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Adams and FrancisAddeyW. H. Addison
E. W. AllenGeorge AllenW. H. Allen
J. W. AllinghamThomas AllmanEdward Arnold
F. Enos ArnoldArrowsmithArt and Book Co.
AsherAlbert J. AttwoodAuthors Co-operative Publishing Co.
Aylott and JonesA. H. Baily and Co.Baily Brothers
F.W.J. BakerBall and Co.S. B. Barrett
William BarthNeville BeemanWilliam Beeman
S.O. BeetonBell and DaldyGeorge Bell
George Bell and SonsBellairs and Co.Bemrose and Sons
A. W. BennettJohn BennettBentley
BevingtonBible Christian Book-RoomBickers
Biggs and Co.Biggs & DibenhamBinns and Goodwin
A. and C. BlackBlack & White Publishing Co.Spencer Blackett
BlackieB.H. BlackwellJames Blackwood
BlackwoodBlayney & FryerBliss, Sands, and Foster
David BogueBohnThe Book Society
Booker and DolmanT. and W. BooneL. Booth
BosworthJoseph BoultonS. H. Bousfield & Co.
James BowdenBradbury, Agnew and Co.Bradbury and Evans
Edwin J. BrettBritish WorkmanCecil Brooks
J. and C. BrownDavid Bryce & SonRobert Buchanan
Edward BullBull, Simmons, and Co.Thomas Burleigh
Burns and OatesJames BurnsBush
ButterworthCadellW. Caffyn
Cameron and FergusonCashW. and F.G. Cash
CassellCatholic Truth SocietyGeorge Cauldwell
W. & R. ChambersChapman and HallJohn Chapman
Charing Cross Publishing Co.Charpentier & Co.Chatto and Windus
'Church Monthly' OfficeEdward ChurtonCity of London Publishing Co.
The Clarion Newspaper Co. Ltd.R. York ClarkClarke, Beeton, & Co.
C. H. ClarkeH. G. Clarke & Co.James Clarke
W. J. CleaverWilliam ClowesJames Cochrane
Henry ColburnArchibald ConstableThomas Constable
Nathaniel CookeJ. CordingW. Cornish
Henry CoxHorace CoxAndrew Crombie
Robert CulleyJoseph CundallR. Cunnack
Cunningham and MortimerHugh CunninghamWilliam Curry
Daldy, IsbisterW. H. DaltonDalziel Bros.
J. and D.A. DarlingDarton and ClarkDarton and Co.
Darton and HarveyDarton and HodgeWilliam Darton and Son
DayDean and SonE. T. W. Dennis
J.M. DentJohn DicksDigby, Long
DiposeE. DippleBertram Dobell
Charles DolmanDavid DouglasDowney
H. J. DraneDuckworth and Co.James Duffy
Edmund Durrant and Co.John EbersEden
Edmonston and DouglasWilliam EdwardsEli Charles Eginton
Eglington and Co.The Electrician Printing & Publishing Co.Rowland A. Elliott
EllisE. J. EllisEllissen and Co.
William EmansEvelynsR. A. Everett and Co.
Eyre and SpottiswoodeEmily FaithfullFrederick Farrah
Favourite Publishing Co.Field and TuerThe Field Office
FisherRobert ForderW. Foulsham
James FraserWilliam FreemanS.T. Freemantle
Samuel FrenchHenry FrowdeJ.P. Fuller
'Fun' OfficeFund for... Catholic ChildrenJ. Gadsby
Gale & PoldenGall & InglisAlexander Gardner
Wells Gardner, DartonWilliam Wells GardnerGay and Bird
P. Geddes and Co.J. GemmellGibbings & Co.
H.J. GibbsM.H. Gill and SonL. Upcott Gill
Governesses' Benevolent InstitutionGrantGrant and Griffith
R. Grant and SonGrattan and GilbertThomas Gray and Co.
J. GreenGreenberg and Co.W. W. Greener
Greening and Co.Charles GriffinP. Griffin
Griffith and FarranFrancis GriffithsGroombridge
Arthur HallJ. Hall and SonsWarren Hall
HamiltonHansom Cab Publishing Co.Harper and Bros.
T. HarrisonHarvey and DartonR. Hastings
HatchardJ.T. HayesWilliam Heinemann
James HendersonHenryGeorge Herbert
F. HextallAbel HeywoodJohn Heywood
T. HintonGeorge HobyHodder and Stoughton
Hodges and SmithJohn HodgesHodgson
James HoggHoldsworthHome Words Publishing Office
Thomas HookhamHopeJ. C. Hotten
Houghton & Co.Houlston and Co.Houlston and Wright
Jeremiah HowJoseph HughesHunt & Co.
F. Bordon HuntHurst and BlackettHenry Hurst
Thomas HurstHutchinsonGeorge W. Hyde
IngramA.D. InnesWilliam Isbister
John Henry JacksonJackson, Walford and HodderMarshall Japp and Co.
Jarrold and SonW. S. JohnsonR. B. Johnson
Johnstone, Hunter, and Co.Judd and GlassJudy Office
Kelly and Co.Charles H. KellyW. B. Kelly
John Kempster and Co.W. P. KennedyW. Kent and Co.
