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Title Author Year
An Innocent Sinner: A Psychological Romance Collins, Mabel 1877
An Irish Cousin: A Novel Somerville, Edith Oenome 1889
An Irish Midsummer-Night's Dream: A Legend ... Bickerdyke, John 1884
An Iron-Bound City: or, Five Months of Peri... O'Shea, John Augusta 1886
An Ishmaelite Indeed Sneyd, Pamela 1892
An Island Princess: A Story of Six Weeks&md... Gift, Theo 1893
An Isle in the Water Tynan, Katharine 1895
An Isle of Surrey: A Novel Dowling, Richard 1889
An M.P.'s Wife Terrell, Thomas 1895
An Ocean Chase Lancaster, William Joseph C... 1898
An Ocean Free-Lance: From a Privateersman's... Russell, William Clark 1881
An Ocean Tragedy: A Novel Russell, William Clark 1890
An Octave Norris, William Edward 1900
An Octave of Friends, with Other Silhouette... Linton, Eliza Lynn 1891
An Old Boy's Yarns: or, School Tales for Pa... Avery, Charles Harold 1895
An Old Country House Grey, Catherine Maria 1850
An Old Debt: A Novel Wedgwood, Julia 1858
An Old Fogey, and Other Stories Adeler, Max 1881
An Old Maid's Love: A Dutch Tale told in En... Maartens, Maarten 1891
An Old Man's Favour Elliot, Anne 1887
An Old Man's Love Trollope, Anthony 1884
An Old Parson's Anecdotes and Tales Heygate, William Edward 1892
An Old Road and an Old River Ross, William A. 1860
An Old Rogue's Tragedy Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1899
An Old Story of my Farming Days Reuter, Fritz 1878
An Open Foe: A Romance Sergeant, Adeline 1884
An Open Verdict: A Novel Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1878
An Opera and Lady Grasmere Kinross, Albert 1899
An Out-of-the-way Place: A Story Stuart, Esmé 1884
An Outcast of the Islands Conrad, Joseph 1896
An Ugly Duckling Erroll, Henry 1887
An Unfinished Martyrdom and Other Stories Adcock, Arthur St. John 1894
An Unfortunate Arrangement: A Novel Hill, John 1890
An Unlessoned Girl Martin, Mary Emma 1881
An Unruly Spirit: A Novel Aylmer-Gowing, Emilia Julia 1890
An Unsatisfactory Lover: A Novel Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe 1894
An Unselfish Woman Cameron, Caroline Emily 1894
An Unsought Heritage Smith, Catherine Grant Furley 1896
Anchor-Watch Yarns Downey, Edmund 1883
Anchorage Field, Alicia 1887
And Shall Trelawney Die? and The Mist on th... Hocking, Joseph 1897
Anderida: or, The Briton and the Saxon Crowther, Thomas Burnside 1875
Andrew Deverel: The History of an Adventure... Beach, Charles 1863
Andrew Harvey's Wife Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1880
Andrew Ramsay of Errol Wilson, William 1865
Andrew Sargeant's Wedding Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1897
Andrewlina: A Novel Fletcher, Joseph Smith 1889
Andromeda Fletcher, Constance 1885
Andromeda: An Idyll of the Great River Buchanan, Robert Williams 1900
Angel: A Sketch in Indian Ink Croker, Bithia Mary 1901
Angela: A Novel Marsh, Anne 1848
Angela Pisani: A Novel Smythe, George Sydney 1875
Angelo: A Romance of Modern Rome Banister, Caroline Harriett 1854
Angelo Lyons Platt, William 1866
Angram: A Hidden Talent. The Story of a Was... Allison, William 1880
Angus Graeme, Gamekeeper Veitch, Sophie Frances Fane 1883
Angus Gray Maine, E. S. 1878
Anna Karenina: A Russian Realistic Novel Tolstoy, Count Leo 1887
Anna Lombard Cory, Annie Sophie 1901
Annabel's Rival: A Novel Russell, Dora 1876
Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood MacDonald, George 1866
Annals of an Eventful Life Dasent, Sir George Webbe 1870
Annals of the Twenty-Ninth Century: or, The... Blair, Andrew 1874
Annan Water: A Romance Buchanan, Robert Williams 1882
Anne Boleyn: An Historical Romance Thomson, Katherine 1842
Anne Cave: A Tale Smith, Charlotte 1864
Anne Dysart: A Story of Every-day Life Davies, Christiana Jane 1850
Anne Furness: A Novel Trollope, Frances Eleanor 1871
Anne Grey: A Novel Cradock, Harriet Grove 1834
Anne Hathaway: or, Shakespeare in Love Severn, Emma 1845
Anne Hereford Wood, Ellen 1868
Anne Judge, Spinster Robinson, Frederick William 1867
Anne Mauleverer Caffyn, Kathleen Mannington 1899
Anne Severin Craven, Mrs. Augustus 1869
Anne Sherwood: or, The Social Institutions ... Kortright, Fanny Aikin 1857
Anne Warwick Craik, Georgiana Marion 1877
Annette: A Tale, with a Memoir of the autho... Deacon, William Frederick 1852
Annette Stephenson, Eliza Tabor 1877
Annie: or, The Life of a Lady's Maid Anonymous, 1864
Annie Jennings: A Novel Mayne, Sarah Jane 1870
Annie o' the Banks o' Dee Stables, William Gordon 1899
Annie's Story: A Novelette Martin, Mary Jane 1873
Annis Warleigh's Fortunes Parr, Harriet 1863
Anonyma: or, Fair but Frail. A Romance of W... BTAO Anonyma, 1863
Another Such Victory: A Novel Lyster, Annette Thomasina 1889
Another Wicked Woman Grant-Forbes, G. A. 1895
Another Woman's Territory Baker, Louisa Alice 1901
Anselmo: A Tale of Modern Italy Didier, Charles Emmanuel 1860
Antheros Lawrence, George Alfred 1871
Anthony Blake's Experiment O'Brien, Alice 1896
Anthony Fairfax: A Novel Elliot, Emma 1885
Anthony Jasper: A West Country Tale Quiller-Couch, Arthur Thomas 1896
Anti-Coningsby: or, The New Generation Grow... North, William 1844
Anti-Punch: or, The Toy-Shop of Fleet Stree... North, William 1847
Antipathy: or, The Confessions of a Cat-Hater Ainslie, John 1836
Antipodes: or, The New Existence, a Tale Clergyman, 1854
Antoinette: A Tale of the Ancien Régime Blyth, Mary Popham 1888
Antonia's Promise Marshall, Frances L. 1898
Antonina: or, The Fall of Rome. A Romance o... Collins, Wilkie 1850
Antony, the Deaf and Dumb Boy: A Novel Masterman, Miss 1851

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