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Title Author Year
Jemmy Lawson: or, The Story of a Village-Boy Kenyon, Edith C. 1884
Jenifer: A Novel Thomas, Annie 1883
Jennie Baxter, Journalist Barr, Robert 1899
Jennie of the 'Prince's': A Novel Buxton, Bertha Henry 1876
Jenny Bell: A Story Fitzgerald, Percy H. 1866
Jenny Jennett: A Tale without a Murder Gallenga, Antonio Carlo Nap... 1886
Jenny Jones and Jenny, and Other Tales from... Tirebuck, William Edward 1896
Jenny Lind: A Tale Hendriks, Rose Ellen 1848
Jenny's Case Pinsent, Ellen Frances 1892
Jephthah's Daughter Spettigue, Jane H. 1885
Jeremiah Parkes: A Novel Daniel, Elizabeth 1847
Jerningham: or, The Inconsistent Man Kaye, Sir John William 1836
Jerningham: A Story Anonymous, 1854
Jerome: A Novel Cox, Annie 1891
Jerpoint: An Ungarnished Story of the Times Mahony, Martin Francis 1875
Jerry Jacksmith, of Lower London Greenwood, James 1890
Jess Haggard, H. Rider 1887
Jesse Dearlove: A Story Stuart, Esmé 1885
Jessica's First Prayer Stretton, Hesba 1867
Jessica's Mother and Other Stories Stretton, Hesba 1893
Jessie of Boulogne: The History of a Few Mi... Gillmor, Clotworthy 1876
Jessie Phillips: A Tale of the Present Day Trollope, Frances Milton 1843
Jessie Trim: A Novel Farjeon, Benjamin Leopold 1874
Jessie's Bible: or, The Italian Priest Kelly, Sophia 1875
Jessie's Expiation: A Novel Austin, Alfred 1867
Jesuit Executorship: or, Passages in the Li... Anonymous, 1852
Jet: Her Face or Her Fortune Edwards, Annie 1878
Jetsam Hall, Owen 1897
Jewel Mysteries I Have Known: From a Dealer... Pemberton, Max 1894
Jezebel Pryce, Richard 1900
Jezebel's Daughter Collins, Wilkie 1880
Jezebel's Friends: A Novel Russell, Dora 1889
Jill Dillwyn, Elizabeth Amy 1884
Jill and Jack Dillwyn, Elizabeth Amy 1887
Jill, a Flower Girl Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1892
Jilted!: Or, My Uncle's Scheme Russell, William Clark 1874
Joan: A Tale Broughton, Rhoda 1876
Joan and Jerry O'Reilly, Eleanor Grace 1891
Joan and Mrs. Carr Booth, Eliza Margaret von 1896
Joan Brotherhood: A Novel Capes, Bernard 1900
Joan Carewe: A Novel L., E. M. O. 1863
Joan Carisbroke Worboise, Emma Jane 1880
Joan Haste Haggard, H. Rider 1895
Joan Merryweather and Other Tales Saunders, Katherine 1874
Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans Serle, Thomas James 1841
Joan of the Sword Hand Crockett, S. R. 1900
Joan the Maid: Deliverer of England and Fra... Charles, Elizabeth Rundle 1879
Joan Vellacot: A Novel Stuart, Esmé 1888
Joan's Adventures at the North Pole and Els... Corkran, Alice 1889
Joan, the Curate Warden, Florence 1898
Joanna Traill, Spinster Holdsworth, Annie E. 1894
Joanna's Inheritance: A Story of Young Lives Marshall, Emma 1877
Job Singleton's Heir and Other Stories Marshall, Emma 1879
Jobson's Enemies Jenkins, John Edward 1882
Jocelyn Erroll: A Novel Lee, Susan Rowley Richmond 1900
Jocelyn's Mistake Spender, Lillian 1875
Jock Halliday, a Grassmarket Hero: or, Sket... Hardy, Robina Forrester 1883
Jock o' Hazelgreen Mathers, Helen 1884
Jockey Club Stories Barrett, Frank 1888
Jockey Jack Gould, Nat 1892
Joe Underwood: or, Worth More Than the Spar... Stebbing, Grace 1887
Johannes Olaf De Wille, Elizabeth 1873
John: A Love Story Oliphant, Margaret 1870
John: or, Is a Cousin in the Hand Worth Two... Flygare-Carlén, Emilie 1853
John Alston's Vow: A Tale Murray, Elizabeth Alice 1865
John Ames, Native Commissioner: A Romance o... Mitford, Bertram 1900
John and I Betham-Edwards, Matilda Bar... 1862
John Armiger's Revenge Hunter, Peter Hay 1897
John Arnold Wilson, William 1862
John at Home: A Novel Herbert, Stanley 1853
John Barlow's Ward: A Novel Anonymous, 1881
John Burnet of Barns: A Romance Buchan, John 1898
John Caldigate Trollope, Anthony 1879
John Charity: A Romance of Yesterday Vachell, Horace Annesley 1900
John Darker: A Novel Lee, Aubrey 1894
John Deane of Nottingham: His Adventures an... Kingston, William Henry Giles 1870
John Dorrien Kavanagh, Julia 1875
John Drayton: Being a History of the Early ... Oliphant, Margaret 1851
John Ellicombe's Temptation Chetwynd, Julie Bosville 1895
John Falk: A Novel Ewald, Herman Frederik 1868
John Ford: His Faults and his Follies Barrett, Frank 1885
John Fortescue Reynolds, Q. C., of Lincoln'... Storm, C. 1873
John Godfrey's Fortunes: Related by Himself... Taylor, Bayard 1864
John Greswold Clive, Caroline 1864
John Haile: A Story of Successful Failure BTAO "Sleepy Sketches", 1885
John Halifax, Gentleman Craik, Dinah Marie 1856
John Haller's Niece Le Fanu, Eleanor Frances 1868
John Hawke's Fortune: A Story of Monmouth's... Henty, George Alfred 1901
John Herring: A West of England Romance Baring-Gould, Sabine 1883
John Holdsworth, Chief Mate: A Novel Russell, William Clark 1875
John Inglesant: A Romance Shorthouse, Joseph Henry 1881
John Jasper's Secret: Being a Narrative of ... Morford, Henry 1872
John Jerome: His Thoughts and Ways. A Book ... Ingelow, Jean 1886
John Jones, Curate Pryce, Gwendolen 1901
John Law, the Projector Ainsworth, William Harrison 1864
John Lexley's Troubles Bardsley, Charles Wareing E... 1877
John Maidment Sturgis, Julian 1885
John Maillard Newman, Emma 1894
John Manesty, the Liverpool Merchant Maginn, William 1844
John Marchmont's Legacy Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1863

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