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Title Author Year
The Aarbergs Rosamond Hervey 1864
Aaron the Jew Benjamin Leopold Farjeon 1894
Ab-o-th-Yate in London: or, Southern Life from a Northern Point of V... Benjamin Brierley 1868
The Abbess: A Romance Frances Milton Trollope 1833
The Abbess of Shaftesbury: or, The Days of John of Gaunt Anonymous 1846
The Abbey by the Sea, and Another Story Mary Louisa Molesworth 1887
The Abbey Mill Emma Jane Worboise 1883
The Abbey Murder Joseph Hatton 1888
The Abbey Road Mystery Walter T. Arnold 1899
Abbeychurch: or, Self Control and Self Conceit Charlotte Mary Yonge 1844
Abbeys and Attics: or, Sketches of Artist-life Julian Strickland 1861
The Abbot's Bridge Frances Mary Peard 1891
Abbot's Cleve: or, Can It be Proved? A Novel Isabella Neil Harwood 1864
Abbots' Crag: A Tale Mary Catherine Rowsell 1872
Abbot's Thorpe: or, The Two Wills Mrs. Charles Henry Burton 1864
Abbott's Mere: a Tale C. H. H. 1865
Abby's Discoveries Mary Eliza Bramston 1891
Abdalla the Moor and the Spanish Knight: A Romance of Mexico Robert Montgomery Bird 1835
Abdallah: or, The Four-Leaved Shamrock Edouard René Lefèbre-Laboulaye 1868
The Abduction: or, Marvels of Mesmerism Leopoldine Harriet Prochazka 1850
Abel Allnutt: A Novel James Justinian Morier 1837
Abel Drake's Wife: A Novel John Saunders 1862
Abel Grey Elizabeth Youatt 1860
Abel Massinger: or, The Aëronaut. A Romance Thomas Tod Stoddart 1846
Abigail Templeton: or, Brave Efforts. A Story of To-day Emma Marshall 1896
Abigel Rowe: A Chronicle of the Regency Lewis Strange Wingfield 1883
Aboard the "Atalanta": The Story of a Truant Henry Frith 1888
About Buying a Horse: Occasional Happy Thoughts Francis Cowley Burnand 1875
About Peggy Saville Jessie Mansergh 1900
Above and Below: A Novel Nicholas John Gannon 1864
Above Suspicion: A Novel Charlotte Elizabeth Riddell 1876
Abra of Poictiers: A Story of the Days of S. Hilary M. E. Ames 1900
Abroad and at Home: Tales Here and There Julia S. H. Pardoe 1857
Absent, Yet Present Gilberta M. F. Lyon 1894
Abu Telfan: Return from the Mountains of the Moon Wilhelm Karl Raabe 1882
The Academician Henry Erroll 1888
Accessory After the Fact Bertha Jane Adams 1899
Accidents of Childhood: or, Cautionary Stories for Heedless Children D. Richmond 1861
An Accomplished Gentleman Julian Russell Sturgis 1879
According to Plato Frank Frankfort Moore 1901
The Accused Princess Allen Upward 1900
Acquitted: A Novel Harriet Maria Smythies 1870
An Acrobat's Girlhood Hesba Stretton 1889
Across an Ulster Bog M. Hamilton 1896
Across Country Elim Henry D'Avigdor 1882
Across Her Path Annie S. Swan 1885
Across Texas Edward S. Ellis 1894
Across the Garden Wall Hon. Louisa Lelias Greene 1886
Across the Salt Seas: A Romance of War and Adventure John Edward Bloundelle Burton 1898
Across the World for a Wife Guy Boothby 1898
Across the Zodiac: The Story of a Wrecked Record Percy Greg 1880
Across the Zodiac: A Story of Adventure Edwin Pallander 1896
Acte: A Novel Hugh Farrie 1890
Acting on the Square: A Schoolboy's Diary Harriett Boultwood 1887
Active Service Stephen Crane 1899
The Actor-Manager Leonard Merrick 1898
An Actor's Duel and The Winning Shot Arthur Conan Doyle 1894
The Actor's Wife: A Novel Edmund John Leathes 1880
An Actress's Love Story: A Novel Eva Ross Church 1888
Ad Misericordiam: A Novel BTAO "Dr. Armstrong" 1872
Ada: A Tale Camilla Needham 1838
Ada Brenton: or, Plans for Life Anonymous 1861
Ada Fortescue: A Novel Sibella Jones 1863
Ada Gresham: An Autobiography Mary Anne Needell 1853
Ada Greville: or, Woman's Constancy Peter Leicester 1850
Ada Moore's Story: A Novel Anonymous 1867
Ada Triscott Andrew Charles Parker Haggard 1890
Ada Vernham, Actress Richard Marsh 1900
Ada, the Betrayed: or, The Murder at the Old Smithy. A Romance of Pa... James Malcolm Rymer 1847
Adam and Eve Louisa Parr 1880
Adam Bede George Eliot 1859
Adam Bell, Clym O' the Cleugh, and William of Cloudeslie Pierce Egan 1842
Adam Brown, the Merchant Horace Smith 1843
Adam Grainger: A Tale Ellen Wood 1876
Adam Grigson Elizabeth de la Pasture 1899
Adam Hepburn's Vow: A Tale of Kirk and Covenant Annie S. Swan 1885
Adam Johnstone's Son F. Marion Crawford 1896
Adam the Gardener Henrietta Mary Batson 1894
Addie's Husband BTAO "Kathleen" 1884
Adé, a Story of German Life Esmé Stuart 1882