Kerby and EndeanKerby and SonHenry S. King
James B. KnappCharles KnightHenry Edward Knox
LambertLamley and Co.John Lane
Thomas LaurieLawrence and BullenHenry Lea
Leadenhall Press'Leisure Hour' OfficeLiterary Publishing Society
Edward LloydLockwood and Co.Crosby Lockwood
London Literary SocietyJohn LongLongman
Lovejoy's LibraryLover and GroombridgeFrederick Lover
Sampson LowWilliam MacintoshMaclaren & Macniven
MacmillanJohn MacqueenMacrae
John MacroneMaddenManwaring
E. MarlboroughJohn S. Marr and SonsA. P. Marsden
William MarshHorace Marshall and SonMarshall, Russell & Co.
Joseph MastersElkin MathewsJohn Maxwell
McClure and Co.James McGlashanThomas McLean
Andrew MelroseJohn Menzies and Co.Methuen
Miller and FieldT. MillerJohn Milne
H. F. MitchellJohn MitchellThe Modern Press
Moffat and Co.W.H. Moor and Co.Moran and Co.
Morgan and HebronJohn MorganJohn Mortimer
E. B. MortlockA. R. MowbrayEdward Moxon
Mozley and Co.Henry Mozley and SonsW. R. M'Phun
William Mullan & SonJohn MurrayA. Murray
Frank MurrayThomas Murray and SonNational Society's Depository
National Temperance Publication DepôtF. Tennyson NeelyNelson and Sons
J. R. NethertonT. C. NewbyA. K. Newman
Newman and Co.George NewnesNewsagents' Publishing Co.
W. Nicholson & SonsW. P. NimmoJohn C. Nimmo
James NisbetErnest NisterDavid Nutt
Office of Black and WhiteOffice of Texas SiftingsOffice of The Boys of England
Office of The Illustrated London NewsOffice of the National Illustrated LibraryOliphant
William Oliphant and SonCharles OllierS. L. Ollif
John OllivierWilliam S. OrrOsgood, McIlvaine
Page, Pratt & TurnerW. E. PainterJohn W. Parker
J.H. and J. ParkerParker, Son, and BournParry
PartridgePaton and RitchieKegan Paul
C. Arthur PearsonWilliam PennyPercival & Co.
Henry PerrisPhilipG. Philip
William PickeringPitmanProvost
Punch OfficeG. P. Putnam's SonsRailway and General Automatic Library
George RedwayReeves and TurnerWilliam Reeves
Relfe and FletcherR.T.S.Remington
Reynolds and SonRichards and Co.Grant Richards
John RichardsonThomas Richardson and SonJames Ridgeway
RivingtonsRoper & DrowleyRoutledge
James RoutledgeRoworthThe Roxburghe Press
Royal Exchange OfficeT. de la Rue and Co.St. James's Magazine Office
I. SampsonW. SamsSands
W. Satchell and Co.Saunders and OtleyJohn Saunders
W. SaundersWalter ScottScottish Temperance League
SeeleyService and PatonSharpe
J. F. ShawSherwood and Co.Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper
ShoberlS.W. SilverSimms and M'Intyre
Skeffington and SouthwellJohn SlarkHenry Slater
SmallfieldA. SmithJohn Russell Smith
W. H. SmithWalter SmithSmith, Elder
Leonard SmithersJohn SnowS.P.C.K.
SonnenscheinJ. W. SouthgateSpence
Walter SpiersEdward StanfordWilliam Stevens
Elliot StockStockwellD. Stott
Alexander StrahanW. StrangeSunday School Institute
Sunday School UnionSunrise Publishing Co.Suttaby and Co.
Sutton, Drowley & Co.William TaitJohn Tallis
The Technical Publishing Co.Thomas TeggWilliam Tegg
ThackerThickbroom BrothersJoseph Thomas
J. H. ThomsonThurgate and SonsCharles J. Thynne
Charles TiltRichard Moore TimsTinsley Brothers
Samuel Tinsley'Tit-Bits' OfficesTower Publishing Co.
Town and Country Publishing Co.Anthony TreherneTrischler
TrübnerTubbs and BrookRaphael Tuck and Sons
TuckerW. TweedieRobert Tyas
Tylston and EdwardsUniversity PressT. Fisher Unwin
Vanity Fair OfficeA. VickersGeorge Vickers
Vinton and Co.VirtueVirtue, Hall, and Virtue
VizetellyW. M. ClarkE. Wallen
Ward and DowneyWard, LockMarcus Ward
Frederick WarneR. WashbourneJ. Watson
A. P. Watt and SonWatts & Co.James Weir
Wells, Gardner, DartonWertheim and MacintoshCharles Westerton
F. C. WestleyF. V. WhiteWhittaker
W. B. WhittinghamWilliam Whyte and Co.Wiley
Williams and NorgateJohn WilliamsWilson and McCormick
Wilson and MilneClement WilsonEffingham Wilson
Women's Printing SocietyCharles W. WoodT. Woolmer
W. N. WrightWyman and Sons[None]