Year Information At the Circulating Library

Titles published in the year 1875:

  1. Arthur William à'Beckett.  The Doom of St. Querec: A Xmas Legend.  1 vol.  London: Bradbury, Agnew and Co..
  2. Charles Warren Adams.  Ram Dass.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  3. Hamilton Aidé.  A Nine Days' Wonder: A Novelette.  1 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  4. William Harrison Ainsworth.  The Goldsmith's Wife: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  5. William Harrison Ainsworth.  Preston Fight: or, The Insurrection of 1715.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  6. Mrs. Alexander.  Ralph Wilton's Weird.  2 vol.  London: Bentley.
  7. William Alexander.  Sketches of Life Among my Ain Folk.  1 vol.  Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas.
  8. Mrs. M. Allen.  A Name's Worth: A Novel.  2 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  9. Anonymous.  Gold Dust: A Story.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  10. Anonymous.  Maude Whiteford: or, The Turn of the Tide.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  11. Anonymous.  Miss Honeywood's Lovers.  2 vol.  London: Sampson Low.
  12. Frances Charlotte Armstrong.  Dick Ford and his Father.  1 vol.  London: S.P.C.K..
  13. Frances Charlotte Armstrong.  Phyllis Pengelley.  1 vol.  London: S.P.C.K..
  14. R. M. Ballantyne.  The Pirate City: An Algerine Tale.  1 vol.  London: James Nisbet.
  15. Anne Beale.  Fay Arlington.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  16. Walter Besant.  With Harp and Crown.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  17. Matilda Barbara Betham-Edwards.  Felicia.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  18. William Black.  Three Feathers.  3 vol.  London: Sampson Low.
  19. Elizabeth Owens Blackburne.  A Modern Parrhasius.  2 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  20. Richard Doddridge Blackmore.  Alice Lorraine: A Tale of the South Downs.  3 vol.  London: Sampson Low.
  21. Lady Blake.  The History of a Heart.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  22. Constance Susanna Blount.  A Losing Hazard.  2 vol.  London: Bentley.
  23. Mrs. Boulter.  Sister Anna: or, Could Aught Atone?.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  24. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  Hostages to Fortune: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: John Maxwell.
  25. Mary Elizabeth Braddon.  A Strange World: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: John Maxwell.
  26. Thomas Waldron Bradley.  Nelly Hamilton.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  27. Athene Brama.  A Woman to be Won: An Anglo-Indian Sketch.  2 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  28. Mary Eliza Bramston.  Ralph and Bruno.  2 vol.  London: Macmillan.
  29. Mary Eliza Bramston.  Country Maidens.  1 vol.  London: Marcus Ward.
  30. Mary Eliza Bramston.  Rosamond Ferrars.  1 vol.  London: S.P.C.K..
  31. Emily Feake Bridges.  Dolores.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  32. Shirley Brooks.  The Naggletons, and Miss Violet and Her "Offers".  1 vol.  London: Bradbury, Agnew and Co..
  33. Frances Browne.  The Nearest Neighbour and Other Stories.  1 vol.  London: R.T.S..
  34. Sophie Bryant.  Self-United: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  35. S. Brookes Bucklee.  Two Strides of Destiny: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  36. Evelyn Campbell.  Fair, But Not False: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  37. Hon. Albert Stratford George Canning.  Sir Marmaduke Lorton, Bart: A Tale.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  38. Rosa Nouchette Carey.  Wooed and Married: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  39. Francis Carr.  Not Lancelot, nor Another: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  40. Elizabeth Bigley Chadwick.  Rectitude: or, Virginia of the Wye.  3 vol.  London: William Clowes.
  41. Mary Francis Chapman.  A Scotch Wooing.  2 vol.  London: Henry S. King.
  42. Kathleen Isabelle Clarges.  Lady Louise: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  43. Marcus Clarke.  His Natural Life.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  44. Marion Clarke.  Strong as Death.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  45. Christabel Rose Coleridge.  Hugh Crichton's Romance.  3 vol.  London: Macmillan.
  46. Christabel Rose Coleridge.  The Face of Carlyon and Other Stories.  1 vol.  London: Mozley and Co..
  47. Edward James Mortimer Collins.  Sweet and Twenty.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  48. Wilkie Collins.  The Law and the Lady.  3 vol.  London: Chatto and Windus.
  49. Edward Dutton Cook.  The Banns of Marriage.  2 vol.  London: Sampson Low.
  50. Miss Cox.  Was it a Marriage?: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  51. Dinah Marie Craik.  The Little Lame Prince and his Traveling Cloak: A Parable for the Old and Young.  1 vol.  London: Daldy, Isbister.
  52. Georgiana Marion Craik.  Theresa.  1 vol.  London: Daldy, Isbister.
  53. Mrs. Augustus Craven.  The Story of a Soul.  2 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  54. Oswald John Frederick Crawfurd.  The Fool of the Family, and Other Tales.  2 vol.  London: Sampson Low.
