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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

Publisher: F. V. White in 1896

Titles published by F. V. White in the year 1896:

  1. Mrs. Alexander.  A Fight with Fate.  1 vol.
  2. Mrs. Alexander.  A Golden Autumn: A Novel.  1 vol.
  3. Grant Allen.  A Splendid Sin.  1 vol.
  4. Emilia Julia Aylmer-Gowing.  Gods of Gold.  1 vol.
  5. Eliza Margaret von Booth.  Joan and Mrs. Carr.  1 vol.
  6. Eliza Margaret von Booth.  Vignettes: Stories.  1 vol.
  7. Caroline Emily Cameron.  Two Cousins and a Castle.  1 vol.
  8. Caroline Emily Cameron.  Little Lady Lee: A Novel.  1 vol.
  9. George Manville Fenn.  Cursed by a Fortune.  1 vol.
  10. George Manville Fenn.  The Case of Ailsa Gray.  1 vol.
  11. George Manville Fenn.  Sappers and Miners: or, The Flood Beneath the Sea.  1 vol.
  12. Weedon Grossmith.  A Woman with a History: A Novel.  1 vol.
  13. George Alfred Henty.  A Woman of the Commune: A Tale of Two Sieges of Paris.  1 vol.
  14. John Conroy Hutcheson.  The Pirate Junk: A Story of the Sooloo Sea.  1 vol.
  15. John Conroy Hutcheson.  Crown and Anchor: or, Under the Pen'ant.  1 vol.
  16. Ada Maria Jocelyn.  A Regular Fraud: A Novel.  1 vol.
  17. Mary Kennard.  The Sorrows of a Golfer's Wife.  1 vol.
  18. Mary Kennard.  A Riverside Romance: A Novel.  1 vol.
  19. William Le Queux.  The Great White Queen: A Tale of Treasure and Treason.  1 vol.
  20. William Le Queux.  Devil's Dice.  1 vol.
  21. Susan Rowley Richmond Lee.  Those Children.  1 vol.
  22. Alicia Ellen Neve Little.  A Marriage in China.  1 vol.
  23. Frances L. Marshall.  To Step Aside is Human.  1 vol.
  24. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade.  A Son of Ishmael: A Novel.  1 vol.
  25. James Hume Nisbet.  My Love Noel.  1 vol.
  26. James Hume Nisbet.  Kings of the Sea: A Story of the Spanish Main.  1 vol.
  27. James Hume Nisbet.  The Rebel Chief: A Romance of New Zealand.  1 vol.
  28. Francis Charles Philips.  The Luckiest of Three: A Novel.  1 vol.
  29. Morley Roberts.  The Courage of Pauline: A Novel.  1 vol.
  30. Adeline Sergeant.  Told in the Twilight.  1 vol.
  31. George Robert Sims.  As it was in the Beginning: Life Stories of To-day.  1 vol.
  32. Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard.  The Truth-Tellers: A Novel.  1 vol.
  33. Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard.  The Strange Story of my Life: A Novel.  1 vol.
  34. Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard.  The Same Thing with a Difference: Being the Chronicle of a Suburban Episode.  1 vol.
  35. Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard.  I Loved Her Once: A Novel.  1 vol.
  36. Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard.  Grip!: A Novel.  1 vol.
  37. Esmé Stuart.  Arrested: A Novel.  1 vol.
  38. Annie Thomas.  Four Women in the Case: A Novel.  1 vol.
  39. Florence Warden.  A Lady in Black: A Novel.  1 vol.
  40. Florence Warden.  Doctor Darch's Wife: A Study.  1 vol.
  41. Florence Warden.  Our Widow: A Novel.  1 vol.
  42. Florence Warden.  Two Lads and a Lass and Other Stories.  1 vol.
  43. E. Yolland.  In Days of Strife: Fragments of Facts and Fiction from a Refugee's History in France, 1666 to 1685.  1 vol.