Serialization-Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles that began serialization in the year 1897:

  1. Sabine Baring-Gould.  Bladys of the Stewponey.  The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 8 January-23 April 1897 (weekly).
  2. Walter Besant.  A Fountain Sealed.  The Illustrated London News 2 January-27 March 1897 (weekly).
  3. Walter Besant.  The Master Craftsman.  The Shields Daily Gazette 18 June-2 August 1897 (daily).
  4. Eliza Margaret von Booth.  The Sinner: A Novel.  The Cardiff Times 6 March-17 July 1897 (weekly).
  5. Guy Boothby.  A Prince of Swindlers.  Pearson's Magazine January-July 1897 (monthly).
  6. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  In High Places.  The Lady's Realm November 1897-October 1898 (monthly).
  7. Rhoda Broughton.  Dear Faustina.  Temple Bar January-June 1897 (monthly).
  8. Joseph Conrad.  The Nigger of the 'Narcissus': A Tale of the Sea.  The New Review August-December 1897 (monthly).
  9. Arthur Conan Doyle.  Uncle Bernac: A Memory of the Empire.  The Manchester Weekly Times 8 January-5 March 1897 (weekly).
  10. Arthur Conan Doyle.  Uncle Bernac: A Memory of the Empire.  The Queen 16 January-13 March 1897 (weekly).
  11. Arthur Conan Doyle.  The Tragedy of the Korosko.  The Strand Magazine May-December 1897 (monthly).
  12. George Manville Fenn.  A Woman Worth Winning.  The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 2 September-[?] 1898 (weekly).
  13. L. Gladstone.  Neil Macleod: A Tale of Literary Life in London.  The British Weekly 25 November 1897-31 March 1898 (weekly).
  14. Ernest Glanville.  The Kloof Bride: or, The Lover's Quest.  The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 7 May-8 October 1897 (weekly).
  15. Bret Harte.  Three Partners: or, The Big Strike on Heavy Tree Hill.  The Cardiff Times 2 January-3 April 1897 (weekly).
  16. John Berwick Harwood.  The Tenth Earl.  The Leeds Times 18 September 1897-5 February 1898 (weekly).
  17. George Alfred Henty.  The Queen's Cup: A Novel.  The Northampton Mercury 23 July 1897-25 February 1898 (weekly).
  18. George Alfred Henty.  Colonel Thorndyke's Secret.  The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 15 October 1897-[?] 1898 (weekly).
  19. William Tighe Hopkins.  Pepita of the Pagoda.  Arrowsmith's Christmas Annual 1897.
  20. Margaret Wolfe Hungerford.  The Coming of Chloe: A Novel.  The Leeds Times 13 February-29 May 1897 (weekly).
  21. Henry James.  What Maisie Knew.  The New Review February-September 1897 (monthly).
  22. William Le Queux.  Whoso Findeth a Wife.  Burnley Express 12 June-[?] 1897 (weekly).
  23. George MacDonald.  Salted with Fire.  Glasgow Weekly Mail 9 January-1 May 1897 (weekly).
  24. Florence Marryat.  In the Name of Liberty.  The Bolton Weekly Journal 9 January-27 March 1897 (weekly).
  25. Florence Marryat.  A Daughter of the Tropics: A Novel.  Cheshire Observer 31 July-25 December 1897 (weekly).
  26. Florence Marryat.  Why Did She Love Him?: A Novel.  The Ipswich Journal 31 December 1897-25 March 1898 (weekly).
  27. Arthur Morrison.  The Dorrington Deed-Box.  The Windsor Magazine January-June 1897 (monthly).
  28. Max Pemberton.  Kronstadt: Being the Story of Marian Best and of Paul Zassulic, her Lover.  The Windsor Magazine December 1897-May 1898 (monthly).
  29. Max Pemberton.  The Phantom Army: Being the Story of a Man and a Mystery.  Pearson's Weekly 7 August 1897-1 January 1898 (weekly).
  30. Dora Russell.  A Torn-Out Page.  The Cardiff Times 2 October 1897-12 February 1898 (weekly).
  31. William Clark Russell.  The Two Captains.  The Cardiff Times 27 March-18 September 1897 (weekly).
  32. Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard.  The Strange Story of my Life: A Novel.  The Shields Daily Gazette 11 May-17 June 1897 (daily).
  33. L. B. Walford.  Iva Kildare: A Matrimonial Problem.  The Leeds Times 12 June-4 September 1897 (weekly).
  34. L. B. Walford.  Iva Kildare: A Matrimonial Problem.  The Shields Daily Gazette 3 August-14 September 1897 (daily).
  35. H. G. Wells.  The Invisible Man: A Grotesque Romance.  Pearson's Weekly 12 June-7 August 1897 (weekly).
  36. H. G. Wells.  The War of the Worlds.  Pearson's Magazine April-December 1897 (monthly).