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Title Author Year
Athlos: or, The Story of a Life Curtois, Margaret Ann 1886
Attila: A Romance James, G. P. R. 1837
Aubrey: A Novel Marsh-Caldwell, Sara Anne 1854
Aubrey Court: A Novel Lyfield, Frank 1865
Audrey: A Novel Jewry, Laura 1853
Audrey Elliot, Emma 1890
Augustus Courtenay, and Other Tales St. John, Lady Isabella 1852
Auld Lang Syne Russell, William Clark 1878
Auld Licht Idylls Barrie, J. M. 1888
Aunt Anne Clifford, Sophia Lucy Jane 1892
Aunt Betsy's Training: A Novel Blunt, Joyce 1867
Aunt Diana Carey, Rosa Nouchette 1888
Aunt Dorothy's Tale: or, Geraldine Morton Chatterton, Lady Georgiana 1837
Aunt Dorothy's Will Clacy, Ellen Louise 1860
Aunt Hepsy's Foundling: A Novel Adams, Bertha Jane 1881
Aunt Johnnie: A Novel Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1893
Aunt Margaret's Troubles Trollope, Frances Eleanor 1866
Aunt Rachel: A Rustic Sentimental Comedy Murray, David Christie 1886
Aurelia: or, A Beauty's Life in Italy Croly, Jemima Susan 1852
Auriol: or, The Elixir of Life Ainsworth, William Harrison 1865
Aurora Floyd Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1863
Austin Elliot Kingsley, Henry 1863
Austin Friars: A Novel Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1870
Australian Life Adams, Francis William Laud... 1892
Aut Caesar aut Nihil Bothmer, Mary von 1883
Autumn Manoeuvres Moore, Mary 1886
Avenged on Society: A Novel Wood, H. F. 1893
Averil Carey, Rosa Nouchette 1891
Avila Hope Anonymous, 1865
Avillion, and Other Tales Craik, Dinah Marie 1853
Avondale of Avondale: A Political Romance Barre, Uttere 1877
Awakening of Mary Fenwick: A Novel Whitby, Beatrice 1889
Ayala's Angel Trollope, Anthony 1881
Ayesha, the Maid of Kars Morier, James Justinian 1834
Azalea: A Novel Clayton, Cecil 1876
Azeth, the Egyptian: A Novel Linton, Eliza Lynn 1846
Babel Galletti di Cadilhac, Count... 1887
Babes in the Bush Boldrewood, Rolf 1900
Baboo Jabberjee, B.A. Anstey, F. 1897
Babs the Impossible Grand, Sarah 1901
Babylon: A Novel Allen, Grant 1885
Back to Africa: A Confession Westall, William Bury 1891
Bad Luck: A Novel Fonblanque, Albany de Greni... 1877
Baffled: A Tale Goddard, Julia Bachope 1858
Bainbridge Holme: A Novel Henry, Charles 1881
Baiting the Trap: A Novel Middlemass, Jean 1874
Balderscourt: or, Holiday Tales Adams, Henry Cadwallader 1866
Ballybeg Junction: An Episode Downey, Edmund 1895
Balmoral: A Romance of the Queen's Country Allardyce, Alexander 1893
Bam Wildfire: A Character Sketch Mathers, Helen 1898
Bannerford: or, The Valley of Gold: A Tale ... Ashton, Capt. Thomas Henry 1853
Baptized with a Curse: A Novel Drewry, Edith Stewart 1870
Bar-Sinister: or, Memoirs of an Illegitimat... Lambert, Hon. Mrs. Camden E... 1836
Barabbas: A Dream of the World's Tragedy Corelli, Marie 1893
Barbara Allan, the Provost's Daughter Cleland, Robert 1889
Barbara Blomberg: An Historical Romance Ebers, Georg Moritz 1897
Barbara Dering Rives, Amelie Louise 1892
Barbara Heathcote's Trial Carey, Rosa Nouchette 1871
Barbara Home Blount, Margaret 1864
Barbara Philpot: A Study of Manners and Mor... Wingfield, Hon. Lewis 1885
Barbara's Brothers Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1888
Barbara's History Edwards, Amelia B. 1863
Barbara's Warning Houstoun, Matilda Charlotte 1874
Barbara, Lady's Maid and Peeress Alexander, Mrs. 1897
Barcaldine Clavering, Vere 1889
Barchester Towers: A Novel Trollope, Anthony 1857
Barefooted Birdie: A Simple Tale for Christ... Adams, Charles Warren 1865
Barford Bridge: or, Schoolboy Trials Adams, Henry Cadwallader 1868
Barlasch of the Guard Scott, Hugh Stowell 1903
Barnaby Rudge: A Tale of the Riots of 'Eighty Dickens, Charles 1841
Baron Verdigris: A Romance of the Reversed ... Sutcliffe, Halliwell 1894
Barren Honour: A Tale Lawrence, George Alfred 1862
Barry O'Byrne Thomas, Annie 1864
Bartered Honour: A Novel Sherard, Robert H. 1883
Basil: A Story of Modern Life Collins, Wilkie 1852
Basil and Annette Farjeon, Benjamin L. 1890
Basil Godfrey's Caprices Parr, Harriet 1868
Basildon Hunt, Margaret 1879
Bates and his Bicycle Whishaw, Fred 1898
Bathurst: or, The Dartmoor Gipsy: A Novel Merle, William Henry 1850
Battledown Boys: or, An Enemy Overcome Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1898
Battles of Life, Ironmaster Ohnet, Georges 1884
Bay Ronald Crommelin, May 1893
Baylerbay: or, Strangers in Turkey Fife-Cookson, Col. John Coo... 1886
Beacon Fires Werner, Elizabert 1891
Beacon Fires: War Stories of the Coast Hill, Headon 1897
Bears and Dacoits: A Tale of the Ghauts Henty, George Alfred 1896
Beaten Paths and Those who Trod Them Grattan, Thomas Colley 1862
Beating the Air Burke, Ulick Ralph 1879
Beating to Windward: or, Light and Shadow Savile, Hon. Charles Stuart 1866
Beaton's Barain: A Novel Alexander, Mrs. 1887
Beatrice Kavanagh, Julia 1865
Beatrice: or, The Unknown Relatives Sinclair, Catherine 1852
Beatrice: A Novel Haggard, H. Rider 1890
Beatrice and Benedick: A Romance of the Cri... Smart, Hawley 1891
Beatrice Chesterford: A Novel Anonymous, 1848
Beatrice Leigh: A Novel Curling, Laura Jane 1865
Beatrice Sforza: or, The Progress of Truth Brewer, William 1863
Beatrice Tyldesley Ainsworth, William Harrison 1878
Beatrix Randolph: A Novel Hawthorne, Julian 1884

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