Serialization-Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles that began serialization in the year 1889:

  1. Bertha Jane Adams.  Louis Draycott: The Story of his Life.  All the Year Round 9 March-10 August 1889 (weekly).
  2. Grant Allen.  The Tents of Shem: A Novel.  The Graphic 5 January-29 June 1889 (weekly).
  3. Anonymous.  The County: A Novel.  The Cornhill Magazine January-October 1889 (monthly).
  4. Sabine Baring-Gould.  Arminell: A Social Romance.  Temple Bar January-December 1889 (monthly).
  5. Sabine Baring-Gould.  The Pennycomequicks: A Novel.  The Bolton Weekly Journal 26 January-29 June 1889 (weekly).
  6. Sabine Baring-Gould.  The Pennycomequicks: A Novel.  The Newcastle Weekly Courant 5 January-29 June 1889 (weekly).
  7. Sabine Baring-Gould.  The Pennycomequicks: A Novel.  The Nottinghamshire Guardian 5 January-29 June 1889 (weekly).
  8. Frank Barrett.  Fettered for Life: A Novel.  Cassell's Saturday Journal 30 March-21 September 1889 (weekly).
  9. Walter Besant.  The Bells of St. Paul's: A Romance.  Longman's Magazine January-December 1889 (monthly).
  10. Walter Besant.  The Doubts of Dives.  Arrowsmith's Christmas Annual 1889.
  11. William Black.  The New Prince Fortunatus: A Novel.  The Graphic 20 July 1889-11 January 1890 (weekly).
  12. Richard Doddridge Blackmore.  Kit and Kitty: A Story of West Middlesex.  The Queen 6 July 1889-22 March 1890 (weekly).
  13. Eliza Margaret von Booth.  Miss Kate: or, Confessions of a Caretaker. A Novel.  All the Year Round 5 January-6 April 1889 (weekly).
  14. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  The Day Will Come: A Novel.  The Lady's Pictorial: A Newspaper for the Home 12 January-29 June 1889 (weekly).
  15. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  The Day Will Come: A Novel.  Sheffield Weekly Telegraph 12 January-29 June 1889 (weekly).
  16. Edward Robert Lytton Bulwer-Lytton.  The Ring of Amasis: From the Papers of a German Physician.  The English Illustrated Magazine October 1889-May 1890 (monthly).
  17. Hall Caine.  The Bondman: A New Saga.  The Bolton Weekly Journal 8 June-30 November 1889 (weekly).
  18. Caroline Emily Cameron.  Lord Elwyn's Daughter.  The Family Herald 23 March-22 June 1889 (weekly).
  19. Julie Bosville Chetwynd.  Bees and Butterflies: A Novel.  Bow Bells 4 January-5 April 1889 (weekly).
  20. Julie Bosville Chetwynd.  Neighbours and Friends: A Novel.  Bow Bells 5 April-28 June 1889 (weekly).
  21. Mary Cholmondeley.  Sir Charles Danvers.  Temple Bar May-December 1889 (monthly).
  22. Thomas Cobb.  Brownie's Plot: A Novel.  All the Year Round 8 June-7 September 1889 (weekly).
  23. Wilkie Collins.  Blind Love: A Novel.  The Illustrated London News 6 July-28 December 1889 (weekly).
  24. Wilkie Collins.  Blind Love: A Novel.  The Penny Illustrated Paper 12 October 1889-5 April 1890 (weekly).
  25. Wilkie Collins.  Blind Love: A Novel.  Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle 16 July-28 December 1889 (weekly).
  26. Wilkie Collins.  Blind Love: A Novel.  The Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 6 July-28 December 1889 (weekly).
  27. Wilkie Collins.  Blind Love: A Novel.  The Cardiff Times 6 July-28 December 1889 (weekly).
  28. Richard Dowling.  An Isle of Surrey: A Novel.  The Pictorial World 17 January-13 June 1889 (weekly).
  29. Arthur Conan Doyle.  The Firm of Girdlestone: A Romance of the Unromantic.  The People: A Newspaper for All Classes 27 October 1889-13 April 1890 (weekly).
  30. Benjamin L. Farjeon.  The Mystery of M. Felix: A Novel.  Leicester Chronicle 23 November 1889-10 May 1890 (weekly).
  31. Jessie Fothergill.  A March in the Ranks: A Novel.  York Herald 22 June-14 December 1889 (weekly).
  32. Robert Edward Francillon.  King or Knave?: A Novel.  The Manchester Weekly Times 12 October 1889-25 January 1890 (weekly).
