At the Circulating Library Periodical Information: Fraser's Magazine

Periodical: Fraser's Magazine

History: Published monthly, price 2s. 6d.

References: DNCJ; Sutherland; Wellesley

Novels and short stories serialized in Fraser's Magazine:

  1. Amelia Gillispie Smyth. "Marriage Impromptu." Selwyn in Search of a Daughter and Other Tales. February 1832.
  2. Thomas Carlyle. Sartor Resartus. November 1833 to August 1834 (monthly).
  3. Harriet Downing. Remembrances of a Monthly Nurse. October 1836 to October 1837 (monthly).
  4. William Makepeace Thackeray. "The Yellowplush Papers." Comic Tales and Sketches. November 1837 to July 1838 (monthly).
  5. William Makepeace Thackeray. Catherine. May 1839 to February 1840 (monthly).
  6. William Makepeace Thackeray. A Shabby Genteel Story. June 1840 to October 1840 (monthly).
  7. William Makepeace Thackeray. The History of Samuel Titmarsh and the Great Hoggarty Diamond. September 1841 to December 1841 (monthly).
  8. William Makepeace Thackeray. The Memoirs of Barry Lyndon. January 1844 to December 1844 (monthly).
  9. William Makepeace Thackeray. Rebecca and Rowena. August 1846 to September 1846 (monthly).
  10. Charles Kingsley. Yeast. July 1848 to December 1848 (monthly).
  11. Dinah Marie Craik. "The Self-Seer." Avillion, and Other Tales. January 1849 to March 1849 (monthly).
  12. Robert Bell. Hearts and Altars. January 1851 to June 1851 (monthly).
  13. George John Whyte-Melville. Digby Grand. November 1851 to December 1852 (monthly).
  14. Charles Kingsley. Hypatia. January 1852 to April 1853 (monthly).
  15. John Lang. The Wetherbys, Father and Son. February 1853 to June 1853 (monthly).
  16. John Lang. The Forger's Wife. July 1853 to December 1853 (monthly).
  17. George John Whyte-Melville. General Bounce. January 1854 to December 1854 (monthly).
  18. Wilkie Collins. "The Monktons of Wincot Abbey." The Queen of Hearts. November 1855 to December 1855 (monthly).
  19. Henrietta Keddie. "Hector Garret of Otter." Girlhood and Womanhood. November 1858 to December 1858 (monthly).
  20. George John Whyte-Melville. Holmby House. January 1859 to March 1860 (monthly).
  21. Sir Henry Stewart Cunningham. Wheat and Tares. January 1860 to August 1860 (monthly).
  22. George John Whyte-Melville. Good for Nothing. January 1861 to December 1861 (monthly).
  23. George Alfred Lawrence. Barren Honour. September 1861 to June 1862 (monthly).
  24. Henry Jackson. A First Friendship. July 1862 to March 1863 (monthly).
  25. Anonymous. Adrian L'Estrange. August 1862 to January 1863 (monthly).
  26. Sir Henry Stewart Cunningham. Late Laurels. April 1863 to February 1864 (monthly).
  27. Henry Jackson. Gilbert Rugge. May 1864 to January 1866 (monthly).
  28. Henrietta Keddie. "A Lent Lily." A Garden of Women. October 1864.
  29. Charles Welsh Mason. The Amulet. February 1865 to July 1865 (monthly).
  30. Henrietta Keddie. "Love Lies Bleeding." A Garden of Women. September 1865.
  31. Charles Clarke. The Beauclercs Father and Son. November 1865 to September 1866 (monthly).
  32. Henrietta Keddie. "A Sprig of Heather." A Garden of Women. March 1866.
  33. Henrietta Keddie. "London Pride." A Garden of Women. October 1866.
  34. Henrietta Keddie. "A Tiger Lily; A Goldenrod." A Garden of Women. November 1866.
  35. Hamilton Aidé. The Marstons. December 1866 to March 1868 (monthly).
  36. Henrietta Keddie. "A Scotch Rose." A Garden of Women. July 1867.
  37. John Holme Burrow. Jabez Oliphant. February 1869 to March 1870 (monthly).
  38. Henrietta Keddie. "A Scotch Thistle." A Garden of Women. June 1870.
  39. Henrietta Keddie. "A Balsam." A Garden of Women. August 1870.
  40. Henrietta Keddie. "A Lammas Lily." A Garden of Women. September 1870.
  41. Richard Doddridge Blackmore. Mary Anerley. July 1879 to September 1880 (monthly).
  42. Andrew Lang. "The Romance of the First Radical." In the Wrong Paradise and Other Stories. September 1880.
  43. Margaret Oliphant. In Trust. February 1881 to January 1882 (monthly).
  44. Matilda Barbara Betham-Edwards. "Exchange no Robbery." Exchange no Robbery and Other Novelettes. February 1882 to May 1882 (monthly).
  45. William Clark Russell. The "Lady Maud". March 1882 to October 1882 (monthly).