Adela: A Jersey Romance C. M. Hawksford 1883
Adela Cathcart George MacDonald 1864
Adelaide Lindsay: A Novel Anne Marsh 1850
Adelaide, Queen of Italy: or, The Iron Crown. An Historical Tale William Bernard MacCabe 1856
Adelaide's Treasure: and How the Thief Came Unawares Sarson C. J. Ingham 1880
Adela's Ordeal Florence Warden 1894
Adelbert and Bastel: or, Every Man in his Place. A Story for Boys Franz Anton Hoffman 1871
Adèle: A Tale Julia Kavanagh 1857
Adèle: A Tale of France E. Randall 1838
Adeline: or, Mysteries, Romances, and Realities of Jewish Life Osborn W. Trenery Heighway 1854
The Admirable Lady Biddy Fane: Her Surprising Curious Adventures... Frank Barrett 1888
The Admiral: A Romance of Nelson in the Year of the Nile Douglas Sladen 1898
The Admiral's Niece: or, A Tale of Nova Scotia Mrs. Edmund Heathcote 1858
The Admiral's Ward Mrs. Alexander 1883
The Admiral's Will: A Tale with a Purpose M. M. Bell 1878
The Admiralty House: A Story of Three Happy Children Edith King Hall 1899
Adonijah: A Tale of the Jewish Dispersion Jane Margaret Strickland 1856
The Adopted Child: A Story Illustrative of the Spirit of Adoption S. Selby Coppard 1862
Adrian: or, The Clouds of the Mind. A Romance G. P. R. James 1852
Adrian Bright Florence Caddy 1883
Adrian L'Estrange: or, Moulded out of Faults Anonymous 1863
Adrian Rome Ernest Christopher Dowson 1899
Adrian Vidal William Edward Norris 1885
Adrien: or, Parent Power Annette Marie Maillard 1855
Adrienne: A Romance of French Life Eliza Margaret von Booth 1898
Adrienne Hope: The Story of a Life Matilda Mary Hays 1866
Adrift and at Anchor Alfred Sylvester 1868
Adrift in a Boat William Henry Giles Kingston 1869
Adrift in the Great City: A Story M. E. Winchester 1893
Adrift in the Pacific Jules Verne 1889
Adrift on the Sea: or, The Children's Escape Emilia Norris 1871
The Adventure of Princess Sylvia Alice Muriel Williamson 1901
The Adventure of the Broad Arrow: An Australian Romance Morley Roberts 1897
An Adventurer of the North: Being a Continuation of the Personal His... Sir Gilbert Parker 1895
The Adventurers: A Tale of Treasure Trove Henry Brereton Marriott Watson 1898
The Adventurers: A Story of a Love Chase Gustave Aimard 1863
Adventures Among the Indians Francis Robert Goulding 1871
The Adventures and Experiences of Biddy Dorking: To which is Added t... Anna Maria Hall 1858
Adventures Ashore and Afloat Anonymous 1866
Adventures in Africa by an African Trader William Henry Giles Kingston 1883
Adventures in India William Henry Giles Kingston 1884
Adventures in the Far West William Henry Giles Kingston 1881
Adventures in Thule: Three Stories for Boys William Black 1883
Adventures in Toyland Edith King Hall 1897
The Adventures of a Beauty Catherine Ann Crowe 1852
The Adventures of a Brownie, as Told to my Child Dinah Marie Craik 1872
The Adventures of a Donkey: Written by Himself Anonymous 1869
The Adventures of a Gentleman in Search of a Horse Sir George Stephen 1835
Adventures of a Gold Finder, by Himself Anonymous 1850
The Adventures of a Griffin on a Voyage of Discovery Harden S. Melville 1867
The Adventures of a Journalist Herbert Cadett 1900
The Adventures of a Lady Pearl Broker Beatrice Heron-Maxwell 1899
The Adventures of a Little French Boy Alfred de Bréhat 1863
The Adventures of a Man of Family Lord William Pitt Lennox 1864
Adventures of a Medical Student Robert Douglas 1848
The Adventures of a Midshipman William Taylor Adams 1866
Adventures of a Perambulator: True Details of a Family History Jeanie Hering 1894
The Adventures of a Protestant in Search of a Religion Iota 1873
The Adventures of a Serf's Wife among the Mines of Siberia Mrs. 1866
The Adventures of a Ship's Doctor Morley Roberts 1895
The Adventures of a Solicitor Charles John Cutcliffe Hyne 1898
The Adventures of a Sporting Dog Anonymous 1863
The Adventures of a Stowaway Fred Whishaw 1897
The Adventures of a Strolling Player: An Autobiography Samuel Tomkins 1868
The Adventures of a Three Guinea Watch Talbot Baines Reed 1880
The Adventures of a Watch Julie Gouraud 1864
Adventures of a Young Naturalist Lucien Biart 1870
Adventures of Alfan: or, The Magic Amulet John Holme Burrow 1863
Adventures of an Aide-de-Camp: or, A Campaign in Calabria James Grant 1848
The Adventures of an Arcot Rupee Charles F. Kirby 1867

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