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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

Publisher: Hurst and Blackett in 1882

Titles published by Hurst and Blackett in the year 1882:

  1. Annie Charlotte Catharine Aldrich.  Daisy Beresford.  3 vol.
  2. Alexander James Beresford-Hope.  The Brandreths: A Novel.  3 vol.
  3. Emily Feake Bridges.  My Lord and My Lady.  3 vol.
  4. Frances Collins.  A Broken Lily.  3 vol.
  5. Georgiana Marion Craik.  Fortune's Marriage.  3 vol.
  6. Ella Jane Curtis.  Redeemed.  3 vol.
  7. John Berwick Harwood.  The Merchant Prince: Being the Fortunes of Bertram Oakley.  3 vol.
  8. Mary Cecil Hay.  Dorothy's Venture.  3 vol.
  9. Frances Cashel Hoey.  The Question of Cain.  3 vol.
  10. John Cordy Jeaffreson.  The Rapiers of Regent's Park.  3 vol.
  11. May Kelly.  Time and Chance: A Novel.  3 vol.
  12. Edna Lyall.  Donovan: A Novel.  3 vol.
  13. Katharine Sarah Macquoid.  A Faithful Lover.  3 vol.
  14. William Marshall.  Strange Chapman: A North of England Story.  3 vol.
  15. Paul Meritt.  New Babylon: or, Daughters of Eve.  3 vol.
  16. Joseph Fitzgerald Molloy.  It is no Wonder: A Story of Bohemian Life.  3 vol.
  17. Mary Anna Paull.  Thistledown Lodge.  3 vol.
  18. Catherine Louisa Pirkis.  Saint and Sibyl: A Story of Old Kew.  3 vol.
  19. Catherine Emily Blanche Randolph.  Iris.  3 vol.
  20. Lillian Spender.  Gabrielle de Bourdaine.  3 vol.
  21. Eleanor Ashworth Towle.  A Golden Bar.  3 vol.
  22. William Bury Westall.  Red Ryvington.  3 vol.