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Title Author Year
John Manesty, the Liverpool Merchant Maginn, William 1844
John Marchmont's Legacy Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1863
John Markenfield: A Novel Peacock, Edward 1874
John Needham's Double: A Story Founded Upon... Hatton, Joseph 1885
John Neville, Soldier, Sportsman, and Gentl... Anonymous, 1865
John Newbld's Ordeal: A Novel Pinkerton, Thomas A. 1889
John of England: An Historical Romance Curling, Capt. Henry 1846
John Sherman and Dhoya Yeats, William Butler 1891
John Smith: A Novel Cradock, Harriet Grove 1878
John Smith and Other Stories Butt, Geraldine May 1880
John Squire's Secret Wills, Charles James 1891
John Thorpe's Marriage: A Tale of Hopshire ... Anonymous, 1867
John Vale's Guardian: A Novel Murray, David Christie 1890
John Ward, Preacher Deland, Margaret 1888
John Webb's End: Australian Bush Life Adams, Francis William Laud... 1891
John Westacott: A Novel Baker, James 1886
John-a-Dreams: A Tale Sturgis, Julian 1878
Johnny Gibb of Gushetneuk, in the Parish of... Alexander, William 1871
Johnny Ludlow: [First Series] Wood, Ellen 1874
Johnny Ludlow: Second Series Wood, Ellen 1880
Johnny Ludlow: Third Series Wood, Ellen 1885
Joint Guardians Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1887
Jonathan Tytler, Christina Catherine... 1876
Jonathan Sharp: or, The Adventures of a Ken... Anonymous, 1845
Jonathan Swift: A Novel Anonymous, 1883
Jonathan's Home Cohen, Alfred J. 1885
Joseph and His Friend: A Story of Pennsylva... Taylor, Bayard 1871
Joseph in the Snow Auerbach, Berthold 1861
Joseph Jenkins: or, Leaves from the Life of... Grant, James 1843
Joseph Khassan, Half-Caste Dawson, Alec John 1901
Joseph Rushmore: or, The Poacher Marryat, Frederick 1841
Joseph the Dreamer Zangwill, Israel 1895
Joseph Wilmot: or, The Memoirs of a Man Ser... Reynolds, George William Ma... 1854
Joseph's Coat Murray, David Christie 1881
Joseph's Little Coat Marshall, Frances L. 1891
Joshua: A Story of Biblical Life Ebers, Georg Moritz 1890
Joshua Haggard's Daughter: A Novel Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1876
Joshua Marvel Farjeon, Benjamin L. 1871
Joy: or, The Light of Cold-Home Ford Crommelin, May 1884
Joy Cometh in the Morning: A Country Tale Gissing, Algernon 1888
Joy's Jubilee Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1898
Joyce: A Novel Oliphant, Margaret 1888
Joyce Dormer's Story Goddard, Julia Bachope 1867
Juanita: A Novel Fogerty, Joseph 1893
Jude the Obscure Hardy, Thomas 1896
Judge Lynch: A Tale of the California Viney... Jessop, George H. 1889
Judged by Appearances: A Tale of the Civil ... Lloyd, Eleanor 1885
Judith: The Money-Lender's Daughter Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1895
Judith Grant: A Novel Lockett, Jeannie 1892
Judith Gwynne Carr, Lisle 1874
Judith Shakespeare Black, William 1884
Judith Wynne: A Novel Pirkis, Catherine Louisa 1884
Julamerk: A Tale of the Nestorians Webb, Annie 1849
Julia Howard: A Romance Martin, Mary Letitia 1850
Julia Ingrand: A Tale of Catholicism in Peru Palma, Martin 1877
Julian Home: A Tale of College Life Farrar, Frederic William 1859
Julian Karslake's Secret: A Novel Needell, Mary Anne 1881
Julian Ormonde Maughan, William Charles 1882
Julian Trevor: A Novel Tristram, William Outram 1883
Julie: A Study of a Girl. By a Man Blatchford, Robert 1900
Juliet: A Novel Carter, Mary Elizabeth 1883
Juliet's Guardian Cameron, Caroline Emily 1877
Juliet's Lovers Collins, Mabel 1893
June: A Novel Bridges, Emily Feake 1883
Jungle, Peak and Plain: A Boy's Book of Adv... Stables, William Gordon 1877
Junia: A Novel Allan-Olney, Mary 1878
Just a Love Story Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1890
Just a Woman Eiloart, Elizabeth Darby 1871
Just as I Am: A Novel Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1880
Just Impediment Pryce, Richard 1890
Just Like a Woman Kennard, Mary 1894
Just like Jack: A Story of the Brine and th... Stables, William Gordon 1893
Justice Warren's Daughter: A Story of New E... Birrell, Olive Mary 1883
Kafir Stories Scully, William Charles 1895
Kakemonos: Tales of the Far East Dawe, William Carleton 1897
Kalee's Shrine Allen, Grant 1886
Karadac, Count of Gerzy: A Romance Hesketh-Prichard, Hesketh 1901
Karah Kaplan: or, The Koordish Chief. A Tal... Savile, Hon. Charles Stuart 1842
Karma: A Novel Sinnett, Alfred Percy 1885
Kate: A Novel Asmodeus, 1883
Kate Byrne: A Novel Taylor, S. Howard 1874
Kate Carnegie and those Ministers Maclaren, Ian 1896
Kate Devereux: A Story of Modern Life Plomer, Anne Hamilton 1851
Kate Hamilton: An Autobiography of a Gay Li... Anonymous, 1864
Kate Kennedy: A Novel Newby, Emma 1865
Kate Percival Carr, Alice Vansittart 1886
Kate Randall's Bargain: A Novel Eiloart, Elizabeth Darby 1875
Kate Savage: A Novel Ford, Douglas Morey 1873
Kate Valient: A Novel Thomas, Annie 1885
Kate Vernon: A Novel Alexander, Mrs. 1854
Kate Walsingham Pickering, Ellen 1848
Katharine Ashton: A Tale Sewell, Elizabeth Missing 1854
Katharine Blythe: A Novel Lee, Katharine 1886
Katharine Lauderdale: A Novel Crawford, F. Marion 1894
Katharine Regina Besant, Walter 1887
Katherine and Her Sisters Ponsonby, Lady Emily 1861
Katherine and the Moment of Fortune: A Novel Wallace, Grace Maxwell 1857
Katherine Parr: or, The Court of Henry VIII Mühlbach, Luise 1862
Kathie Brande: A Fire Side History of a Qui... Parr, Harriet 1856
Kathleen Harwood, Isabella Neil 1869

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