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Title Author Year
Christine Sergeant, Adeline 1894
Christine Brownlee's Ordeal Patrick, Mary 1878
Christine of the Hills Pemberton, Max 1897
Christmas Angel Farjeon, Benjamin L. 1885
Christmas Rose Randolph, Catherine Emily B... 1883
Christmas Roses: Tales for Young Persons Butt, Geraldine May 1877
Christmas Stories Farjeon, Benjamin L. 1874
Christmas-tree Land Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1884
Christopher Dudley: A Novel Bridgman, Mary 1872
Christopher Kenrick, His Life and Adventures Hatton, Joseph 1869
Christowell: A Dartmoor Tale Blackmore, Richard Doddridge 1881
Christy Carew: A Novel Hartley, May Laffan 1880
Chronicles of a Quiet Family: A Temperance ... Hocking, Salome 1888
Chronicles of an Eminent Fossil Burrard, William Dutton 1896
Chronicles of Castle Cloyne: or, Pictures o... Brew, Margaret W. 1884
Chronicles of Dartmoor Marsh-Caldwell, Sara Anne 1865
Chronicles of Golden Friars Le Fanu, J. Sheridan 1871
Chronicles of Life Baron-Wilson, Margaret 1840
Chronicles of Martin Hewitt: Being the Seco... Morrison, Arthur 1895
Chronicles of Westerly: A Provincial Sketch Fuller, James Franklin 1892
Chums: A Tale of the Queen's Navy Bouverie, J. Fortrey 1882
Church and Chapel Robinson, Frederick William 1863
Church and Wife: A Question of Celibacy Corbet, Robert St. John 1872
Cicely: A Story of Three Years Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1874
Cinderella: A Novel Crockett, S. R. 1901
Cinders: A Novel Mathers, Helen 1901
Circe Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1867
Citoyenne Jacqueline: A Woman's Lot in the ... Keddie, Henrietta 1865
City and Suburb Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1861
City and Suburban: A Novel Warden, Florence 1890
Claire Brandon: A Novel Marshall, Frederick 1890
Clandestine Marriage, and the Sisters Wallace, Ellen 1840
Clara Cameron: or, The Belle of the Season Anonymous, 1851
Clara Fane: or, The Contrasts of a Life Costello, Louisa Stuart 1848
Clara Harrington: A Domestic Tale Anonymous, 1851
Clara Hopgood White, William Hale 1896
Clara Leicester Beresford, George de la Poer 1858
Clara Levesque Gilbert, William 1872
Clara Morison: A Tale of South Australia du... Spence, Catherine Helen 1854
Clara Strong: A Novel Fitzgerald, Gerald Beresford 1889
Clara Vaughan Blackmore, Richard Doddridge 1864
Clare Abbey: or, The Trials of Youth Ponsonby, Lady Emily 1851
Clare of Claresmede: A Romance Gibbon, Charles 1886
Clare Stellar: A Novel Lunn, Caroline Sophia 1883
Clarence Harte, Bret 1895
Clarendon: A Tale Dodsworth, William 1850
Clarice Adair Randolph, Catherine Emily B... 1875
Clarisa Furiosa Norris, William Edward 1897
Claude Blake, Lady 1870
Claude: or, The Double Sacrifice Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1850
Claude and Maude Middlemass, Jean 1893
Claude Beauclerc: A Story of Modern Morality Ambofilius, 1881
Claude Branca's Promise: A Novel Clifton, Alice 1880
Claude de Vesci: or, The Ancient Patrimony.... Anonymous, 1856
Claude Hambro: A Novel Westwood, John C. 1875
Claude Meadowleigh, Artist Montague, William Edward 1874
Claudea's Island Stuart, Esmé 1893
Claudia: A Novel Baylor, Frances Courtenay 1894
Claudia Pole: A Novel Dawe, William Carleton 1901
Claudine Mignot: or, The Praised One Hartley, Mary Ann 1844
Cleansing Fires: A Novel Sears, Mrs. Newton 1877
Clear Shining after Rain: A Novel Hamilton, C. G. 1880
Cleg Kelly, Arab of the City Crockett, S. R. 1896
Clemency Franklyn Keary, Annie 1866
Clementina Mason, A. E. W. 1901
Cleo the Magnificent: or, The Muse of the R... Zangwill, Louis 1898
Cleopatra: A Romance Ebers, Georg Moritz 1894
Cleopatra Haggard, H. Rider 1889
Clerk of Portwick: A Tale Fenn, George Manville 1880
Cleve Hall: A Tale Sewell, Elizabeth Missing 1855
Cleveden Linskill, Mary 1876
Cliff Days Rosegarth, Brian 1894
Climbing the Hill Swan, Annie S. 1884
Climbing the Hill, and Other Stories Swan, Annie S. 1891
Clives of Burcot Stretton, Hesba 1866
Cloth of Frieze Wood, Lady Emma Caroline 1872
Clove Pink: A Study from Memory Steele, Anna Caroline 1894
Clues from a Detective's Camera Hill, Headon 1893
Clumber Chase: or, Love's Riddle Solved by ... Scott, George Gordon 1871
Clutterbuck's Treasure Whishaw, Fred 1898
Clytie: A Novel of Modern Life Hatton, Joseph 1874
Coals of Fire, and Other Stories Murray, David Christie 1882
Cobwebs: A Novel Collins, Mabel 1882
Cobwebs and Cables Stretton, Hesba 1881
Cold Comfort: A Novel O'Farrell, Burke 1871
Cold Steel Shiel, M. P. 1899
Colette Schultz, Jeanne 1892
Colin Clink: A Novel Hooton, Charles 1841
College Debts: A Novel An Oxford M.A., 1870
College Life: or, The Proctor's Note-Book Hewlett, Joseph Thomas James 1843
Colonel and Mrs. Revel Lyle, Laslett 1883
Colonel Annesley's Daughters: A Novel Anonymous, 1884
Colonel Biron: A Novel Anonymous, 1856
Colonel Botcherby, M.S.H. Russell, Fox 1899
Colonel Cheswick's Campaign Shaw, Flora Louisa 1886
Colonel Dacre Jolly, Emily 1873
Colonel Enderby's Wife: A Novel Malet, Lucas 1885
Colonel Fortescue's Daughter Thynne, Lady Charles 1868
Colonel Fougas' Mistake About, Edmond Francois Vale... 1878
Colonel Norton Montgomery, Florence Sophia 1895

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