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Title Author Year
Martha Brown, the Heiress Paul, Margaret Agnes 1861
Martha Planebarke: A Romance Anonymous, 1869
Martha's Trial: or, Truth will Prevail Quiller-Couch, Mabel 1895
Martin Ffrench Bradshaw, John 1886
Martin Hewitt, Investigator Morrison, Arthur 1894
Martin Pole Saunders, John 1863
Martin Rattler: or, A Boy's Adventures in t... Ballantyne, R. M. 1858
Martin Tobin: A Novel Campbell, Lady Pamela 1864
Martin Toutrond: A Frenchman in London in 1... Morier, James Justinian 1849
Martin's Vineyard Macdonell, Agnes 1872
Martyrs by Proxy and Other Stories Greenwood, James 1885
Martyrs to Circumstance Longworth, Maria Theresa 1861
Martyrs to Fashion: A Novel Verey, Joseph 1868
Maruja Harte, Bret 1885
Marvel Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe 1888
Marvels and Mysteries Marsh, Richard 1900
Mary: A Tale of the Irish Peasantry Hall, Herbert Byng 1853
Mary Anerley: A Yorkshire Tale Blackmore, Richard Doddridge 1880
Mary Anne of Parchment Buildings Cleeve, Lucas 1901
Mary Anne Wellington, the Soldier's Daughte... Cobbold, Rev. Richard 1846
Mary Barton: A Tale of Manchester Life Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn 1848
Mary Bertrand Chapman, Mary Francis 1860
Mary Browne Wilton, L. E. 1880
Mary Dundas: or, Passages in Young Life Geldart, Hannah Ransome 1853
Mary Ellis: or, Life and its Mistakes Spencer, Miss 1854
Mary Elton: or, Self-Control Paull, Susanna Mary 1869
Mary Elwood: A Novel Barker, Jessie M. 1884
Mary Fenwick's Daughter Whitby, Beatrice 1894
Mary Gifford, M.B. Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1898
Mary Graham Curling, Laura Jane 1862
Mary Grainger Leigh, George 1874
Mary Hazeldine's Desk Paull, Susanna Mary 1879
Mary Hollis: A Romance of the Days of Charl... Schimmel, Hendrik Jan 1872
Mary Jane Married: Tales of a Village Inn Sims, George Robert 1888
Mary Jane's Memoirs: Compiled from her Orig... Sims, George Robert 1887
Mary Leigh: or, Purpose in Life Geldart, Hannah Ransome 1869
Mary Lyndsay Ponsonby, Lady Emily 1863
Mary Marston MacDonald, George 1881
Mary Myles: A Novel Edmonds, Elizabeth Mayhew 1888
Mary Neville: The History of a Woman who At... Slade, A. F. 1902
Mary of Burgundy: or, The Revolt of Ghent James, G. P. R. 1833
Mary of Lorraine: An Historical Romance Grant, James 1860
Mary Raymond, and Other Tales Gore, Catherine 1838
Mary Schweidler, the Amber Witch Meinhold, Johann Wilhelm 1844
Mary Seaham: A Novel Grey, Catherine Maria 1852
Mary St. John: A Novel Carey, Rosa Nouchette 1882
Mary Stanley: or, The Secret Ones Stallybrass, 1869
Mary Unwin Marshall, Frances L. 1899
Marzio's Crucifix Crawford, F. Marion 1887
Masks: A Recollection Marius, 1873
Masollam: A Problem of the Period Oliphant, Laurence 1886
Massaniello: An Historical Romance MacCarthy, Daniel 1842
Masston: A Story of Modern Days Duffield, Alexander James 1877
Master and Pupil: A Tale Daniel, Elizabeth 1859
Master Bobby Towle, Eleanor Ashworth 1879
Master Don Gesualdo Verga, Giovanni 1893
Master Magnus: or, The Prince, the Princess... Field, Louise Frances 1895
Master of All: A Novel Chapman, Elizabeth Rachel 1881
Master of Her Life Howard, Lady Constance 1891
Master of his Fate Cobban, James Maclaren 1890
Master of Men Oppenheim, E. Phillips 1901
Master Rockafellar's Voyage Russell, William Clark 1891
Master Trim's Charge Stuart, Esmé 1879
Master Wilberforce: A Story of a Boy Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1895
Masterman Ready: or, The Wreck of the Pacific Marryat, Frederick 1841
Masters and Workmen: A Tale Illustrative of... Burdon, Hannah Dorothy 1851
Masters of the World Hoppus, Mary A. M. 1889
Mated by a Writer Zangwill, Israel 1892
Mated with a Clown: A Novel Howard, Lady Constance 1884
Materfamilias Cambridge, Ada 1898
Maternal Love: A Novel Loudon, Margracia 1849
Mathew Paxton Wilson, William 1854
Matrimonial Bonds: A Novel Florian, 1880
Matrimonial Shipwrecks: or, Mere Human Nature Maillard, Annette Marie 1854
Matrimonial Vanity Fair Robinson, Emma 1867
Matrimony Norris, William Edward 1881
Matron or Maid: A Story of the Period Kennard, Mary 1889
Matt: A Story of a Caravan Buchanan, Robert Williams 1885
Matthew Austin Norris, William Edward 1894
Matthew Dale, Farmer Sanders, Mary Jane Davidson 1882
Matthew Frost, Carrier: or, Little Snowdrop... Marshall, Emma 1872
Matthew Tindale Varty-Smith, Augusta A. 1891
Mattie: A Stray Robinson, Frederick William 1864
Mattins and Muttons: or, The Beauty of Brig... Bradley, Edward 1866
Matzchen and his Mistresses: A True Story Batty, Beatrice 1881
Maud: A City Autobiography Lupton, Margaret 1853
Maud Atherton Leigh, Alfred 1879
Maud Bingley: A Tale Graham, Frederica 1858
Maud Florence Nellie: or, Don't Care! Coleridge, Christabel Rose 1890
Maud Kinglake's Collect Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1882
Maud Leslie Thynne, Lady Charles 1877
Maud Linden's Lovers: A Novel Garrett, George W. 1878
Maud Mainwaring: A Novel Griffith, Cecil 1867
Maud Melville's Marriage: A Story of the Se... Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1893
Maud Skillicorne's Penance: A Tale Jackson, Mary 1858
Maud Winthrop's Life Charge Anstruther, Mace 1863
Maude Maynard Peart, Emily 1876
Maude Neville Anonymous, 1864
Maude Talbot: A Novel Parr, Harriet 1854
Maude Whiteford: or, The Turn of the Tide Anonymous, 1875

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