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Title Author Year
Absent Yet Present Lyon, Gilberta M. F. 1894
Abu Telfan: Return from the Mountains of th... Raabe, Wilhelm Karl 1882
Academician: A Novel Erroll, Henry 1888
Accessory After the Fact Adams, Bertha Jane 1899
According to Plato Moore, Frank Frankfort 1901
Acquitted: A Novel Smythies, Harriet Maria 1870
Across Her Path Swan, Annie S. 1885
Across the Garden Wall Greene, Hon. Louisa Lelias 1886
Across the Salt Seas: A Romance of War and ... Burton, John Edward Bloundelle 1898
Across the World for a Wife Boothby, Guy 1898
Across the Zodiac: The Story of a Wrecked R... Greg, Percy 1880
Acte: A Novel Farrie, Hugh 1890
Ad Misericordiam: A Novel BTAO Dr. Armstrong, 1872
Ada Fortescue: A Novel Jones, Sibella 1863
Ada Gresham: An Autobiography Needell, Mary Anne 1853
Ada Greville: or, Woman's Constancy Leicester, Peter 1850
Ada Moore's Story: A Novel Anonymous, 1867
Ada Triscott: A Novel Haggard, Andrew Charles Parker 1890
Ada Vernham, Actress Marsh, Richard 1900
Adam and Eve Parr, Louisa 1880
Adam Bede Eliot, George 1859
Adam Brown, the Merchant Smith, Horace 1843
Adam Hepburn's Vow: A Tale of Kirk and Cove... Swan, Annie S. 1885
Adam Johnstone's Son Crawford, F. Marion 1896
Adam the Gardener Batson, Henrietta Mary 1894
Adé, a Story of German Life Stuart, Esmé 1882
Adela: A Jersey Romance Hawksford, C. M. 1883
Adela Cathcart MacDonald, George 1864
Adela's Ordeal Warden, Florence 1894
Adelaide Lindsay: A Novel Marsh, Anne 1850
Adele: A Novel Kavanagh, Julia 1857
Adeline: or, Mysteries, Romances, and Reali... Heighway, Osborn W. Trenery 1854
Adrian: or, The Clouds of the Mind. A Romance James, G. P. R. 1852
Adrian Bright Caddy, Florence 1883
Adrian Vidal Norris, William Edward 1885
Adrienne: A Romance of French Life Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1898
Adrienne Hope: The Story of a Life Hays, Matilda Mary 1866
Adventures in Thule: Three Stories for Boys Black, William 1883
Adventures of a Gold Finder, by Himself Anonymous, 1850
Adventures of a Perambulator: True Details ... Hering, Jeanie 1894
Adventures of an Aide-de-Camp: or, A Campai... Grant, James 1848
Adventures of an Arcot Rupee Kirby, C. F. 1867
Adventures of Captain Kettle Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe 1898
Adventures of Martin Hewitt: Third Series Morrison, Arthur 1896
Adventures of Mrs. Hardcastle Thynne, Lady Charles 1869
Adventures of Susan Hopley: or, Circumstanc... Crowe, Catherine 1841
Adventures of the Comte de la Muette During... Capes, Bernard 1898
Affairs of the Heart Hunt, Violet 1900
Affection, its Flowers and Fruits: A Tale o... Whiting, Sydney 1848
Affinities: A Romance of Today Praed, Rosa Caroline 1885
Afield and Afloat Stockton, Frank R. 1901
Afloat and Ashore: or, The Adventures of Mi... Cooper, James Fenimore 1844
African Nights' Entertainment Dawson, Alec John 1900
After a Dark Night--the Sun Hamilton, C. G. 1880
After Baxtow's Death: A Novel Farrow, William Morley 1870
After Dark Collins, Wilkie 1856
After London: or, Wild England Jefferies, Richard 1885
After Long Grief and Pain Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1883
After Long Waiting Nicholson, Jessie L. 1896
After Long Years Daniel, Elizabeth 1863
After Sundown: or, The Palette and the Pen Fenn, William Wilthew 1880
After the Storm: or, Jonathan and his Neigh... Skinner, John Edwin Hilary 1866
After Twenty Years and Other Stories Sturgis, Julian 1892
After Worcester: The Story of a Royal Fugit... Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1901
Afterthought House Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1894
Afterwards, and Other Stories Maclaren, Ian 1898
Against her Will: A Novel Walker, Annie Louisa 1877
Against Odds: A Detective Story Van Deventer, Emma 1894
Against the Stream Hatton, Joseph 1866
Against the Stream: The Story of an Heroic ... Charles, Elizabeth Rundle 1873
Against the Tide Dickens, Mary Angela 1898
Against the Tides of Fate Barry, John Arthur 1899
Against Time Shand, Alexander Innes 1870
Against Wind and Tide Parr, Harriet 1859
Agatha Beaufort: or, Family Pride Notley, Frances E. M. 1852
Agatha Chieveley: A Novel Dickins, Fanny D. 1878
Agatha Page Henderson, Isaac 1889
Agatha's Husband: A Novel Craik, Dinah Marie 1852
Agatha's Trust, and How She Kept it Chandler, Julia 1877
Agent of Broome Warren Sulivan, Robert 1871
Aggesden Vicarage: or, Bridget Storey's Fir... D., A. C. 1859
Agincourt James, G. P. R. 1844
Agnes Oliphant, Margaret 1865
Agnes: or, Beauty and Pleasure Reynolds, George William Ma... 1857
Agnes de Mansfeldt: A Historical Tale Grattan, Thomas Colley 1835
Agnes Grey: A Novel Brontë, Anne 1847
Agnes Hopetoun's Schools and Holidays: The ... Oliphant, Margaret 1859
Agnes Milbourne: or, Foy pour Devoir Hubback, Catherine Anne 1856
Agnes Moran: Story of Innocence and Experie... Pinkerton, Thomas A. 1883
Agnes Searle Pickering, Ellen 1835
Agnes Sorel: An Historical Romance James, G. P. R. 1853
Agnes Tremorne Blagden, Isa 1861
Agnes Valmar: A Novel Anonymous, 1854
Agnes Waring: An Autobiography Alexander, Mrs. 1856
Agnes Willoughby: A Tale of Love, Marriage,... Anonymous, 1864
Agony Point: or, The Groans of Gentility Pycroft, Rev. James 1861
Aground in the Shallows: A Novel Ray, Catherine 1880
Aileen Ferrers Morley, Susan 1874
Ailieford: A Family History Oliphant, Margaret 1853
Aims and Ends: A Novel G., C. C. 1862

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