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The following individuals provided illustrations to magazine serializations, novels in parts, or volume publications of Victorian fiction. Anonymous or unattributed illustrations can be found under "Unknown." Note: This information is currently under development.

Helen Allingham
James Archer
Alfred Ashley
John H. Bacon
Fred Barnard
Robert Barnes
Lewis Baumer
M. M. Blake
G. Bowers
A. S. Boyd
E. F. Brewtnall
H. Brock
Charles E. Brock
H. K. Browne
Gordon Browne
Tom Browne
A. H. Buckland
W. Cheshire
Florence Claxton
John Collier
Harold Copping
Walter Crane
Alfred Crowquill
T. S. C. Crowther
George Cruikshank
Robert Cruikshank
Frank Dadd
J. Barnard Davis
Lucien Davis
Frank Dicksee
Richard Doyle
W. H. Drake
George Du Maurier
F. Du Mond
M. E. Edwards
Pierce Egan
L. G. Fawkes
Luke Fildes
Amedée Forestier
A. S. Forrest
John Franklin
F. A. Fraser
A. Frederics
H. French
A. B. Frost
Henry Furniss
F. Gilbert
John Gilbert
Warwick Goble
Mary J. Gow
Tom Gray
Paul Gray
Charles Butler Greatrex
Towneley Green
Charles Green
Maurice Greiffenhagen
John Gülich
Sydney P. Hall
R. J. Hamerton
Gertrude D. Hammond
Paul Hardy
Norman H. Hardy
William Harvey
William Hatherell
Alice Havers
W. J. Hennessy
Hubert von Herkomer
Auguste Hervieu
Bernard Higham
Arthur Hopkins
Louis Huard
W. H. Hughes
Hal Hurst
George Hutchinson
G. P. Jacomb-Hood
G. H. Jailand
Charles Keene
G. G. Kilburne
J. Lockhart Kipling
Davidson Knowles
F. W. Lawson
J. W. Lawson
John Leech
Frederic Leighton
G. D. Leslie
Samuel Lover
Hal Ludlow
R. W. Macbeth
P. Macnab
Gerardine Macpherson
Percy Macquoid
James Mahoney
W. H. Margetson
A. D. McCormick
Kenny Meadows
J. E. Millais
B. E. Minns
R. H. Moore
G. Morton
T. H. Nicholson
J. Watson Nicol
Hume Nisbet
Thomas Onwhyn
Walter Paget
Sidney Paget
H. M. Paget
Jacob Parallel
Bernard Partridge
James Abbott Pasquier
Harry Payne
Alfred Pearse
Fred Pegram
John Pettie
P. Philippoteaux
Watts Phillips
Harold Piffard
G. J. Pinwell
John W. M. Ralston
S. Reid
T. Robinson
Linley Sambourne
H. Sandercock
F. A. Sandys
Charles M. Sheldon
C. A. Shepperson
F. J. Slinger
William Small
D. Murray Smith
W. Granville Smith
Lancelot Speed
W. S. Stacey
George Standfast
Clarkson Stanfield
G. Stiff
Marcus Stone
Percy Tarrant
A. Kemp Tebby
John Tenniel
W. M. Thackeray
G. H. Thomas
J. H. Thornely
W. H. Thwaits
F. H. Townsend
M. Valentin
S. H. Vedder
Frederick Walker
D. B. Waters
J. D. Watson
W. Weeks
Charles Harvey Weigall
Harrison Weir
E. J. Wheeler
W. B. Wollen
Henry Wood
Stanley L. Wood
R. Caton Woodville

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