  55. May Crommelin.  My Love She's But a Lassie.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  56. Thomas Crosbie.  In Love and in Hate: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  57. Thomas Burnside Crowther.  Anderida: or, The Briton and the Saxon.  3 vol.  London: Bickers.
  58. Richard Cuninghame.  In Bonds, but Fetterless: A Tale of Old Ulster.  2 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  59. Sir Henry Stewart Cunningham.  The Chronicle of Dustypore: A Tale of Modern Anglo-Indian Society.  2 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  60. Elizabeth Daniel.  Her Husband's Keeper.  3 vol.  London: Skeet.
  61. Sir George Webbe Dasent.  The Vikings of the Baltic: A Tale of the North in the 10th Century.  3 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall.
  62. Charles Maurice Davies.  Broad Church: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  63. George Christopher Davies.  The Golden Shaft.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  64. Ellis James Davis.  Pyrna, A Commune: or, Under the Ice.  1 vol.  London: Bickers.
  65. Augusta Chambers De Gruchy.  Lalage: A Novel.  1 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  66. Bertha De Jongh.  Loving and Loth: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  67. Charlotte Louisa Hawkins Dempster.  Iseulte.  1 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  68. Edward Heneage Dering.  Sherborne: or, The House at the Four Ways.  3 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  69. Alfred Wilks Drayson.  The Gentleman Cadet: His Career and Adventures at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. A Tale of the Past.  1 vol.  London: Griffith and Farran.
  70. Anna Harriet Drury.  Furnished Apartments.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  71. Annie Edwards.  Leah, a Woman of Fashion.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  72. Elizabeth Darby Eiloart.  Kate Randall's Bargain: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  73. Elizabeth Darby Eiloart.  Some of Our Girls.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  74. Frances Elliot.  The Italians.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  75. Edith Faithfull.  Love Me or Love Me Not.  3 vol.  London: Henry S. King.
  76. Benjamin L. Farjeon.  Love's Victory.  2 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  77. William Morley Farrow.  Honours Divided.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  78. Phoebe M. Feilden.  Grantham Secrets: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  79. Alice Fisher.  His Queen.  3 vol.  London: Henry S. King.
  80. Geraldine Penrose Fitzgerald.  Was She Tamed?: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall.
  81. May Agnes Fleming.  A Mad Marriage: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  82. Jessie Fothergill.  Healey: A Romance.  3 vol.  London: Henry S. King.
  83. S. E. G..  Toxie: A Tale.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  84. George W. Garrett.  Squire Harrington's Secret: A Novel.  2 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  85. Charles Garvice.  Maurice Durant.  3 vol.  London: A. Smith.
  86. Charles Gibbon.  What Will the World Say?.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  87. Theo Gift.  Pretty Miss Bellew: A Tale of Home Life.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  88. James Grant.  One of the Six Hundred: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  89. Countess Ida von Hahn-Hahn.  Dorothea Waldegrave: A Tale.  2 vol.  London: Bentley.
  90. Catherine Jane Hamilton.  Hedged with Thorns: or, Working, Waiting and Winning.  1 vol.  London: Ward, Lock.
  91. Lady Duffus Hardy.  Lizzie.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  92. Iza Duffus Hardy.  For the Old Love's Sake: A Story.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  93. Mrs. Hartley.  Spiders and Flies: A Novel.  2 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall.
  94. John Berwick Harwood.  Sire Peregrine's Heir.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  95. Mary Cecil Hay.  Brenda Yorke, and Other Tales.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  96. Mary Cecil Hay.  The Squire's Legacy.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  97. William Stephens Hayward.  Ethel Grey.  1 vol.  London: Ward, Lock.
  98. Mary Healy.  Out of the World.  3 vol.  London: Sampson Low.
  99. Margaret C. Helmore.  Cap and Bells.  3 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  100. Frances Cashel Hoey.  The Blossoming of an Aloe and The Queen's Token.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  101. Maxwell Hood.  Her Idol: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  102. Mrs. George Croft Huddleston.  Bluebell: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  103. Margaret Hunt.  This Indenture Witnesseth'.  3 vol.  London: Sampson Low.
  104. Jean Ingelow.  Fated to be Free.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  105. Harriett Jay.  Queen of Connaught: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  106. Richard Jefferies.  Restless Human Hearts: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  107. Emily Jolly.  A Wife's Story, and Other Tales.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  108. Julia Kavanagh.  John Dorrien.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  109. Annie Keary.  Castle Daly.  3 vol.  London: Macmillan.
  110. Henrietta Keddie.  A Garden of Women.  1 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  111. Sophia Kelly.  Jessie's Bible: or, The Italian Priest.  1 vol.  London: The Book Society.
