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Adams and FrancisAddeyW. H. Addison
W. H. AllenE. W. AllenGeorge Allen
J. W. AllinghamEdward ArnoldF. Enos Arnold
ArrowsmithArt and Book Co.Asher
Albert J. AttwoodAuthors Co-operative Publishing Co.A. H. Baily and Co.
Baily BrothersF.W.J. BakerBall and Co.
S. B. BarrettNeville BeemanWilliam Beeman
S.O. BeetonBell and DaldyGeorge Bell and Sons
Bellairs and Co.Bemrose and SonsJohn Bennett
BentleyBevingtonBible Christian Book-Room
BickersBiggs and Co.Binns and Goodwin
A. and C. BlackSpencer BlackettBlackie
B.H. BlackwellJames BlackwoodBlackwood
Bliss, Sands, and FosterDavid BogueBohn
The Book SocietyBooker and DolmanT. and W. Boone
L. BoothBosworthJoseph Boulton
James BowdenBradbury, Agnew and Co.Bradbury and Evans
British WorkmanCecil BrooksJ. and C. Brown
BryceEdward BullBull, Simmons, and Co.
Thomas BurleighBurns and OatesJames Burns
Cameron and FergusonCashW. and F.G. Cash
CassellCatholic Truth SocietyGeorge Cauldwell
W. & R. ChambersChapman and HallJohn Chapman
Charing Cross Publishing Co.Chatto and Windus'Church Monthly' Office
Edward ChurtonCity of London Publishing Co.R. York Clark
C. H. ClarkeJames ClarkeCleaver
William ClowesJames CochraneHenry Colburn
Archibald ConstableThomas ConstableNathaniel Cooke
Henry CoxHorace CoxAndrew Crombie
Hugh CunninghamWilliam CurryDaldy, Isbister
J. D. DarlingDarton and HarveyWilliam Darton and Son
DayDean and SonE. T. W. Dennis
J.M. DentJohn DicksDigby, Long
DiposeE. DippleDolman
David DouglasDowneyH. J. Drane
Duckworth and Co.James DuffyEdmund Durrant and Co.
John EbersEdenEdmonston and Douglas
William EdwardsEglington and Co.Rowland A. Elliott
EllisEllissen and Co.William Emans
EvelynsR. A. Everett and Co.Emily Faithfull
Field and TuerFisherRobert Forder
William FreemanS.T. FreemantleSamuel French
J.P. Fuller'Fun' OfficeAlexander Gardner
Wells Gardner, DartonGay and BirdH.J. Gibbs
M.H. Gill and SonGovernesses' Benevolent InstitutionGrant
Grant and GriffithR. Grant and SonGrattan and Gilbert
Thomas Gray and Co.Greening and Co.Charles Griffin
Griffith and FarranGroombridgeArthur Hall
J. Hall and SonsHamiltonHarper and Bros.
T. HarrisonHarvey and DartonR. Hastings
HatchardsJ.T. HayesWilliam Heinemann
HenryGeorge HerbertF. Hextall
Abel HeywoodT. HintonGeorge Hoby
Hodder and StoughtonHodges and SmithJohn Hodges
HodgsonJames HoggHoldsworth
"Home Words" Publishing OfficeThomas HookhamHope
J. C. HottenHoulston and Co.Houlston and Wright
Jeremiah HowJoseph HughesHurst and Blackett
Henry HurstThomas HurstHutchinson
George W. HydeIngramA.D. Innes
William IsbisterJackson, Walford and HodderMarshall Japp and Co.
Jarrold and SonW. S. JohnsonJohnstone, Hunter, and Co.
Kelly and Co.Charles H. KellyJohn Kempster and Co.
W. Kent and Co.Kerby and EndeanKerby and Son
Henry S. KingJames B. KnappCharles Knight
Henry Edward KnoxLambertLamley and Co.
John LaneThomas LaurieLawrence and Bullen
Henry LeaLeadenhall Press'Leisure Hour' Office
Literary Publishing SocietyLockwood and Co.Crosby Lockwood
London Literary SocietyJohn LongLongman
Sampson LowWilliam MacintoshMacmillan
John MacqueenMacraeJohn Macrone
MaddenManwaringE. Marlborough
John S. Marr and SonsA. P. MarsdenWilliam Marsh
Horace Marshall and SonJoseph MastersElkin Mathews
John MaxwellMcClure and Co.Thomas McLean
Andrew MelroseJohn Menzies and Co.Methuen
Miller and FieldT. MillerJohn Milne
John MitchellThe Modern PressMoffat and Co.
W.H. Moor and Co.Moran and Co.Morgan and Hebron
John MorganJohn MortimerE. B. Mortlock
A. R. MowbrayEdward MoxonMozley and Co.
W. R. M'PhunMullanJohn Murray
A. MurrayThomas Murray and SonNational Society's Depository
National Temperance Publication DepôtNelson and SonsT. C. Newby
A. K. NewmanNewman and Co.George Newnes
W. P. NimmoJames NisbetErnest Nister
David NuttOffice of Black and WhiteOffice of The Illustrated London News
Office of the National Illustrated LibraryOliphantCharles Ollier
John OllivierWilliam S. OrrOsgood, McIlvaine
John W. ParkerJ.H. and J. ParkerParry
PartridgePaton and RitchieKegan Paul
C. Arthur PearsonPercivalPhilip
G. PhilipWilliam PickeringPitman
ProvostRailway and General Automatic LibraryGeorge Redway
Reeves and TurnerR.T.S.Remington
Reynolds and SonGrant RichardsJohn Richardson
Thomas Richardson and SonRivingtonsRoutledge
James RoutledgeRoworthThe Roxburghe Press
Royal Exchange OfficeT. de la Rue and Co.St. James's Magazine Office
I. SampsonW. SamsSands
W. Satchell and Co.Saunders and OtleyJohn Saunders
W. SaundersWalter ScottScottish Temperance League
SeeleyService and PatonJ. F. Shaw
Sherwood, Gilbert and PiperShoberlS.W. Silver
Simms and M'IntyreSimpkinSkeet
SkeffingtonSkeffington and SouthwellHenry Slater
SmallfieldA. SmithJohn Russell Smith
Walter SmithSmith, ElderS.P.C.K.
SonnenscheinJ. W. SouthgateSpence
William StevensStockD. Stott
Alexander StrahanSunday School InstituteSunday School Union
Suttaby and Co.William TaitJohn Tallis
The Technical Publishing Co.Thomas TeggThacker
Joseph ThomasThurgate and SonsCharles J. Thynne
Tinsley BrothersSamuel Tinsley'Tit-Bits' Offices
Tower Publishing Co.Town and Country Publishing Co.Anthony Treherne
TrischlerTrübnerTubbs and Brook
Raphael Tuck and SonsTuckerW. Tweedie
Robert TyasTylston and EdwardsT. Fisher Unwin
"Vanity Fair" OfficeGeorge VickersVirtue
Virtue, Hall, and VirtueVizetellyW. M. Clark
E. WallenWard and DowneyWard, Lock
Marcus WardFrederick WarneR. Washbourne
J. WatsonWells, Gardner, DartonWertheim and Macintosh
Charles WestertonF. V. WhiteWhittaker
W. B. WhittinghamWileyWilliams and Norgate
Wilson and MilneEffingham WilsonWomen's Printing Society
Charles W. WoodWyman and Sons[None]