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A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

A Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837–1901

Title: Change upon Change

Author and Title: Emily Faithfull. Change upon Change: A Love Story

First Edition: London: Emily Faithfull, 1868. 1 volume, cr. 8vo., 10s. 6d

Summary: Wilfred Lane falls in love with his cousin Tiny, but her mother Lady Harewood opposes the match due to Lane's social position. The previous year, Tiny fell in love with a rake, Captain Philip Foy, who shamelessly flirts with her and marries a rich woman. In response, she accepts Lane's attentions and convinces herself that she loves the poor civil servant. As a condition of her acceptance of the match, Lady Harewood requires a separation between the couple, so she takes her daughters to Italy for six months. The romance between Land and Tiny continues through an exchange of letters. Meantime, Lane progresses in his career: he receives a promotion in the War Office and he begins writing articles for magazines. When the Harewoods return from Italy, Lady Harewood still opposes the match, despite Lane's improved prospects, but grudgingly allows the two to see each other without a formal engagement. She promises to allow a marriage in one year on Tiny's next birthday in June. During a sailing trip with family friends to Southampton, Tiny once again encounters Captain Foy (who, it turns out, did not marry) and he pays her marked attention to the annoyance of Lane. She confesses her previous love for Foy to Lane which wounds him greatly. The two make up however and Foy's marriage finally kills Tiny's attraction to him. The next spring, Lady Harewood and Tiny visit Bellingham Castle where Tiny joins in the amateur theatricals as the lead opposite Reginald Macnaghten, a young lieutenant in the Guards. The two eventually openly begin a flirtation. When Lane joins the party, he becomes angry at Tiny's and Reginald's behavior and tells Tiny. The two once again make up. In June, scarlet fever delays the wedding to the fall. The Harewoods travel to Scotland to recuperate with Lord and Lady Lothian. When their son, Lord Lothian, arrives, Tiny's letters to Lane become shorter and shorter. She eventually writes and confesses that she has feelings for the young lord and Lane writes to release her from their promise to each other. (TJB)

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