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Title Author Year
Arthur Douglas, Christiana Jane 1870
Arthur: or, A Knight of Our Own Day Neville, Mary 1876
Arthur Arundel: A Tale of the English Revol... Smith, Horace 1844
Arthur Blane: or, The Hundred Cuirassiers Grant, James 1858
Arthur Brandon: A Novel Brotherton, Mary Isabella I... 1856
Arthur Clifton: A Novel Viener, M. 1853
Arthur Conway: or, Scenes in the Tropics Milman, Edward Augustus 1851
Arthur Jessieson: A Novel Scott, Joseph Crawford 1878
Arthur Middletint: A Tale of Art in Short C... Knight, Alfred Ernest 1881
Arthur Montague: or, An Only Son at Sea Hawker, Edward 1850
Arthur O'Leary, his Wanderings and Ponderin... Lever, Charles 1844
Arthur Wilson: A Study Mudford, William 1872
Artingale Castle Trollope, Thomas Adolphus 1867
Artist and Amateur: or, The Surface of Life... Caddy, Florence 1878
Arundel: A Tale of the French Revolution Vincent, Sir Francis 1840
Arvon: or, The Trials. A Legend Charles, Charles Mitchell 1854
As a Bird to the Snare Warden, Gertrude 1888
As a Man is Able: A Study in Human Relation... Leighton, Dorothy 1893
As a Man Lives Oppenheim, E. Phillips 1898
As a Man Sows Westall, William Bury 1894
As a Roaring Lion: A Romance Penderel, Richard 1897
As a Tree Falls Hargrave, Abbie 1903
As a Watch in the Night: A Drama of Waking ... Praed, Rosa Caroline 1901
As He Comes Up the Stair Mathers, Helen 1878
As in a Looking Glass Philips, Francis Charles 1885
As Innocent as a Baby: A Novel Russell, William Clark 1874
As it was in the Beginning: Life Stories of... Sims, George Robert 1896
As It Was Written: A Jewish Musician's Story Harland, Henry 1885
As Long as She Lived Robinson, Frederick William 1876
As Luck Would Have It Westall, William Bury 1900
As One Possessed: A Novel Gibbs, D. Cecil 1883
As Silver is Tried: A Novel Kermode, M. E. 1878
As the Crow Flies Blackburne, Elizabeth Owens 1880
As the Shadows Fall: A Novel Muddock, Joyce Emmerson Pre... 1876
As the Twig is Bent Cleeve, Lucas 1901
As We Sweep Through the Deep: A Story Stables, William Gordon 1894
Asaph Wood: or, Little by Little Allen, Phoebe Anne 1882
Ascutney Street, a Neighborhood Story Whitney, Adeline Dutton Train 1890
Asenath of the Ford: A Romance of the Red E... Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1892
Ashcombe Churchyard Benson, Evelyn 1861
Ashes of Empire Chambers, Robert W. 1898
Ashes Tell No Tales: A Dramatic Story Bradshaw, Annie 1899
Ashton Hall: or, Self-Seeking and Self-Deny... Montgomery, Fanny Charlotte 1846
Ashton Morton: or, Memories of my Life Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1866
Askerdale Park: A Novel R., Q. M. 1864
Aspen Court: A Story of our own Time Brooks, Shirley 1855
Asphodel: A Novel Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1881
Aston Royal Stephenson, Eliza Tabor 1872
Astray: A Tale of a Country Town Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1886
Astray in the Forest Ellis, Edward S. 1898
Asylum Christi: A Story of the Dragonnades Gilliat, Edward 1877
At a Winter's Fire Capes, Bernard 1899
At Aboukir and Acre: A Story of Napoleon's ... Henty, George Alfred 1899
At Agincourt: A Tale of the White Hoods of ... Henty, George Alfred 1897
At an Old Chateau: A Novel Macquoid, Katharine S. 1891
At Any Cost Mayo, Isabella 1885
At Bay: A Novel Alexander, Mrs. 1885
At Century's Ebb Biddle-Cope, James Cyprian ... 1893
At Dusk De Valvedre, Adrien 1876
At Fault: A Novel Smart, Hawley 1883
At Heart a Rake Marryat, Florence 1895
At Her Mercy: A Novel Payn, James 1874
At his Gates: A Novel Oliphant, Margaret 1872
At Market Value: A Novel Allen, Grant 1894
At Midnight and Other Stories Cambridge, Ada 1897
At Odds: A Novel Tautphoeus, Baroness von 1863
At School with an Old Dragoon Mackenna, Stephen Joseph 1874
At Sea under Drake on the Spanish Main Eden, Charles Henry 1899
At Society's Expense Gissing, Algernon 1894
At Sundry Times and in Divers Manners Benson, Mary Eleanor 1891
At the Altar Werner, Elizabert 1878
At the Back of the North Wind MacDonald, George 1871
At the Bar: A Tale Collins, Charles Allston 1866
At the Cross-Roads Montresor, F. F. 1897
At the Eleventh Hour Swan, Annie S. 1899
At the First Corner and Other Stories Watson, Henry Brereton Marr... 1895
At the Gate of Samaria: A Novel Locke, William John 1895
At the Gate of the Fold: A Country Tale Fletcher, Joseph Smith 1896
At the Mercy of Tiberius: A Novel Evans, Augusta Jane 1890
At the Moment of Victory: A Novel Pirkis, Catherine Louisa 1889
At the Red Glove: A Novel Macquoid, Katharine S. 1885
At the Relton Arms Sharp, Evelyn 1895
At the Sign of the Cross Keys Creswick, Paul 1896
At the Sign of the Golden Horn Leys, John Kirkwood 1898
At the Sign of the Guillotine Spender, Edward Harold 1895
At the Sign of the Ostrich James, Charles Thomas Clement 1895
At the Sign of the Silver Flagon Farjeon, Benjamin Leopold 1876
At the South Pole: or, The Adventures of Ri... Kingston, William Henry Giles 1870
At the Tail of the Hounds: A Novel Kennard, Mary 1897
At the World's Mercy Warden, Florence 1884
At War with Destiny Lemore, Clara 1896
At What Cost, and Other Stories Fargus, Frederick John 1885
Atheline: or, The Castle by the Sea. A Tale Stewart, Louisa 1860
Athelstane Ford Upward, Allen 1899
Atherstone Priory Comyn, L. N. 1864
Atherton, and Other Tales Mitford, Mary Russell 1854
Athirt the Downs: A Tale of Church Folk Davies, A. J. 1901
Athlos: or, The Story of a Life Curtois, Margaret Ann 1886
Attila: A Romance James, G. P. R. 1837
Aubrey Marsh, Anne 1854

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