Serialization-Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles that began serialization in the year 1891:

  1. Bertha Jane Adams.  A Garrison Romance.  All the Year Round 25 April-25 July 1891 (weekly).
  2. Mrs. Alexander.  Mammon: A Novel.  The Newcastle Weekly Courant 4 July-14 November 1891 (weekly).
  3. Grant Allen.  Dumaresq's Daughter.  Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 3 January-10 October 1891 (weekly).
  4. Grant Allen.  The Duchess of Powyland.  The People: A Newspaper for All Classes 24 May-15 November 1891 (weekly).
  5. Grant Allen.  The Duchess of Powyland.  Liverpool Weekly Courier 24 May-15 October 1891 (weekly).
  6. Frank Barrett.  The Sin of Olga Zassoulich: A Novel.  Cassell's Saturday Journal 21 March-19 September 1891 (weekly).
  7. J. M. Barrie.  The Little Minister.  Good Words January-December 1891 (monthly).
  8. Walter Besant.  St. Katherine's by the Tower.  The Graphic 3 January-27 June 1891 (weekly).
  9. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Aurora Floyd.  The London Journal 4 April-7 November 1891 (weekly).
  10. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Gerard: or, The World, the Flesh, and the Devil.  The Sheffield Weekly Telegraph 10 January-6 June 1891 (weekly).
  11. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Gerard: or, The World, the Flesh, and the Devil.  The Cardiff Times 1 August 1891-9 January 1892 (weekly).
  12. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Gerard: or, The World, the Flesh, and the Devil.  Burnley Express 6 June 1891-30 January 1892 (weekly).
  13. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  One Life, One Love: A Novel.  The Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 28 January-4 March 1891 (daily).
  14. Robert Williams Buchanan.  Come Live with Me, and be My Love.  The Illustrated London News 10 October-26 December 1891 (weekly).
  15. Robert Williams Buchanan.  Woman and the Man.  The Leeds Times 21 February-9 May 1891 (weekly).
  16. Rayne Butler.  In the Power of Two. The Spider and the Fly.  The Northampton Mercury 3 July-11 September 1891 (weekly).
  17. Hall Caine.  The Scapegoat: A Romance.  The Penny Illustrated Paper 10 October 1891-9 January 1892 (weekly).
  18. Hall Caine.  The Scapegoat: A Romance.  The Illustrated London News 4 July-3 October 1891 (weekly).
  19. Thomas Cobb.  The House by the Common.  Sylvia's Home Journal January-May 1891 (monthly).
  20. F. Marion Crawford.  The Three Fates.  Longman's Magazine May 1891-April 1892 (monthly).
  21. Bithia Mary Croker.  Interference: A Novel.  Belgravia January-December 1891 (monthly).
  22. May Crommelin.  Mr. and Mrs. Herries: A Novel.  The Shields Daily Gazette 24 July-21 August 1891 (daily).
  23. Mary Angela Dickens.  Cross Currents.  All the Year Round 28 March-19 September 1891 (weekly).
  24. Arthur Conan Doyle.  The White Company.  The Cornhill Magazine January-December 1891 (monthly).
  25. Arthur Conan Doyle.  The Doings of Raffles Haw.  Answers 12 December 1891-27 February 1892 (weekly).
  26. Benjamin L. Farjeon.  The Shield of Love.  Arrowsmith's Christmas Annual 1891.
  27. Benjamin L. Farjeon.  The Mystery of M. Felix: A Novel.  The Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 18 June-4 August 1891 (daily).
  28. Joseph Smith Fletcher.  When Charles the First was King.  The Month January 1891-March 1892 (monthly).
  29. James Franklin Fuller.  Chronicles of Westerly: A Provincial Sketch.  Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine April 1891-February 1892 (monthly).
  30. H. Rider Haggard.  Eric Brighteyes.  The People: A Newspaper for All Classes 4 January-17 May 1891 (weekly).
  31. Thomas Hardy.  Tess of the D'Urbervilles: A Pure Woman.  The Graphic 4 July-26 December 1891 (weekly).
  32. Bret Harte.  A First Family of Tasajara.  Macmillan's Magazine August-December 1891 (monthly).
  33. Helen F. Hetherington.  No Compromise.  The Newbery House Magazine July 1891-June 1892 (monthly).
  34. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford.  Nor Wife Nor Maid.  The Manchester Weekly Times 16 October 1891-1 April 1892 (weekly).
  35. Ada Maria Jocelyn.  Drawn Blank: A Novel.  Belgravia January-December 1891 (monthly).
  36. Grace L. Keith Johnston.  In Spite of Herself.  The Leisure Hour November 1891-July 1892 (monthly).
  37. Mary Kennard.  That Pretty Little Horsebreaker.  Cheshire Observer 9 May-24 October 1891 (weekly).
  38. Frederick Leal.  Wynter's Masterpiece: A Novel.  The Leeds Times 31 October 1891-6 February 1892 (weekly).
  39. Katharine Lee.  Love or Money: A Novel.  Temple Bar January-December 1891 (monthly).
  40. Mary Catherine Lee.  In the Cheering-up Business.  Sylvia's Home Journal June-December 1891 (monthly).
  41. Susan Richmond Lee.  A Romance of Modern London: A Novel.  London Society January-December 1891 (monthly).
  42. Katharine S. Macquoid.  Maisie Derrick.  Atalanta October 1891-September 1892 (monthly).
  43. William Hurrell Mallock.  A Human Document.  The Fortnightly Review October 1891-April 1892 (monthly).
  44. Florence Marryat.  For Ever and Ever: A Drama of Life.  Myra's Journal January-November 1891 (monthly).
  45. Jean Middlemass.  A Girl in a Thousand.  The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 3 November 1891-[?] 1892 (weekly).
