monthly).
  18. J. Sheridan Le Fanu. A Lost Name. May 1867-May 1868 (monthly).
  19. Matilda Barbara Betham-Edwards. Kitty. May 1868-April 1869 (monthly).
  20. Annie Edwards. Susan Fielding. December 1868-December 1869 (monthly).
  21. Emily Feake Bridges. "Queen Elizabeth's Garden." A Young Man's Fancy, with Other Tales. March 1868 (monthly).
  22. Emily Feake Bridges. "Juno and Phillis." A Young Man's Fancy, with Other Tales. April 1868 (monthly).
  23. Emily Feake Bridges. "The Story of Pauline." A Young Man's Fancy, with Other Tales. May 1868 (monthly).
  24. Emily Feake Bridges. "In the Apple Orchard." A Young Man's Fancy, with Other Tales. June 1868 (monthly).
  25. Emily Feake Bridges. "Lady Esther." A Young Man's Fancy, with Other Tales. August 1868 (monthly).
  26. Emily Feake Bridges. "Sweet Nelly Huntingdon." A Young Man's Fancy, with Other Tales. September 1868 (monthly).
  27. Emily Feake Bridges. "Katie Gray." A Young Man's Fancy, with Other Tales. November 1868 (monthly).
  28. Florence Marryat. "A Lucky Disappointment." Hidden Chains. November 1868-January 1869 (monthly).
  29. Rhoda Broughton. "The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth." Tales for Christmas Eve. February 1868.
  30. Rhoda Broughton. Red as a Rose is She. May 1869-March 1870 (monthly).
  31. Florence Marryat. "Leopold-Ferdinand, Duc de Brabant." A Moment of Madness, and Other Stories. March 1869 (monthly).
  32. Emily Feake Bridges. "The Turn of Fortune's Wheel." A Young Man's Fancy, with Other Tales. April 1869 (monthly).
  33. Emily Feake Bridges. "Étienne's Vengeance." A Young Man's Fancy, with Other Tales. January 1869 (monthly).
  34. Annie Edwards. Ought We to Visit Her?. December 1870-December 1871 (monthly).
  35. William Gilbert. The Landlord of the Sun. April 1870-July 1871 (monthly).
  36. Florence Marryat. "The Poison of Asps." Hidden Chains. May-October 1870 (monthly).
  37. J. Sheridan Le Fanu. "The Bird of Passage." Chronicles of Golden Friars. April-June 1870 (monthly).
  38. Rhoda Broughton. Good-bye, Sweetheart!. July 1871-July 1872 (monthly).
  39. William Clark Russell. "The Deceased Wife's Sister." The Deceased Wife's Sister, and My Beautiful Neighbour. December 1871-June 1872 (monthly).
  40. Florence Marryat. "Amy's Lover." A Moment of Madness, and Other Stories. September 1871 (monthly).
  41. Mrs. Alexander. The Wooing O't. June 1872-November 1873 (monthly).
  42. Florence Marryat. "Still Waters." A Moment of Madness, and Other Stories. May 1872 (monthly).
  43. Wilkie Collins. The New Magdalen. October 1872-July 1873 (monthly).
  44. Rhoda Broughton. "The Man with the Nose." Tales for Christmas Eve. October 1872.
  45. Rhoda Broughton. "Behold, It was a Dream!." Tales for Christmas Eve. November 1872.
  46. Rhoda Broughton. "Poor Pretty Bobby." Tales for Christmas Eve. December 1872.
  47. George John Whyte-Melville. Uncle John. October 1873-August 1874 (monthly).
  48. William Clark Russell. "My Beautiful Neighbour." The Deceased Wife's Sister, and My Beautiful Neighbour. August-November 1873 (monthly).
  49. Rhoda Broughton. "Under the Cloak." Tales for Christmas Eve. January 1873.
  50. Annie Edwards. A Vagabond Heroine. January-July 1873 (monthly).
  51. Annie Edwards. Leah, a Woman of Fashion. November 1874-October 1875 (monthly).
  52. Eliza Lynn Linton. Patricia Kemball. February 1874-February 1875 (monthly).
  53. Wilkie Collins. "The Frozen Deep." The Frozen Deep and Other Stories. August-October 1874 (monthly).
  54. Wilkie Collins. "The Dream Woman." The Frozen Deep and Other Stories. November-December (monthly).
  55. Mrs. Alexander. Her Dearest Foe. June 1875-August 1876 (monthly).
  56. Mrs. Alexander. Ralph Wilton's Weird. January-May 1875 (monthly).
  57. Augustus William Dubourg. "Bitter Fruit." Four Studies of Love. August-September 1875 (monthly).
  58. Augustus William Dubourg. "Basil's Faith." Four Studies of Love. October-November 1875 (monthly).
  59. Augustus William Dubourg. "Vittoria Contarini." Four Studies of Love. December 1875-March 1876 (monthly).
  60. Anthony Trollope. The American Senator. May 1876-July 1877 (monthly).
  61. Wilkie Collins. The Two Destinies. January-September 1876 (monthly).
  62. Augustus William Dubourg. "An Old Man's Darling." Four Studies of Love. September 1876-February 1877 (monthly).
  63. Helen Mathers. Cherry Ripe!. January 1877-January 1878 (monthly).
  64. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. "Krin." Loÿs, Lord Berresford, and Other Tales. August 1879 (monthly).
