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The Children's Pilgrimage Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1883
The Chimes: A Goblin Story of Some Bells Dickens, Charles 1845
The Chorister: A Tale of King's College Cha... Baring-Gould, Sabine 1854
The Christ that is to Be: A Latter-Day Roma... Rickett, Sir Joseph Compton 1891
The Christian: A Story Caine, Hall 1897
The Christmas Child Stretton, Hesba 1888
The Christmas Mummers Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1858
The Christmas Stocking and Other Stories Butt, Geraldine May 1898
The Chronicle of Dustypore: A Tale of Moder... Cunningham, Sir Henry Stewart 1875
The Chronicle of Sir Harry Earlsleigh, Bart Eastwood, Frederick 1876
The Chronicles of "The Fleet Prison" Rowcroft, Charles 1847
The Chronicles of Budgepore: or, Sketches o... Prichard, Iltudus Thomas 1870
The Chronicles of Count Antonio Hope, Anthony 1895
The Chronicles of Waltham Gleig, George Robert 1835
The Church and the King: A Tale of England ... Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1892
The Church in the Valley: A Tale Mitchell, Elizabeth Harcourt 1886
The Circassian Roberts, Morley 1896
The Circassian Chief: A Romance of Russia Kingston, William Henry Giles 1843
The Citizen of Prague Paalzow, Henriette von 1846
The City Banker: A Novel Robinson, Emma 1856
The City of Jugglers: or, Free Trade in Sou... North, William 1850
The City of Refuge Besant, Walter 1896
The City of Sarras Taylor, Una Ashworth 1887
The City of Sunshine: A Novel Allardyce, Alexander 1877
The City of the Just Terrell, Thomas 1892
The Claim of Anthony Lockhart Sergeant, Adeline 1897
The Clash of Arms: A Romance Burton, John Edward Bloundelle 1897
The Claverings Trollope, Anthony 1867
The Clever Woman of the Family Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1865
The Cleverest Woman in England Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1898
The Cliff Mystery Aidé, Hamilton 1888
The Cliffords of Oakley: A Tale Hardcastle, Charlotte 1862
The Clintons: or, Deeps and Shallows of Life La Touche, Marie Price 1853
The Clock Struck One Hume, Fergus 1898
The Clocks of Rondaine and Other Stories Stockton, Frank R. 1892
The Cloister and the Hearth: A Tale of the ... Reade, Charles 1861
The Close of St. Christopher's: A Story for... Marshall, Emma 1894
The Cloud with the Silver Lining and Other ... Mackarness, Matilda Anne 1882
The Cloven Foot: A Novel Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1879
The Clyffards of Clyffe Payn, James 1865
The Co-Heiress: A Novel Maughan, Janet 1866
The Co-Respondent Appleton, George Webb 1894
The Coastguard's Secret Hichens, Robert 1886
The Cobra Diamond Lillie, Arthur 1890
The Cock and Anchor: Being a Chronicle of O... Le Fanu, J. Sheridan 1845
The Coldstreams and the Musqueteers: A Novel Litchfield, Thomas 1856
The College Chums: A Novel Lister, Charles 1845
The Colonel: A Novel of Fashionable Life Atkins, Anna 1853
The Colossus: A Story of To-day Roberts, Morley 1899
The Colthorpe Cousins Thomas, Annie 1883
The Comedy of Cecilia: or, An Honourable Man Fothergill, Caroline Janet 1895
The Comet of the Season McCarthy, Justin 1882
The Coming of Chloe: A Novel Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe 1897
The Coming of the Preachers: A Tale of the ... Ackworth, John 1901
The Coming Race Lytton, Edward Bulwer 1871
The Commandant Glanville, Ernest 1902
The Commodore and His Daughter: A Novel Anonymous, 1838
The Common Ancestor: A Novel Hill, John 1894
The Compulsory Marriage and Its Consequence... Maillard, Annette Marie 1851
The Concert-Director Blissett, Nellie K. 1898
The Confession of an Etonian Rowcroft, Charles 1852
The Confession of Gerald Estcourt Marryat, Florence 1867
The Confession of Stephen Whapshare Brooke, Emma Frances 1898
The Confessions of a Currency Girl Dawe, William Carleton 1894
The Confessions of a Pretty Woman Pardoe, Julia S. H. 1846
The Confessions of an Elderly Gentleman Blessington, Countess of 1836
The Confessions of an Elderly Lady Blessington, Countess of 1838
The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer Lever, Charles 1839
The Confessor: A Novel Walker, Ellen 1851
The Congo Rover: A Story of the Slave Squad... Lancaster, William Joseph C... 1886
The Connells of Castle Connell Gordon, Janet 1868
The Conquest of London Gerard, Dorothea 1900
The Conscience of Coralie Moore, Frank Frankfort 1900
The Conscience of Gilbert Pollard Sergeant, Adeline 1900
The Consecration of Hetty Fleet Adcock, Arthur St. John 1898
The Conspirator: A Romance of Real Life. By... Keruth, F. 1890
The Conspirators: or, The Romance of Milita... Quillinan, Edward 1840
The Constable de Bourbon Ainsworth, William Harrison 1866
The Constable of St. Nicholas Arnold, Edwin Lester Linden 1894
The Constable of the Tower: An Historical R... Ainsworth, William Harrison 1861
The Constable's Tower: or, The Times of the... Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1891
The Constant Prince Coleridge, Christabel Rose 1879
The Convent and the Harem Pisani, Marian 1851
The Convict James, G. P. R. 1847
The Convict Ship Russell, William Clark 1895
The Cook and the Captive: or, Attalus the H... Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1894
The Coombsberrow Mystery Sheldon, Gilbert 1890
The Copper Crash: Founded on Fact Frankau, Julia 1889
The Copper Queen: A Romance of To-day Roosevelt, Blanche 1886
The Coquette, and Other Tales and Sketches Norton, Caroline Sheridan 1835
The Coral Island: A Tale of the Pacific Ocean Ballantyne, R. M. 1858
The Cornet of Horse: A Tale of Marlborough'... Henty, George Alfred 1881
The Coroner's Understudy Mitchell, Edward Card 1891
The Corsars: or, Love and Lucre Hill, John 1885
The Cossacks: A Tale of the Caucasus in 1852 Tolstoy, Count Leo 1878
The Cost of a Coronet: A Romance of Modern ... Allan, James McGrigor 1861
The Cost of a Lie Cameron, Caroline Emily 1886
The Cost of a Secret Blagden, Isa 1863
The Cost of Caergwyn Howitt, Mary 1864
The Cost of Her Pride Alexander, Mrs. 1898

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