  33. George Gissing.  Demos: A Story of English Socialism.  The Manchester Weekly Times 20 July 1889-1 February 1890 (weekly).
  34. H. Rider Haggard.  Cleopatra.  The Illustrated London News 5 January-29 June 1889 (weekly).
  35. Iza Duffus Hardy.  A New Othello: A Novel.  London Society June 1889-May 1890 (monthly).
  36. Joseph Hatton.  By Order of the Czar: A Tragic Story of Anna Klosstock, Queen of the Ghetto.  The Nottinghamshire Guardian 5 October 1889- [?] 1890 (weekly).
  37. William Tighe Hopkins.  The Nugents of Carriconna: A Story More or Less Irish.  The Leisure Hour January-October 1889 (monthly).
  38. Grace L. Keith Johnston.  The Halletts: A Country Town Chronicle.  The Leisure Hour November 1889-October 1890 (monthly).
  39. Richard Ashe King.  Passion's Slave: A Novel.  Belgravia January-December 1889 (monthly).
  40. Amy Levy.  Miss Meredith.  The British Weekly 19 April-28 June 1889 (weekly).
  41. Edna Lyall.  A Hardy Norseman: A Novel.  Good Words January-December 1889 (monthly).
  42. George MacDonald.  There and Back.  The Sun 7 September 1889-30 August 1890 (weekly).
  43. Philip May.  The Forged Letters.  The Cardiff Times 1 June-17 August 1889 (weekly).
  44. Jean Middlemass.  Two False Moves: A Novel.  The People: A Newspaper for All Classes 19 May-27 October 1889 (weekly).
  45. Joyce Emmerson Preston Muddock.  Stories, Weird and Wonderful.  England 4 May-16 November 1889 (weekly; irregular).
  46. David Christie Murray.  John Vale's Guardian: A Novel.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 5 January-28 September 1889 (weekly).
  47. David Christie Murray.  Wild Darrie.  The Illustrated London News Summer Number 1889.
  48. Mary Anne Needell.  Stephen Ellicott's Daughter.  Leeds Mercury 2 March-21 September 1889 (weekly).
  49. Mary Anne Needell.  Stephen Ellicott's Daughter.  The Newcastle Weekly Courant 2 March-14 September 1889 (weekly).
  50. William Edward Norris.  Misadventure.  The Nottinghamshire Guardian [May?] 1889-28 December 1889 (weekly).
  51. Margaret Oliphant.  Kirsteen: The Story of a Scotch Family Seventy Years Ago.  Macmillan's Magazine August 1889-August 1890 (monthly).
  52. Margaret Oliphant.  Lady Car: The Sequel of a Life.  Longman's Magazine March-July 1889 (monthly).
  53. Margaret Oliphant.  The Mystery of Mrs. Blencarrow.  The Manchester Weekly Times 30 November-28 December 1889 (weekly).
  54. Margaret Oliphant.  The Mystery of Mrs. Blencarrow.  Birmingham Weekly Post 30 November-28 December 1889 (weekly).
  55. James Payn.  The Burnt Million: A Novel.  The Cornhill Magazine July 1889-June 1890 (monthly).
  56. Frances Mary Peard.  Paul's Sister: A Novel.  Temple Bar January-December 1889 (monthly).
  57. Francis Charles Philips.  Young Mr. Ainslie's Courtship: A Novel.  Time January-October 1889 (monthly).
  58. Dora Russell.  Jezebel's Friends: A Novel.  York Herald 5 January-15 June 1889 (weekly).
  59. Dora Russell.  Jezebel's Friends: A Novel.  The Cardiff Times 5 January-15 June 1889 (weekly).
  60. William Clark Russell.  An Ocean Tragedy: A Novel.  The Newcastle Weekly Courant 1 June-21 December 1889 (weekly).
  61. Adeline Sergeant.  A Life Sentence.  The Family Herald 9 March-13 July 1889 (weekly).
  62. William Gordon Stables.  The Mystery of a Millionaire's Grave.  The Cardiff Times 2 March-8 June 1889 (weekly).
  63. Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard.  Buttons: A Novel.  The Cardiff Times 7 September-12 October 1889 (weekly).
  64. Francesca Maria Steele.  The Village Blacksmith.  The Argosy January-December 1889 (monthly).
  65. Julian Sturgis.  Comedy of a Country House: A Novel.  Murray's Magazine January-July 1889 (monthly).
  66. L. B. Walford.  A Stiff-Necked Generation.  The Manchester Weekly Times 23 February-1 June 1889 (weekly).
  67. Helen Wallace.  For Better, for Worse.  The Sun 7 September 1889-23 August 1890 (weekly).