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Title Author Year
The Phantom Rickshaw and Other Tales Kipling, Rudyard 1890
The Phantom Ship Marryat, Frederick 1839
The Pharisees Unveiled Corbett, Elizabeth Burgoyne 1889
The Philadelphian Jennings, Louis John 1891
The Philanderers Mason, A. E. W. 1897
The Pic-Nic Papers: By Various Hands Dickens, Charles 1841
The Picaroon: A Novel Anonymous, 1837
The Picture: and The Prosperous Man Bourne, John Gervas Hutchinson 1835
The Picture of Dorian Gray Wilde, Oscar 1891
The Pilgrim and the Shrine: or, Passages fr... Maitland, Edward 1868
The Pilgrims: A Bit of Cornwall in Australia Dawe, William Carleton 1894
The Pilgrims of Walsingham: or, Tales of th... Strickland, Agnes 1835
The Pillars of the House: or, Under Wode, U... Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1873
The Pioneers.: A Tale of the Western Wilder... Ballantyne, R. M. 1872
The Pirate City: An Algerine Tale Ballantyne, R. M. 1875
The Pirate Island: A Story of the South Pac... Lancaster, William Joseph C... 1885
The Pirate Junk: A Story of the Sooloo Sea Hutcheson, John Conroy 1896
The Pirate of the Mediterranean: A Tale of ... Kingston, William Henry Giles 1851
The Pirate Slaver: A Story of the West Afri... Lancaster, William Joseph C... 1895
The Pirate, and the Three Cutters Marryat, Frederick 1836
The Pirates of 'The Foam': A Novel Armstrong, Francis Claudius 1863
The Pity of It Smith, Jane Grace 1884
The Place of Dreams: Four Stories Barry, William Francis 1893
The Plague Ship Henty, George Alfred 1889
The Plain Miss Cray Warden, Florence 1900
The Plan of Campaign: A Story of the Fortun... Robinson, Frances Mabel 1888
The Planter's Northern Bride Hentz, Caroline Lee 1854
The Plattner Story and Others Wells, H. G. 1897
The Playactress Crockett, S. R. 1894
The Players: or, The Stage of Life Serle, Thomas James 1847
The Playfair Papers: or, Brother Jonathan, ... Patterson, Paul 1841
The Plaything of an Hour, and Other Stories Kennard, Mary 1895
The Plunder Ship Hill, Headon 1900
The Plunderers: A Romance Roberts, Morley 1900
The Plunger: A Turf Tragedy of Five-and-Twe... Smart, Hawley 1891
The Poacher's Wife: A Story of the Times Carew, G. Carlton 1849
The Poet and Penelope Hargrave, Abbie 1902
The Poet's Daughter: A Novel Anonymous, 1837
The Point of Honour: Being Some Adventures ... Hinkson, Henry Albert 1901
The Poles in the Seventeenth Century: An Hi... Krasinski, Henry 1843
The Policeman's Lantern: Strange Stories of... Greenwood, James 1888
The Pomp of the Lavilettes Parker, Sir Gilbert 1897
The Poor Cousin: A Novel Daniel, Elizabeth 1846
The Poor Relation: A Novel Pardoe, Julia S. H. 1858
The Pope: A Novel Beste, John Richard Digby 1840
The Pope and the Actor: An Historical Novel Burdon, Hannah Dorothy 1842
The Popular Member, The Wheel of Fortune, etc Gore, Catherine 1844
The Port Admiral Neale, William Johnson 1833
The Port Guard Ship: A Romance of the Prese... Jane, Frederick Thomas 1900
The Portent: A Story of the Inner Vision of... MacDonald, George 1864
The Portrait of a Lady James, Henry 1881
The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club Dickens, Charles 1837
The Postman's Daughter and Other Tales Herman, Henry 1894
The Postmaster of Market Deignton Oppenheim, E. Phillips 1897
The Potter's Thumb Steel, Flora Annie 1894
The Power of Gold: A Novel Lambert, George 1886
The Power of the Dog: A Novel Brown, Lilian Rowland 1896
The Power of the Hand: A Novel Notley, Frances E. M. 1888
The Power of the Past Stuart, Esmé 1894
The Prairie Bird: A Tale Murray, Sir Charles Augustus 1844
The Preacher's Daughter: A Domestic Romance Barr, Amelia E. 1893
The Prediction: A Novel Steward, Isabella Travers 1834
The Premier and the Painter: A Fantastic Ro... Zangwill, Israel 1889
The Prescotts of Pamphillon Parr, Louisa 1873
The President's Daughters, including Nina Bremer, Fredrika 1843
The Prettiest Woman in Warsaw: A Novel Collins, Mabel 1885
The Pretty Polly: A Voyage of Incident Russell, William Clark 1900
The Pretty Sister of José: A Spanish Love S... Burnett, Frances Hodgson 1889
The Pretty Widow: A Novel Ross, Charles Henry 1867
The Prey of the Gods: A Novel Marryat, Florence 1871
The Price of a Pearl Holmes, Eleanor 1894
The Price of a Wife: A Novel Stannard, Henrietta Eliza V... 1898
The Price of Fame: A Novel Youatt, Elizabeth 1842
The Price of Silence: A Novel Stredder, Eleanor 1873
The Price She Paid: A Novel Benedict, Frank Lee 1882
The Pride of Jennico: Being a Memoir of Cap... Castle, Agnes 1898
The Pride of Life: A Novel Scott, Lady 1854
The Pride of Race: In Five Panels Farjeon, Benjamin L. 1900
The Priest of the Nile: A Tale of Ancient E... Tinsley, Annie 1841
The Priest's Niece: or, The Heirship of Bar... Hemphill, Barbara 1855
The Prima Donna Williams, Sarah 1884
The Prime Minister: An Historical Romance Kingston, William Henry Giles 1845
The Prime Minister Trollope, Anthony 1876
The Primrose Path Oliphant, Margaret 1878
The Prince and the Pedlar: or, The Siege of... Pickering, Ellen 1839
The Prince of Balkistan Upward, Allen 1895
The Prince of India: or, Why Constantinople Wallace, Lewis 1893
The Prince of Orange: A Tale of the Dutch P... Anonymous, 1845
The Prince of the Glades Lynch, Hannah 1891
The Prince of Wales's Garden-party and Othe... Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1882
The Prince's Feathers: A Story of Leafy War... Adams, Bertha Jane 1899
The Prince-Duke and the Page: A Historical ... Lytton, Rosina Bulwer 1841
The Princess: or, The Beguine Morgan, Lady Sydney Owenson 1835
The Princess and Curdie MacDonald, George 1883
The Princess and the Goblin MacDonald, George 1872
The Princess Casamassima: A Novel James, Henry 1886
The Princess Clarice: A Story of 1871 Collins, Edward James Mortimer 1872
The Princess Désirée Black, Clementina 1896
The Princess Mazaroff: A Romance of the Day Hatton, Joseph 1891
The Princess Royal Colvill, Helen Hester 1894

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