Title: The Days of Auld Langsyne

Author and Title: Ian Maclaren. The Days of Auld Langsyne

First Edition: London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1895. 1 volume, cr. 8vo., 6s.


Summary: Contains the stories "A Triumph in Diplomacy," "For Conscience Sake" (consisting of "The Country Tyrant," "The Endless Choice," "A Displenishing Sale," "An Appeal to Caesar," and "The Replenishing of Burnbrae"), "A Manifest Judgment," "Drumsheugh's Love Story" (consisting of "Drumsheugh's Fireside," "Drumsheugh's Secret," "Drumsheugh's Reward"), "Past Redemption," "Good News from a Far Country," "Jamie" (consisting of "A Nippy Tongue" and "A Cynic's End"), "A Servant Lass" (consisting of "How She Went Out" and "How She Came Home"), "Milton's Conversion," and "Oor Lang Hame."

References: BL; EC


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