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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

Publisher: Digby, Long in 1899

Titles published by Digby, Long in the year 1899:

  1. Bertha Jane Adams.  Accessory After the Fact.  1 vol.
  2. Bertha Jane Adams.  The Prince's Feathers: A Story of Leafy Warwickshire in the Olden Times. A Novel.  1 vol.
  3. Richard Bagot.  A Roman Mystery.  1 vol.
  4. Gerald Beresford Fitzgerald.  Beyond these Dreams.  1 vol.
  5. Sadi Grant.  Trespassers who were Prosecuted.  1 vol.
  6. Fergus Hume.  The Red-Headed Man.  1 vol.
  7. Henrietta Keddie.  A Crazy Moment.  1 vol.
  8. Mrs. Lodge.  The Mystery of Monkswood.  1 vol.
  9. Elizabeth Thomasina Meade.  The Desire of Men: An Impossibility.  1 vol.
  10. Jean Middlemass.  The Yellow Badge.  1 vol.
  11. Jean Middlemass.  In Storm and Strife: A Novel.  1 vol.
  12. Joyce Emmerson Preston Muddock.  In the King's Favour: A Romance of Flodden Field.  1 vol.
  13. William Carter Platts.  The Tuttlebury Troubles.  1 vol.
  14. Fred J. Proctor.  The Secret of Mark Pepys.  1 vol.
  15. Harley Rodney.  Horatio: A Novel.  1 vol.
  16. Harley Rodney.  A Treble Soloist.  1 vol.
  17. Dora Russell.  A Torn-Out Page.  1 vol.
  18. Dora Russell.  Her Promise True.  1 vol.
  19. C. Rysbridge.  Edgar's Ransom.  1 vol.
  20. Kate Tanqueray.  Hoya Corney: A Novel.  1 vol.
  21. Cecil Wentworth.  John Bede's Wife: A Novel.  1 vol.
  22. Neil Wynn Williams.  Greek Peasant Stories: or, Gleams and Glooms of Grecian Colour.  1 vol.
  23. M. E. Winchester.  Tempest-tossed: A Novel.  1 vol.
  24. M. E. Winchester.  Little King Rannie, the Missing Heir of Camberley: A Novel.  1 vol.