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Title Author Year
By the North Sea: or, The Protector's Grand... Marshall, Emma 1896
By the Sea Macquoid, Katharine S. 1865
By the Western Sea: A Summer Idyll Baker, James 1889
By Thrasna River: The Story of a Townland Bullock, Shan 1895
By Virtue of his Office: A Novel Brown, Lilian Rowland 1888
By Woman's Favour: A Novel Erroll, Henry 1890
By Woman's Wit: A Novel Alexander, Mrs. 1886
Bye-Words: A Collection of Tales New and Old Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1880
Byeways Hichens, Robert 1898
Bygone Days: An Old Man's Reminiscences Kugelyen, W. von 1871
Bypaths and Cross-roads Panton, Jane Ellen 1889
Byways Paxton, Mary W. 1878
Cabinet Pictures Hill, Headon 1893
Caesar Borgia: A Historical Romance Robinson, Emma 1846
Caged!: The Romance of a Lunatic Asylum Hill, Headon 1900
Cairnforth and Sons: A Tale Shipton, Helen 1885
Cakes and Ale Jerrold, Douglas William 1842
Caleb Booth's Clerk: A Lancashire Story Banks, Isabella 1878
Caleb Carthew: A Life Story Hocking, Silas Kitto 1884
Caleb Field: A Tale of the Puritans Oliphant, Margaret 1851
Caleb Stukley Phillips, Samuel 1844
Californian Stories Harte, Bret 1884
Called Back Fargus, Frederick John 1884
Called Back to Tsarland: A Novel Whishaw, Fred 1899
Called to Account Thomas, Annie 1867
Called to the Rescue Drury, Anna Harriet 1879
Callista: A Sketch of the Third Century Newman, John Henry 1856
Calmire Holt, Henry 1892
Cameos: Short Stories Corelli, Marie 1896
Camilla's Girlhood: A Novel Mazini, Linda 1885
Camille's Tormentor: A Novel De Jongh, Bertha 1877
Camiola: A Girl with a Fortune McCarthy, Justin 1885
Can it be True?: A Novel Cliffe, Francis Henry 1887
Can Wrong be Right?: A Tale Hall, Anna Maria 1862
Can You Forgive Her? Trollope, Anthony 1865
Cancelled Bonds Cresswell, Henry 1895
Candiduccia: Scenes from Roman Life Theodoli, Lily Marchesa 1894
Cap and Bells Helmore, Margaret C. 1875
Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon. The Last Confessio... Caine, Hall 1893
Captain Balfour: A Novel Drayson, Caroline Agnes 1868
Captain Bayley's Heir: A Tale of the Gold F... Henty, George Alfred 1889
Captain Castle: A Tale of the China Seas Dawe, William Carleton 1897
Captain Cobler: or, The Lincolnshire Rebell... Cooper, Thomas 1850
Captain Enderis, First West African Regimen... Crouch, Archer Philip 1893
Captain Fanny: A Novel Russell, William Clark 1876
Captain Fortescue's Handful Norris, Cecil Marryat 1887
Captain Haverty's Wooing Trollope, Frank 1880
Captain Herbert: A Sea Story Cupples, George 1864
Captain Ishmael: A Saga of the South Seas Griffith, George 1901
Captain Jack: or, The Great Van Broek Prope... Maitland, James Alexander 1867
Captain Japp Stables, William Gordon 1891
Captain Lanagan's Log: Passages in the Life... Downey, Edmund 1891
Captain Lobe: A Story of the Salvation Army Harkness, Margaret 1889
Captain Masters' Children: A Novel Hood, Tom 1865
Captain O'Shaughness's Sporting Career: An ... O'Flanagan, James Roderick 1873
Captain O'Sullivan: or, Adventures, Civil, ... Maxwell, William Hamilton 1846
Captain Shannon Kernahan, Coulson 1897
Captain Spike: or, The Islets of the Gulf Cooper, James Fenimore 1848
Captains Courageous: A Story of the Grand B... Kipling, Rudyard 1897
Captured by Cannibals: Some Incidents in th... Hatton, Joseph 1888
Cardinal Pole: or, The Days of Philip and M... Ainsworth, William Harrison 1863
Caritŕ Oliphant, Margaret 1877
Carl Forrest's Faith Linskill, Mary 1883
Carleton Grange: A Novel Harwood, Isabella Neil 1866
Carlowrie: or, Among Lothian Folk Swan, Annie S. 1884
Carlyon's Year Payn, James 1868
Carmela: A Novel Cantacuzene, Princess Olga 1880
Carola Stretton, Hesba 1884
Caroline Lindsay, Lady Caroline Blan... 1888
Caroline Mordaunt: or, The Governess Sherwood, Mary Martha 1835
Carpathia Knox: A Novel Lee, Susan Rowley Richmond 1900
Carpet Courtship: A Story of Some Imperfect... Cobb, Thomas 1898
Carr of Carrlyon: A Novel Aidé, Hamilton 1862
Carried Off: A Story of Pirate Times Stuart, Esmé 1888
Carriston's Gift Fargus, Frederick John 1886
Carrots: Just a Little Boy Molesworth, Mary Louisa 1876
Carry's Christmas Gift Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1881
Carry's Confessions Robinson, Frederick William 1865
Carstairs Home, Massingberd 1876
Carstone Rectory: A Story Graham, George 1860
Cartouche Peard, Frances Mary 1878
Cartouche, the Celebrated French Robber Peake, Richard Brinsley 1844
Casa Braccio Crawford, F. Marion 1895
Cashel Byron's Profession: A Novel Shaw, George Bernard 1886
Cashiered and Other War Tales Balfour, Sir Andrew 1902
Casimir Maremma Helps, Sir Arthur 1870
Casper Brooke's Daughter: A Novel Sergeant, Adeline 1891
Cassandra: A Novel Corbett, Elizabeth Burgoyne 1884
Cassandra's Casket Marshall, Emma 1885
Cassy Stretton, Hesba 1874
Cast Ashore Stuart, Esmé 1890
Cast on the Waters Davidson, Hugh Coleman 1887
Cast Out: A Novel Teague, Rev. John Jessop 1890
Castaway: A Novel Yates, Edmund Hodgson 1872
Caste Jolly, Emily 1857
Caste and Creed Penny, Fanny Emily 1890
Castellamonte: An Autobiographical Sketch i... Gallenga, Antonio Carlo Nap... 1854
Casting of Nets Bagot, Richard 1901
Castle Avon Marsh, Anne 1852
Castle Blair: A Story of Youthful Days Shaw, Flora Louisa 1878

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