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The following magazines and newspapers carried serialized fiction and short stories.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal
Aberdeen Weekly News
Ainsworth's Magazine
Alexandra Magazine
All the Year Round
Anglo-Saxon Review
Arrowsmith's Christmas Annual
Art Amateur
Ashton Reporter
Aunt Judy's Magazine
Badminton Magazine
Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes
Banbury Guardian
Beeton's Christmas Annual
Bell's Life in London
Bentley's Miscellany
Birmingham Weekly Post
Black and White
Blackburn Standard
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
Bolton Weekly Journal
Bow Bells
Boys' Illustrated Magazine
Boy's Journal
Boy's Own Magazine
Boy's Own Paper
The Bristol Mercury
British Army and Navy Review
British Journal
British Queen and Statesman
British Weekly
The Broadway
The Burlington
Burnley Advertiser
Burnley Express
The Burnley Gazette
The Cardiff Times
Cassell's Family Magazine
Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper
Cassell's Magazine
Cassell's Saturday Journal
Chambers's Edinburgh Journal
Chapman's Magazine of Fiction
Cheshire Observer
The Christian Lady's Magazine
Christian Treasury
The Churchman's Companion
The Churchman's Family Magazine
Churchman's Shilling Magazine
The Citizen
The Contemporary Review
Cornhill Magazine
The Court and Society Review
The Court Magazine
The Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough
The Daily Telegraph
Dark Blue
The Day of Rest
Derby Daily Telegraph
Derby Mercury
Derbyshire Times
Douglas Jerrold's Shilling Magazine
The Dover Express
Dublin University Magazine
Duffy's Hibernian Magazine
Dundee Courier
Dundee Weekly News
Eliza Cook's Journal
The Engineer
The English Illustrated Magazine
The Englishwoman's Magazine
The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine
The Era
The Essex Newsman
Evening Hours
The Evening News
Every Boy's Magazine
Every Week
Everybody's Journal
The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette
The Falkirk Herald
The Family Herald
Farnworth Weekly Journal and Observer
The Fife Herald
The Fire-Side Journal
Fortnightly Review
Fraser's Magazine
Gentleman's Annual
Gentleman's Magazine
The Gentlewoman
George Cruikshank's Omnibus
The Girl's Own Paper
Girl's Realm
Glasgow Evening Post
Glasgow Weekly Herald
Glasgow Weekly Mail
Golden Hours
Good Words
Good Words for the Young
The Halfpenny Journal
Halfpenny Miscellany
Hampshire Telegraph & Sussex Chronicle
Harmsworth Monthly Pictorial Magazine
Harper's New Monthly Magazine
Hearth and Home
Hogg's Instructor
Hogg's Weekly Instructor
Home Chimes
Home Companion
The Home Journal
Home Notes
Hood's Magazine
Household Words
Household Words [II]
Howitt's Journal
The Huddersfield Chronicle
The Hull Packet and East Riding Times
The Humanitarian
The Idler
The Illustrated London Magazine
Illustrated London News
Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News
The Illustrated Times
The Ipswich Journal
The Irish Fireside
Ladies' Companion
The Ladies' Treasury
The Lady's Magazine
The Lady's Newspaper
Lady's Pictorial
The Lady's Realm
The Lamp
The Lancashire Evening Post
The Lancaster Gazette
Leeds Mercury
The Leeds Times
Leicester Chronicle
Leigh Journal and Times
Leisure Hour
The Lichfield Mercury
Lincolnshire Echo
Lippincott's Monthly Magazine
The Literary Workman
Liverpool Weekly Courier
Liverpool Weekly Mercury
Lloyd's Penny Weekly Miscellany
Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper
The London Journal
London Reader
London Review
London Society
The London: A First-Class Magazine
Longman's Magazine
The Ludgate Monthly
Macmillan's Magazine
The Maids, Wives, and Widows' Penny Magazine
The Manchester Courier
Manchester Weekly Times
Master Humphrey's Clock
Metropolitan Magazine
The Minster
The Misletoe Bough
The Month
The Monthly Magazine
Monthly Packet
The Morpeth Herald
Murray's Magazine
Myra's Journal
The National Magazine
The National Observer
National Review
New Monthly Magazine
New Quarterly Magazine
The New Review
The New Sporting Magazine
Newark Herald
The Newbery House Magazine
Newcastle Weekly Chronicle
Newcastle Weekly Courant
North Briton
The Northampton Mercury
Northern Daily Mail
The Nottingham Evening Post
The Nottinghamshire Guardian
Once a Week
Pall Mall Budget
Pall Mall Gazette
Pall Mall Magazine
Pearson's Magazine
Pearson's Weekly
The Penny Illustrated Paper
The Penny Sunday Times
The People: A Newspaper for All Classes
The People's Journal for Aberdeen
People's Friend
The People's Magazine
Pictorial World
The Primitive Standard
Public Opinion
The Queen
Reynold's Miscellany
Robin Goodfellow
The Royal Magazine
St. James's Gazette
St. James's Magazine
St. Nicholas
Saint Pauls Magazine
Sala's Journal
The Savoy
The Scots Observer
The Scottish Church
Sharpe's London Magazine
The Sheffield Daily Telegraph
Sheffield Independent
The Shields Daily Gazette
Sixpenny Magazine
The Sketch
South London Press
South Wales Echo
The Speaker
The Sphere
The Standard
Strand Magazine
The Sun
The Sunday at Home
Sunday Magazine for Family Reading
The Sunday Times
Sussex Advertiser
Sylvia's Home Journal
Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
Tamworth Herald
The Taunton Courier
The Teetotaler
Temple Bar
Temple Magazine
Tewkesbury Register
Tinsley's Magazine
Twice a Week
Union Jack
United Service Magazine
The Universal Review [I]
The Universal Review [II]
University Magazine and Free Review
The Victoria Magazine
The Victorian Magazine
Weekly Dispatch
The Weekly Mail [Cardiff]
The Welcome Guest
The Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine
The Whitehall Review
The Whitstable Times
Windsor Magazine
Woman at Home
Woman's Herald
Women's Signal
Woolwich Gazette
The Workman: or, Life and Leisure
The World
The Yellow Book
York Herald
Yorkshire Evening Press
The Young Englishwoman
Young Folks
The Young Man
The Young Woman

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