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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

Publisher: Hurst and Blackett in 1853

Titles published by Hurst and Blackett in the year 1853:

  1. Mrs. Atkyns.  The Colonel: A Novel of Fashionable Life.  3 vol.
  2. Lady Charlotte Bury.  The Roses.  3 vol.
  3. Philippe Ferdinand Auguste de Rohan Chabot.  Electra: A Story of Modern Times.  3 vol.
  4. David Trevena Coulton.  Fortune: A Romance of Life.  3 vol.
  5. Catherine Foster.  Lady Marion: or, A Sister's Love.  3 vol.
  6. Catherine Gore.  The Dean's Daughter: or, The Days We Live In.  3 vol.
  7. Thomas Chandler Haliburton.  Sam Slick's Wise Saws and Modern Instances: or, What he Said, Did, or Invented.  2 vol.
  8. Lady Catharine Long.  The First Lieutenant's Story.  3 vol.
  9. Anne Marsh.  The Longwoods of the Grange.  3 vol.
  10. Mary Anne Needell.  Ada Gresham: An Autobiography.  3 vol.
  11. Margaret Oliphant.  Ailieford: A Family History.  3 vol.
  12. Margaret Oliphant.  Harry Muir: A Story of Scottish Life.  3 vol.
  13. Elizabeth Sara Sheppard.  Charles Auchester: A Memorial.  3 vol.
  14. Frances Milton Trollope.  The Young Heiress: A Novel.  3 vol.