  65. Annie Edwards. A Blue-Stocking. August-November 1877 (monthly).
  66. Jessie Fothergill. The First Violin. January-December 1878 (monthly).
  67. Annie Edwards. Jet. February-June 1878 (monthly).
  68. Jessie Fothergill. Probation. January-December 1879 (monthly).
  69. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. "Her First Appearance." Loÿs, Lord Berresford, and Other Tales. September 1879 (monthly).
  70. Wilkie Collins. "Mr. Marmaduke and the Minister." Little Novels. January 1879.
  71. Annie Edwards. Vivian the Beauty. August-December 1879 (monthly).
  72. Eliza Lynn Linton. The Rebel of the Family. January-December 1880 (monthly).
  73. Louisa Parr. Adam and Eve. January-December 1880 (monthly).
  74. Mrs. Alexander. The Freres. January 1881-May 1882 (monthly).
  75. Jessie Fothergill. Kith and Kin. January-December 1881 (monthly).
  76. Louisa Parr. Robin. January-November 1882 (monthly).
  77. Mrs. G. W. Godfrey. Unspotted from the World. June 1882-May 1883 (monthly).
  78. Annie Edwards. A Ballroom Repentance. January-August 1882 (monthly).
  79. Eliza Lynn Linton. Ione. January-December 1883 (monthly).
  80. Rhoda Broughton. Belinda. January 1883-January 1884 (monthly).
  81. Arthur Conan Doyle. "The Captain of the Pole-Star." The Captain of the Polestar and Other Tales. January 1883.
  82. Jessie Fothergill. Peril. January-December 1884 (monthly).
  83. Rosa Caroline Praed. Zéro. January-May 1884 (monthly).
  84. Charles Reade. A Perilous Secret. September 1884-May 1885 (monthly).
  85. Annie Edwards. A Girton Girl. January-December 1885 (monthly).
  86. Charlotte Elizabeth Riddell. Mitre Court. January 1885-January 1886 (monthly).
  87. Eliza Lynn Linton. Paston Carew, Millionaire and Miser. January-December 1886 (monthly).
  88. William Edward Norris. A Bachelor's Blunder. January-December 1886 (monthly).
  89. Louisa Parr. Loyalty George. August 1887-April 1888 (monthly).
  90. Sabine Baring-Gould. Red Spider. January-August 1887 (monthly).
  91. Mary Cholmondeley. The Danvers Jewels. January-March 1887 (monthly).
  92. William Money Hardinge. Out of the Fog. July-September 1887 (monthly).
  93. Jessie Fothergill. From Moor Isles. January-November 1888 (monthly).
  94. William Edward Norris. The Rogue. January-December 1888 (monthly).
  95. Sabine Baring-Gould. Arminell. January-December 1889 (monthly).
  96. Frances Mary Peard. Paul's Sister. January-December 1889 (monthly).
  97. Mary Cholmondeley. Sir Charles Danvers. May-December 1889 (monthly).
  98. Rhoda Broughton. Alas!. January-December 1890 (monthly).
  99. Annie Edwards. Pearl Powder. January-August 1890 (monthly).
  100. Katharine Lee. Love or Money. January-December 1891 (monthly).
  101. William Edward Norris. Mr. Chaine's Sons. January-December 1891 (monthly).
  102. Egerton Castle. "'La Bella': An Incident of the Fencing Floor." "La Bella" and Others. April-May 1891 (monthly).
  103. Egerton Castle. "The Baron's Quarry." "La Bella" and Others. November 1891.
  104. Egerton Castle. "A New Sensation." "La Bella" and Others. December 1891-January 1892 (monthly).
  105. Sarah Grand. "Kane, a Soldier Servant." Our Manifold Nature. July 1891.
  106. Sarah Grand. "Janey, a Humble Administrator." Our Manifold Nature. October 1891.
  107. Maarten Maartens. God's Fool. January-December 1892 (monthly).
  108. Sophia Lucy Jane Clifford. Aunt Anne. January-September 1892 (monthly).
  109. Rhoda Broughton. Mrs. Bligh. September-December 1892 (monthly).
  110. Sarah Grand. "Boomellen." Our Manifold Nature. March 1892.
  111. Mary Cholmondeley. Diana Tempest. January-December 1893 (monthly).
  112. Maarten Maartens. The Greater Glory. April 1893-March 1894 (monthly).
  113. Egerton Castle. "The Death Dance." Marshfield the Observer, and the Death-Dance. November 1893.
  114. Sarah Grand. "Eugenia." Our Manifold Nature. December 1893.
  115. Frances Mary Peard. The Interloper. January-August 1894 (monthly).
  116. Rhoda Broughton. A Beginner. January-June 1894 (monthly).
  117. Annie Edwards. The Adventuress. July-October 1894 (monthly).
  118. Rhoda Broughton. Scylla or Charybdis?. June-December 1895 (monthly).
  119. Mary Cholmondeley. A Devotee. August-October 1896 (monthly).
  120. Rhoda Broughton. Dear Faustina. January-June 1897 (monthly).
  121. Agnes Castle. The Pride of Jennico. July-December 1897 (monthly).
  122. Egerton Castle. Young April. November 1898-July 1899 (monthly).
  123. Rhoda Broughton. The Game and the Candle. January-May 1899 (monthly).
  124. Agnes Castle. The Bath Comedy. December 1899-March 1900 (monthly).
  125. Rhoda Broughton. Foes in Law. September-December 1900 (monthly).
  126. S. R. Crockett. The Firebrand. January-December 1901 (monthly).
  127. Agnes Castle. The Secret Orchard. January-December 1901 (monthly).
  128. Rhoda Broughton. Lavinia. January-November 1902 (monthly).