Serialization-Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles that began serialization in the year 1879:

  1. Isabella Banks.  Wooers and Winners: or, Under the Scars. A Yorkshire Story.  The Bolton Weekly Journal 5 April-4 October 1879 (weekly).
  2. Anne Beale.  Rose Mervyn of Whitelake.  The Quiver 4 January-28 June 1879 (weekly).
  3. Walter Besant.  The Seamy Side: A Story.  Time April 1879-April 1880 (monthly).
  4. William Black.  White Wings: A Yachting Romance.  The Cornhill Magazine July 1879-October 1880 (monthly).
  5. Richard Doddridge Blackmore.  Mary Anerley: A Yorkshire Tale.  Fraser's Magazine July 1879-September 1880 (monthly).
  6. Henriette Bowra.  Wait a Year: A Novel.  The Leisure Hour 4 January-21 June 1879 (weekly).
  7. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  The Story of Barbara: Her Splendid Misery, and her Gilded Cage.  The World 30 July 1879-17 March 1880 (weekly).
  8. Bertha Henry Buxton.  Nell: On and Off the Stage.  Tinsley's Magazine May 1879-January 1880 (monthly).
  9. Henry Coe Coape.  What Will Society Say?: A Story of Society and the Stage.  St. James's Magazine January 1879-January 1880 (monthly).
  10. Wilkie Collins.  The Fallen Leaves.  The World 1 January-23 July 1879 (weekly).
  11. Wilkie Collins.  Jezebel's Daughter.  The Bolton Weekly Journal 13 September 1879-31 January 1880 (weekly).
  12. Wilkie Collins.  Jezebel's Daughter.  The Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 13 September 1879-31 January 1880 (weekly).
  13. Wilkie Collins.  Jezebel's Daughter.  The Cardiff Times 13 September 1879-31 January 1880 (weekly).
  14. Dinah Marie Craik.  Young Mrs. Jardine.  Good Words January-December 1879 (monthly).
  15. Richard Dowling.  The Weird Sisters.  Tinsley's Magazine July 1879-February 1880 (monthly).
  16. Anna Harriet Drury.  Called to the Rescue.  The Argosy January-December 1879 (monthly).
  17. Annie Edwards.  Vivian the Beauty.  Temple Bar August-December 1879 (monthly).
  18. George Manville Fenn.  A Double Knot.  The Cardiff Times 8 March-6 September 1879 (weekly).
  19. Jessie Fothergill.  Probation: A Tale of the Lancashire Cotton Famine.  Temple Bar January-December 1879 (monthly).
  20. Dorothea Gerard.  Reata: What's in a Name?.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine April 1879-May 1880 (monthly).
  21. Charles Gibbon.  Queen of the Meadow: A Novel.  Belgravia January 1879-January 1880 (monthly).
  22. Alexander Charles Grant.  Bush-Life in Queensland: John West's Colonial Experiences.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine December 1879-October 1880 (monthly).
  23. John Berwick Harwood.  Young Lord Penrith.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 4 January-30 August 1879 (weekly).
  24. Joseph Hatton.  The Three Recruits, and the Girls They Left Behind.  The Bolton Weekly Journal 27 September 1879-20 March 1880 (weekly).
  25. Julian Hawthorne.  Sebastian Strome: A Novel.  All the Year Round 3 May-1 November 1879 (weekly).
  26. Mary Cecil Hay.  For Her Dear Sake.  The Family Herald 1 November 1879-10 April 1880 (weekly).
  27. Mrs. J. Hunt.  Wards of Plotinus: A Story of Old Rome.  The Day of Rest January-December 1879 (monthly).
  28. John Edward Jenkins.  Jobson's Enemies.  Part Issue 8 parts, 1879-1882.
  29. Henrietta Keddie.  The Bride's Pass: A Novel.  Good Words January-December 1879 (monthly).
  30. Eliza Lynn Linton.  Under Which Lord?.  Gentleman's Magazine January-December 1879 (monthly).
  31. Eliza Lynn Linton.  The World Well Lost.  The Manchester Weekly Times 11 October 1879-31 January 1880 (weekly).
  32. George MacDonald.  Sir Gibbie.  Glasgow Weekly Mail 4 January-15 March 1879 (weekly).
  33. Eugenie Marlitt.  The Little Moorland Princess.  Sylvia's Home Journal April 1879-June 1880 (monthly).
  34. Florence Marryat.  A Harvest of Wild Oats: A Novel.  The London Journal 5 April-26 July 1879 (weekly).
  35. Mary Emma Martin.  For a Dream's Sake.  The Aberdeen Weekly Journal 6 December 1879-26 June 1880 (weekly).
  36. Justin McCarthy.  Donna Quixote.  Belgravia January-December 1879 (monthly).
  37. Justin McCarthy.  Linley Rochford: A Novel.  The Manchester Weekly Times 31 May-27 September 1879 (weekly).
  38. George Meredith.  The Egoist: A Comedy in Narrative.  Glasgow Weekly Herald 21 June 1879-10 January 1880 (weekly).
  39. Frank Frankfort Moore.  One Fair Daughter: Her Story.  The Dundee Courier 12 December 1879-9 July 1880 (weekly).
  40. William Edward Norris.  Mademoiselle de Mersac.  The Cornhill Magazine January 1879-March 1880 (monthly).
  41. Margaret Oliphant.  He That Will Not When He May.  Macmillan's Magazine November 1879-November 1880 (monthly).
  42. Margaret Oliphant.  A Beleaguered City: Being a Narrative of Certain Recent Events in the City of Semur.  New Quarterly Magazine January 1879.
  43. James Payn.  The Best of Husbands.  The Manchester Weekly Times 5 July-27 September 1879 (weekly).
  44. Eleanor C. Price.  Mrs. Lancaster's Rival.  London Society January-September 1879 (monthly).
  45. Capt. Mayne Reid.  The Free Lances: A Romance of the Mexican Valley.  The Newcastle Weekly Courant 24 October 1879-12 March 1880 (weekly).
  46. Anne Isabella Ritchie.  Mrs. Dymond.  The Cornhill Magazine May-June 1879 (monthly).
  47. Dora Russell.  The Vicar's Governess: A Novel.  The Lancaster Gazette 17 December 1879-11 August 1880 (weekly).
  48. William Clark Russell.  Is He the Man?.  The London Journal 20 September 1879-3 July 1880 (weekly).
  49. James Augustus St. John.  Weighed in the Balance.  The Manchester Weekly Times 31 May-28 June 1879 (weekly).
  50. Anthony Trollope.  The Duke's Children: A Novel.  All the Year Round 4 October 1879-24 July 1880 (weekly).
  51. Anthony Trollope.  Cousin Henry: A Novel.  The Manchester Weekly Times 8 March-24 May 1879 (weekly).
  52. Mary Elizabeth Fraser Tytler.  Grisel Romney.  The Manchester Weekly Times 8 March-24 May 1879 (weekly).
  53. William Bury Westall.  Larry Lohengrin.  The Manchester Weekly Times 11 October 1879-31 January 1880 (weekly).