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Title Author Year
Cradled in a Storm: A Story of Gaunchester-... Tharp, Theodore A. 1888
Cradock Nowell: A Tale of the New Forest Blackmore, Richard Doddridge 1866
Craigclutha: A Clydesdale Story Mills, George 1849
Cramleigh College: A Novel Belcher, Rev. Robert Henry 1874
Cranford Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn 1853
Cranmer, by a Member of the Roxburghe Club Dibdin, Thomas Frognall 1839
Crayford: or, The Force of Influence. A Novel Anonymous, 1849
Cream Reade, Charles 1858
Creatures of Circumstance: A Novel Hutchinson, Horace Gordon 1891
Creatures of Clay: A Novel Greville, Lady Violet 1885
Creeds: A Novel Edwards, Annie 1859
Cressida: A Novel Thomas, Bertha 1878
Cressy: A Novel Harte, Bret 1889
Crewe Rise: A Novel Jeaffreson, John Cordy 1854
Crichton Ainsworth, William Harrison 1837
Cricket: A Tale of Humble Life Hocking, Silas Kitto 1885
Crime and Punishment: A Russian Realistic N... Dostoyevsky, Fyodor 1886
Cripps the Carrier: A Woodland Tale Blackmore, Richard Doddridge 1876
Crispin Ken Robins, Arthur 1861
Criss-Cross Lovers Chetwynd, Julie Bosville 1890
Croesus' Widow: A Novel Russell, Dora 1883
Cromwell Doolan: or, Life in the Army Levinge, Sir Richard George... 1849
Cromwell in Ireland: An Historical Romance Anonymous, 1847
Crooked Places: A Family Chronicle Mayo, Isabella 1873
Crookleigh: A Village Story Hocking, Silas Kitto 1887
Cross Currents Jeffreys, Sarah Ann 1868
Cross Currents Dickens, Mary Angela 1891
Cross Lights: or, Major Crosbie's Vow: A No... Carter, Adam 1876
Cross Purposes: or, Torchester Abbey Sinclair, Catherine 1855
Cross Purposes: or, The Deanes of Dean's Cr... Marshall, Emma 1899
Cross-Roads: A Novel Crommelin, May 1890
Crossford: A Novel Pinkerton, Thomas A. 1879
Crossing the Border Berdmore, Septimus 1864
Crown and Anchor: or, Under the Pen'ant Hutcheson, John Conroy 1896
Crown-Harden Fuller, Mrs. 1873
Crowned Tainsh, Edward Campbell 1868
Cruel as the Grave Bothmer, Mary von 1871
Cruel Calumny, and Other Stories Adams, Bertha Jane 1901
Cruel Constancy King, Katharine 1873
Cruel Fortune Clayton, Ellen Creathorne 1865
Cruel London: A Novel Hatton, Joseph 1878
Crumbs from a Sportsman's Table Clarke, Charles 1865
Crushed Beneath his Idol: A Novel Sampson, Alice Charlotte 1874
Crushed yet Conquering: A Story of Constanc... Alcock, Deborah 1891
Crusoes of the Frozen North Stables, William Gordon 1901
Crying for the Light: or, England Fifty Yea... Ritchie, James Ewing 1895
Crying for Vengence: A Novel Clayton, Ellen Creathorne 1877
Culmshire Folks Fuller, James Franklin 1873
Culverley Rise: A Tale Corner, Julia 1861
Cumworth House Jolly, Emily 1864
Cunning Murrell Morrison, Arthur 1900
Cupid and the Sphinx MacClellen, Harriet 1878
Curb and Snaffle Roberts, Sir Randal Howland 1888
Curios: Some Strange Adventures of Two Bach... Marsh, Richard 1898
Curley's Crystal: or, A Light Heart Lives L... Marshall, Emma 1890
Curly: An Actor's Story Coleman, John 1885
Current Repentance: A Novel Bulman, Alfred 1885
Currie, Curtis & Co., Crammers Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe 1890
Cursed by a Fortune Fenn, George Manville 1896
Cut Adrift: A Novel Fonblanque, Albany de Greni... 1869
Cut with his Own Diamond: A Novel Cushing, Paul 1891
Cuthbert Coningsby: A Sequel to Maude Kingl... Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1884
Cuthbert St. Elme, M.P.: or, Passages in th... Anonymous, 1857
Cutting for Partners: A Novel Jeaffreson, John Cordy 1890
Cyclamen Randolph, Catherine Emily B... 1885
Cyllene: or, The Fall of Paganism. A Classi... Sneyd, Henry 1873
Cynthia: A Tale of Two Lovers BTAO Cynthia, 1882
Cynthia: A Daughter of the Philistines Merrick, Leonard 1896
Cynthia's Brother Johnston, Grace L. Keith 1901
Cynthia's Way Sidgwick, Cecily 1901
Cypress Beach Babcock, William Henry 1884
Cyril Blount: or, Trust Money Houstoun, Matilda Charlotte 1865
Cyrilla: A Tale Tautphoeus, Baroness von 1853
D'Eyncourts of Fairleigh: A Novel Skemp, Thomas Rowland 1872
Dacia Singleton Pemberton, Mrs. 1866
Daffodil and the Croäxaxicans: A Romance of... Webster, Augusta 1884
Dagmar Shipton, Helen 1888
Daireen Moore, Frank Frankfort 1879
Daisie's Dream: A Novel Houstoun, Matilda Charlotte 1869
Daisies and Buttercups: A Novel of the Uppe... Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1882
Daisy Beresford Aldrich, Annie Charlotte Ca... 1882
Daisy Bright Marshall, Emma 1868
Daisy Burns: A Novel Kavanagh, Julia 1853
Daisy Miller: A Study. An International Epi... James, Henry 1879
Daisy Nichol: A Novel Hardy, Lady Duffus 1870
Daisy Nook Sketches Brierley, Benjamin 1867
Daisy Snowflake's Secret: A Story of Englis... Reaney, Isabel 1882
Daisy's King Stuart, Esmé 1888
Dalefolk Rea, Alice 1895
Dalmeny: or, The Liard's Secret Jamieson, Jane H. 1882
Dame Durden Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1883
Damocles Veley, Margaret 1882
Dan Stapleton's Last Race Rae, Janet Milne 1881
Dandy: A Novel Middlemass, Jean 1881
Dangerfield Pritchard, Henry Baden 1878
Dangerous Connexions: A Novel Gibbon, Charles 1864
Daniel Dennison, and Cumberland Statesman Hofland, Barbara 1846
Daniel Deronda Eliot, George 1876
Daniel Whyte: An Unfinished Biography Dawson, Alec John 1899
Daphne's Daring: A Love Story Phillips, Jane Josephine 1889

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