  46. Joseph Fitzgerald Molloy.  An Excellent Knave.  Cassell's Saturday Journal 26 September 1891-19 March 1892 (weekly).
  47. George Moore.  Vain Fortune.  The Lady's Pictorial: A Newspaper for the Home 4 July-17 October 1891 (weekly).
  48. Mary Wentworth Newman.  Begun in Jest.  Murray's Magazine January-December 1891 (monthly).
  49. William Edward Norris.  Mr. Chaine's Sons.  Temple Bar January-December 1891 (monthly).
  50. William Edward Norris.  Miss Wentworth's Idea.  The Manchester Weekly Times 13 March-19 June 1891 (weekly).
  51. William Edward Norris.  Miss Wentworth's Idea.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 14 March-13 June 1891 (weekly).
  52. Margaret Oliphant.  The Marriage of Elinor.  Good Words January-December 1891 (monthly).
  53. Margaret Oliphant.  The Heir Presumptive and the Heir Apparent.  London Society January-December 1891 (monthly).
  54. Margaret Oliphant.  Lady William.  The Lady's Pictorial: A Newspaper for the Home 3 January-27 June 1891 (weekly).
  55. Margaret Oliphant.  The Cuckoo in the Nest: A Novel.  The Victorian Magazine December 1891-November 1892 (monthly).
  56. E. Phillips Oppenheim.  The Peer and the Woman.  The Ipswich Journal 13 June-28 November 1891 (weekly).
  57. Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.  The Splendid Spur: Being Memoirs of the Adventures of Mr. John Marvel.  The Northampton Mercury 6 March-26 June 1891 (weekly).
  58. Frederick William Robinson.  The Wrong That was Done!: A Story of a Strange Life.  Leeds Mercury 27 June-19 December 1891 (weekly).
  59. Frederick William Robinson.  The Wrong That was Done!: A Story of a Strange Life.  Leicester Chronicle 27 June-19 December 1891 (weekly).
  60. Dora Russell.  A Fatal Past.  The Cardiff Times 17 January-30 May 1891 (weekly).
  61. Dora Russell.  A Bitter Birthright.  The Blackburn Standard 28 February-5 December 1891 (weekly).
  62. William Clark Russell.  My Danish Sweetheart.  The Illustrated London News 3 January-27 June 1891 (weekly).
  63. William Clark Russell.  My Danish Sweetheart.  The Penny Illustrated Paper 11 April-3 October 1891 (weekly).
  64. Adeline Sergeant.  Sir Anthony.  Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle 27 June 1891-9 January 1892 (weekly).
  65. Adeline Sergeant.  Sir Anthony.  Cheshire Observer 31 October 1891-23 April 1892 (weekly).
  66. Adeline Sergeant.  An East London Mystery.  The Shields Daily Gazette 4 November 1891-14 January 1892 (daily).
  67. Hawley Smart.  Beatrice and Benedick: A Romance of the Crimea.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 30 May-29 August 1891 (weekly).
  68. Thomas Wilkinson Speight.  The Sandycroft Mystery.  The Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 29 October-25 November 1891 (daily).
  69. Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard.  Beautiful Jim, of the Blankshire Regiment: A Story of Army Life.  The Leeds Times 8 August-21 November 1891 (weekly).
  70. Frank R. Stockton.  The Great Show in Kobol-land.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 7-14 November 1891 (weekly).
  71. Esmé Stuart.  By Right of Succession.  All the Year Round 26 September 1891-11 June 1892 (weekly).
  72. Annie S. Swan.  The Ayres of Studleigh.  Burnley Express 3 January-13 June 1891 (weekly).
  73. Annie S. Swan.  The Gates of Eden: A Story of Endeavour.  The Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough 4 February-18 March 1891 (daily).
  74. Annie S. Swan.  The Ayres of Studleigh.  Cheshire Observer 3 January-2 May 1891 (weekly).
  75. Carmen Sylva.  Edleen Vaughan: or, Paths of Peril.  Hearth and Home 21 May-22 October 1891 (weekly).
  76. Carmen Sylva.  Edleen Vaughan: or, Paths of Peril.  Leicester Chronicle 11 April-3 October 1891 (weekly).
  77. Carmen Sylva.  Edleen Vaughan: or, Paths of Peril.  The Cardiff Times 11 April-3 October 1891 (weekly).
  78. Carmen Sylva.  Edleen Vaughan: or, Paths of Peril.  Burnley Express 11 April-17 October 1891 (weekly).
  79. Thomas Terrell.  Lady Delmar: A Novel.  The Weekly Mail [Cardiff] 27 June-5 December 1891 (weekly).
  80. William Bury Westall.  Nigel Fortescue: or, The Hunted Man. An Andean Romance.  The Shields Daily Gazette 11 June-23 July 1891 (daily).
  81. Stanley John Weyman.  The New Rector.  The Cornhill Magazine July-December 1891 (monthly).
  82. Adeline Dutton Train Whitney.  Ascutney Street, a Neighborhood Story.  Sylvia's Home Journal January-June 1891 (monthly).
  83. John Seymour Wood.  The Fate of Fenella.  The Gentlewoman 28 November 1891-7 May 1892 (weekly).
  84. Margaret Louise Woods.  Esther Vanhomrigh.  Murray's Magazine January-December 1891 (monthly).
  85. Charlotte Mary Yonge.  That Stick.  The Monthly Packet January-December 1891 (monthly).