  112. M. L. Kenny.  The Fortunes of Maurice Cronin: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  113. Katharine King.  Off the Roll.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  114. Katharine King.  Our Detachment.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  115. Henry Kingsley.  Number Seventeen: A Novel.  2 vol.  London: Chatto and Windus.
  116. Charles Walter Kinloch.  Leonard Scott: A Novel.  2 vol.  London: St. James's Magazine Office.
  117. Klotho.  One Easter Even: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall.
  118. Miss Lili Kuper.  Twixt Wife and Fatherland: A Novel.  2 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  119. Laura M. Lane.  Gentleman Verschoyle: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Sampson Low.
  120. Jacob B. de Liefde.  Hereditary Bondsmen: or, Is It All in Vain?.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  121. Eliza Lynn Linton.  Patricia Kemball: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Chatto and Windus.
  122. Eliza Lynn Linton.  The Mad Willoughbys and Other Tales.  1 vol.  London: Ward, Lock.
  123. Alicia Ellen Neve Little.  Onwards! But Whither?: A Life Study.  2 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  124. Lois Ludlow.  Dulcie: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  125. George MacDonald.  St. George and St. Michael.  3 vol.  London: Henry S. King.
  126. George MacDonald.  The Wise Woman: A Parable.  1 vol.  London: William Isbister.
  127. Stephen Joseph Mackenna.  A Child of Fortune.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  128. Katharine S. Macquoid.  Diane: A Norman Story.  2 vol.  London: Sampson Low.
  129. Martin Francis Mahony.  Jerpoint: An Ungarnished Story of the Times.  3 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall.
  130. E. S. Maine.  Scarscliff Rocks.  3 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  131. Mrs. A. E. A. Mair.  Helen Blantyre.  2 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  132. Agnes Catherine Maitland.  Elsie: A Lowland Sketch.  1 vol.  London: Macmillan.
  133. Eugenie Marlitt.  The Second Wife.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  134. Florence Marryat.  Open! Sesame!.  3 vol.  London: Chatto and Windus.
  135. Florence Marryat.  Fighting the Air: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  136. Bourton Marshall.  The Shadow of Erksdale: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  137. Emma Marshall.  Now-a-days: or, King's Daughters.  1 vol.  London: Seeley.
  138. Emma Marshall.  Three Little Brothers.  1 vol.  London: James Nisbet.
  139. Charles Welsh Mason.  The Rape of the Gamp: or, Won at Last. A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Sampson Low.
  140. Helen Mathers.  Comin' Thro' the Rye: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  141. Justin McCarthy.  Dear Lady Disdain.  3 vol.  London: Grant.
  142. George Meredith.  Beauchamp's Career.  3 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall.
  143. Mary Louisa Molesworth.  Tell me a Story.  1 vol.  London: Macmillan.
  144. Florence Sophia Montgomery.  Wild Mike and his Victim.  1 vol.  London: Bentley.
  145. Frank Frankfort Moore.  Sojourners Together: A Story.  1 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  146. Susan Morley.  Thostlethwaite: A Story of Modern English Life.  3 vol.  London: Henry S. King.
  147. Eustace Clare Grenville Murray.  The Boudoir Cabal.  3 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  148. Mary Neville.  Alice Godolphin: and, A Little Heiress. Two Stories.  2 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  149. Sarah Birkbeck Nevins.  Charming Money.  3 vol.  London: Simpkin.
  150. Emma Newman.  Jean.  2 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  151. Lady Augusta Noel.  Owen Gwynne's Great Work.  2 vol.  London: Macmillan.
  152. Frances E. M. Notley.  Forgotten Lives: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  153. Eleanor Grace O'Reilly.  Cicely's Choice.  1 vol.  London: George Bell and Sons.
  154. Eleanor Grace O'Reilly.  Little Prescription and Other Tales.  1 vol.  London: George Bell and Sons.
  155. Margaret Oliphant.  The Story of Valentine and his Brother.  3 vol.  Edinburgh: Blackwood.
  156. Margaret Oliphant.  Whiteladies.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  157. Ouida.  Signa: A Story.  3 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall.
  158. Harriet Parr.  This Workaday World.  3 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  159. Louisa Parr.  The Gosau Smithy, and Other Stories.  2 vol.  London: Daldy, Isbister.
  160. Margaret Agnes Paul.  Vanessa.  2 vol.  London: Henry S. King.
  161. Susanna Mary Paull.  Evelyn Howard: or, Early Friendships.  1 vol.  London: Frederick Warne.
  162. Susanna Mary Paull.  The Two Neighbours: A Tale of Domestic Life.  1 vol.  London: Houlston and Co..
  163. Susanna Mary Paull.  Dick the Sailor: A Tale of the Press-Gang.  1 vol.  London: William Macintosh.
  164. Mary Anna Paull.  Effie Forrester: or, Woman's Constancy; and Other Stories.  1 vol.  London: John Kempster and Co..
