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Title Author Year
Harry Heathcote of Gangoil Trollope, Anthony 1874
Harry Jocelyn Oliphant, Margaret 1881
Harry Milvaine: or, The Wanderings of a Way... Stables, William Gordon 1887
Harry Mowbray Knox, Capt. Charles 1843
Harry Muir: A Story of Scottish Life Oliphant, Margaret 1853
Harry Ogilvie: or, The Black Dragoons Grant, James 1856
Harry Penhale: The Trial of His Faith Hocking, Joseph 1887
Harry Raymond: Adventures among Pirates, Sl... Cameron, Verney Lovett 1886
Harry Treverton, His Tramps and Troubles To... Barker, Lady 1889
Harry Wilde: A Tale of the Brine and the Br... Stables, William Gordon 1889
Hartas Maturin Lester, Horace Frank 1888
Hartland Forest: A Legend of North Devon Bray, Anna Eliza 1871
Hartleigh Towers: A Story of English Life Rae, Janet Milne 1880
Hartmann the Anarchist: or, The Doom of the... Fawcett, Edward Douglas 1893
Harum Scarum: A Poor Relation Stuart, Esmé 1896
Harvest Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1893
Hassan: or, Child of the Pyramid. An Egypti... Murray, Sir Charles Augustus 1857
Hathercourt Rectory Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1878
Hatherleigh Cross: A Tale Mitchell, Elizabeth Harcourt 1864
Haunted Hearts Cummins, Maria Susanna 1864
Haunted Lives: A Novel Le Fanu, J. Sheridan 1868
Hauntings: Fantastic Stories Lee, Vernon 1890
Haverholme: or, The Apotheosis of Jingo. A ... Jenkins, John Edward 1878
Having and Holding Panton, Jane Ellen 1890
Hawbuck Grange: or, The Sporting Adventures... Surtees, Robert Smith 1847
Hawkstone: A Tale of and for England in 184- Sewell, William 1845
Hawkwood: A Romance of Italy Anonymous, 1840
Haworths: A Novel Burnett, Frances Hodgson 1879
Haythorne's Daughter Warren, Paul 1891
Hazel Combe: or, The Golden Rule Houstoun, Matilda Charlotte 1863
Hazel Fane: A Novel Roosevelt, Blanche 1891
Hazell and Sons, Brewers Swan, Annie S. 1888
He Lang, Andrew 1887
He Cometh Not,' She Said Thomas, Annie 1873
He Fell among Thieves Murray, David Christie 1891
He Knew He Was Right Trollope, Anthony 1869
He that Overcometh: A Novel Kortright, Fanny Aikin 1876
He That Will Not When He May Oliphant, Margaret 1880
He Went for a Soldier: A Novel Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1890
He Would be a Soldier!: A Sketch Jephson, Richard Mounteney 1876
Heads or Tails: The Story of a Friendship Avery, Charles Harold 1901
Healey: A Romance Fothergill, Jessie 1875
Heaps of Money Norris, William Edward 1877
Heart and Cross Oliphant, Margaret 1863
Heart and Science: A Story of the Present T... Collins, Wilkie 1883
Heart and Sword Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1898
Heart of Gold Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1890
Heart of Oak: A Three-stranded Yarn Russell, William Clark 1895
Heart of the World Haggard, H. Rider 1896
Heart or Head Thomson, John Cockburn 1864
Heart Salvage by Sea and Land Saunders, Katherine 1884
Heart's Delight: A Novel Gibbon, Charles 1885
Heart's Ease in the Family Worboise, Emma Jane 1874
Hearth Ghosts Jackson, Henry 1871
Hearths and Watch-Fires Colomb, George Hatton 1862
Hearts Murray, David Christie 1883
Hearts and Altars Bell, Robert 1852
Hearts and Diamonds: or, Was it an Error? A... Ramsay, Elizabeth P. 1870
Hearts are Trumps Blakiston, Eleanor Frances 1862
Hearts are Trumps Lemon, Mark 1863
Hearts in Revolt: A Tragi-Comedy of Youth Gilbert, Henry 1901
Hearts of Gold and Hearts of Steel Herman, Henry 1893
Hearts of Oak: A Story of Nelson and the Navy Stables, William Gordon 1893
Hearts or Coronets King, Alice 1876
Hearts or Diamonds?: A Novel Hardy, Iza Duffus 1885
Heartsease: or, The Brother's Wife Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1854
Heathcote: A Novel Macmahon, Ella 1889
Heather and Snow: A Novel MacDonald, George 1893
Heather's Mistress Le Feuvre, Amy 1901
Heatherbrae: A Novel Symonds, Sarah 1858
Heathercliffe: or, It's No Concern of Mine Marshall, Emma 1884
Heathergate: A Novel Chilton, Thomas 1873
Heathside Farm: A Tale of Country Life Marsh, Anne 1863
Heavy Laden and Old-Fashioned Folk Frapan, Ilse 1892
Heavy Odds Clarke, Marcus 1896
Heckington: A Novel Gore, Catherine 1858
Hector Fieramosca: or, The Challenge of Bar... D'Azeglio, Marquis Massimo ... 1835
Hector Mainwaring: or, A Lease for Lives Fonblanque, Albany de Greni... 1860
Hector Servadac: or, The Career of a Comet Verne, Jules 1878
Hedged with Thorns: or, Working, Waiting an... Hamilton, Catherine Jane 1875
Heidelberg: A Romance James, G. P. R. 1846
Heir and no Heir: A Tale Canning, Hon. Albert Stratf... 1890
Heir of Maberley: A Novel Sturkey, Henry George 1867
Heir of Reddesmont Anonymous, 1873
Heir to Two Fortunes: A Novel Rooke, Octavius 1877
Heiress of Haredale Sandars, Lady Virginia 1886
Heirs of the Soil Nunn, Mrs. Lorenzo N. 1870
Helbeck of Bannisdale Ward, Mary Augusta 1898
Held Fast for England: A Tale of the Seige ... Henty, George Alfred 1892
Held in Bondage: or, Granville de Vigne. A ... Ouida, 1863
Held in Thrall Hemyng, Samuel Bracebridge 1869
Held to Ransom Forester, F. B. 1902
Helen Sickert, Oswald 1894
Helen Blantyre Mair, Mrs. A. E. A. 1875
Helen Bury: or, The Errors of my Early Life Worboise, Emma Jane 1852
Helen Cameron: or, From Grub to Butterfly Stallybrass, 1871
Helen Charteris: A Novel Ward, Harriet 1848
Helen Lindsay: or, The Trial of Faith. A No... Barlee, Ellen 1859
Helen Talbot: A Novel Pennefather, Catherine 1852
Helen the Novelist: A Novel Sherer, John Walter 1888

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