Periodical Information At the Circulating Library

Periodical: The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine

History: Published monthly, price 1s.

References: DNCJ; Nineteenth-Century UK Periodicals: New Readerships

Novels and short stories serialized in The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine:

  1. Thomas Archer. Wayfe Summers. August 1861-March 1863 (monthly).
  2. Frances E. M. Notley. Mildred's Wedding. January 1864-July 1865 (monthly).
  3. Tom Hood. Love and Valour. 1865-August 1866 (monthly).
  4. Frances E. M. Notley. Patience Caerhydon. January 1868-December 1869 (monthly).
  5. Frances E. M. Notley. Forgotten Lives. January 1874-December 1875 (monthly).
  6. Frances E. M. Notley. Love's Young Dream. January 1876-December 1877 (monthly).
  7. Catherine Jane Hamilton. Marriage Bonds. January 1877-May 1878 (monthly).
  8. Lillian Spender. Godwyn's Ordeal. January 1878-June 1879 (monthly).