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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

Publisher: Hurst and Blackett in 1855

Titles published by Hurst and Blackett in the year 1855:

  1. BTAO "The Wife's Trials".  The Wife's Trials: A Novel.  3 vol.
  2. Harriette Amiel Chalcraft.  Millicent: or, The Trials of Life: A Novel.  3 vol.
  3. A Clergyman.  Antipodes: or, The New Existence. A Tale of Real Life.  3 vol.
  4. Michal Czajkowski.  The Moslem and the Christian: or, Adventures in the East.  3 vol.
  5. Caroline Leigh Gascoigne.  The Next Door Neighbours.  3 vol.
  6. Catherine Gore.  Mammon: or, The Hardships of an Heiress.  3 vol.
  7. Thomas Chandler Haliburton.  Nature and Human Nature.  2 vol.
  8. James Hannay.  Eustace Conyers: A Novel.  3 vol.
  9. Barbara Hemphill.  The Priest's Niece: or, The Heirship of Barnulph.  3 vol.
  10. Lina Howe.  Oakleigh Mascott: A Novel.  2 vol.
  11. Geraldine Endsor Jewsbury.  Constance Herbert.  3 vol.
  12. Marie Price La Touche.  Lady Willoughby: or, The Double Marriage.  3 vol.
  13. Lord William Pitt Lennox.  Philip Courtenay: or, Scenes at Home and Abroad.  3 vol.
  14. Catherine Charlotte Maberly.  Display: A Novel.  3 vol.
  15. Anne Marsh.  The Heiress of Haughton: or, The Mother's Secret.  3 vol.
  16. Margaret Oliphant.  Lilliesleaf: Being a Concluding Series of Passages in the Life of Mrs. Margaret Maitland, of Sunnyside.  3 vol.
  17. Julia S. H. Pardoe.  The Jealous Wife.  3 vol.
  18. Noell Radecliffe.  The Secret History of a Household.  3 vol.
  19. Michael Rafter.  Percy Blake: or, The Young Rifleman.  3 vol.
  20. Frederick William Robinson.  The House of Elmore: A Family History.  3 vol.
  21. Julia Cecilia Stretton.  Woman's Devotion: A Novel.  3 vol.
  22. Frances Milton Trollope.  Gertrude: or, Family Pride.  3 vol.
  23. Miss F. Williams.  The Secret Marriage: or, Contrasts in Life.  3 vol.