Periodical: Tait's Edinburgh Magazine

Periodical: Tait's Edinburgh Magazine

History: Published monthly.

References: DNCJ; Wellesley

Novels and short stories serialized in Tait's Edinburgh Magazine:

  1. John Banim. "The Family of the Cold Feet", August 1832.
  2. John Banim. "The Hare-Hound and the Witch", November 1832.
  3. Catherine Gore. "The Railroad", July 1836.
  4. Catherine Gore. "The Wife of an Aristocrat", October 1836.
  5. Catherine Gore. "The Christening Cloth", January 1837.
  6. Catherine Gore. "Neighbour Gray and her Daughter", April 1837.
  7. Catherine Gore. "Dives and Lazarus or Ireland", January 1838.
  8. Catherine Gore. "Married and Single", May 1838.
  9. Mary Russell Mitford. "Wedding Slippers", June 1838.
  10. Catherine Gore. "The Patriot Martyr of Old England", August 1838.
  11. Catherine Gore. "The Household Hospital", September 1838.
  12. Catherine Gore. "The Leper House of Janval", November 1838.
  13. Catherine Gore. "The Royalists of Peru", May 1839.
  14. Catherine Gore. "The Queen's Comfit", October 1839.
  15. Catherine Gore. "Ango, or the Merchant Prince", February 1840 to March 1840 (monthly).
  16. Catherine Gore. "The Cost of a Reputation", April 1841.
  17. Catherine Gore. The Money-Lender, March 1842 to December 1842 (monthly).
  18. Eliza Meteyard. The Struggles for Fame, December 1843 to April 1844 (monthly).
  19. Catherine Gore. "Blanks and Prizes: or, The Wheel of Fortune", January 1844 to June 1844 (monthly).
  20. John Mills. The Old Hall, September 1844 to January 1845 (monthly).
  21. Elizabeth Thornton. Truth and Falsehood, May 1846 to August 1846 (monthly). (Not finished).
  22. Catherine Gore. "Temptation and Atonement", September 1846 to December 1846 (monthly).

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