  165. Mary Anna Paull.  St. Mungo's Curse: or, The Crippled Singer of the Saltmarket.  1 vol.  Glasgow: John S. Marr and Sons.
  166. James Payn.  Halves: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  167. James Payn.  Walter's Word: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  168. Emma Maria Pearson.  His Little Cousin: A Tale.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  169. Thomas Edgar Pemberton.  Under Pressure: A Novel.  2 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  170. Eliza Fanny Pollard.  The Lady Superior.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  171. Ellen Pollock.  Lissadel: or, In Stony Places. A Story.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  172. Mrs. E. Pulleyne.  Out of Society: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall.
  173. Colin Rae-Brown.  Edith Dewar: or, Glimpses of Scottish Life and Manners in the Nineteenth Century.  3 vol.  London: Sampson Low.
  174. Catherine Emily Blanche Randolph.  Clarice Adair.  3 vol.  London: Sampson Low.
  175. Catherine Emily Blanche Randolph.  Wild Hyacinth.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  176. Charles Reade.  Trade Malice: A Person Narrative; and The Wandering Heir: A Matter of Fact Romance.  1 vol.  London: Samuel French.
  177. Isabel Reaney.  Sunbeam Willie and Other Stories.  1 vol.  London: Henry S. King.
  178. Charlotte Elizabeth Riddell.  Above Suspicion: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  179. Anne Isabella Ritchie.  Miss Angel.  1 vol.  London: Smith, Elder.
  180. William Clark Russell.  John Holdsworth, Chief Mate: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Sampson Low.
  181. William Clark Russell.  A Dark Secret.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  182. Dora Russell.  Lady Sefton's Pride: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  183. E. A. Ryder.  The Wheel of Fortune: A Story of Modern Life.  3 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall.
  184. John Saunders.  The Lion in the Path: A Historical Romance.  3 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall.
  185. Katherine Saunders.  The High Mills.  3 vol.  London: Henry S. King.
  186. John Service.  Lady Hetty: A Story of Scottish and Australian Life.  3 vol.  London: Daldy, Isbister.
  187. Hawley Smart.  Two Kisses.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  188. Jane Grace Smith.  Tit for Tat.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  189. George Sydney Smythe.  Angela Pisani: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  190. Harriet Maria Smythies.  Eva's Fortune.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  191. Thomas Wilkinson Speight.  A Secret of the Sea.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  192. Lillian Spender.  Jocelyn's Mistake.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  193. Emma C. C. Steinman.  The Old House at Alding: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  194. Eliza Tabor Stephenson.  Eglantine.  3 vol.  London: Hurst and Blackett.
  195. Hesba Stretton.  Brought Home.  1 vol.  Glasgow: Scottish Temperance League.
  196. Hesba Stretton.  Friends Till Death and Other Stories.  1 vol.  London: Henry S. King.
  197. Hesba Stretton.  No Work No Bread.  1 vol.  London: Partridge.
  198. Annie Thomas.  A Narrow Escape.  3 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall.
  199. Annie Thomas.  The Maskleynes: A Novel.  2 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall.
  200. Mary Thompson.  Robert Forrester: A Novel.  1 vol.  London: Longman.
  201. Charles Tregenna.  Lascare: A Tale.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  202. Anthony Trollope.  The Way We Live Now.  2 vol.  London: Chatto and Windus.
  203. Thomas Adolphus Trollope.  Diamond Cut Diamond: A Story of Tuscan Life, and Other Stories.  2 vol.  London: Chatto and Windus.
  204. Frank Usher.  The Warnaughs: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  205. L. B. Walford.  Mr. Smith: A Part of his Life.  2 vol.  Edinburgh: Blackwood.
  206. W. H. Watts.  Our Fräulein: An Anglo-Teuton Tale.  2 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall.
  207. John C. Westwood.  Claude Hambro: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  208. Lady Emma Caroline Wood.  Below the Salt: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Chapman and Hall.
  209. Ellen Wood.  Told in the Twilight.  3 vol.  London: Bentley.
  210. Ellen Wood.  Bessy Wells.  1 vol.  London: Daldy, Isbister.
  211. Emma Hosken Woodward.  Married for Money.  1 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  212. Flora Frances Wylde.  The Widow Unmasked: or, The Firebrand in the Family. A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Samuel Tinsley.
  213. Edmund Hodgson Yates.  A Silent Witness: A Novel.  3 vol.  London: Tinsley Brothers.
  214. Charlotte Mary Yonge.  My Young Alcides: A Faded Photograph.  2 vol.  London: Macmillan.
  215. Elizabeth Youatt.  Mabel's Faith.  1 vol.  London: R.T.S..