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Title Author Year
Mononia: A Love Story of "Forty-Eight" McCarthy, Justin 1901
Monsell Digby: A Novel Marshall, William 1880
Monsieur Judas: A Paradox Hume, Fergus 1891
Monsieur Maurice, a New Novelette: And Othe... Edwards, Amelia B. 1873
Monsignor: A Novel Reade, Emma 1890
Montacute: or, A New Home Kirkland, Caroline Matilde 1840
Monte Carlo Stories Barrett, Joan 1896
Montes the Matador: and Other Stories Harris, Frank 1900
Montezuma's Daughter Haggard, H. Rider 1893
Moonbeams and Brownies White, Roma 1894
Moonfleet Falkner, John Meade 1898
Moor and Moss Debenham, Mary H. 1892
Mooswa and Others of the Boundaries Fraser, William Alexander 1901
Mopsa the Fairy Ingelow, Jean 1869
Morag: A Tale of Highland Life Rae, Janet Milne 1872
Morals and Millions Warden, Florence 1901
Morals and Mysteries Aidé, Hamilton 1872
Morals of the Midlands: A Sporting Tale Kennard, Mary 1899
Mord Em'ly Ridge, William Pett 1898
Mordaunt Hall: or, A September Night. A Novel Marsh, Anne 1849
More Bywords Yonge, Charlotte Mary 1890
More Dolls Buxton, Bertha Henry 1879
More Gal's Gossip Binstead, Arthur Morris 1901
More Kin than Kind Tottenham, Blanche Mary Loftus 1892
More Secrets Than One: A Novel Holl, Henry 1864
More than a Match: A Novel Houstoun, Matilda Charlotte 1867
More than a Million: or, Fight for a Fortune Anonymous, 1876
More than Coronets Banks, Isabella 1882
Moredun: A Tale of the 1210 Anonymous, 1855
Morgan Hailsham: or, A Curious Month Constable, Frank Challice 1899
Morgan's Horror: A Romance of the "West Cou... Fenn, George Manville 1885
Morgan's Horror: A Romance of the "West Cou... Fenn, George Manville 1885
Morley Ashton: A Story of the Sea Grant, James 1876
Morley Ernstein: or, The Tenants of the Heart James, G. P. R. 1842
Morning Grey: A Novel Stuart, Esmé 1885
Mornings at Matlock Mackenzie, Robert Shelton 1850
Morrison's Machine Fletcher, Joseph Smith 1900
Mortimer Delmar: and, Highfield Tower Anonymous, 1838
Mortimer's Money Whitney, S. Russell 1868
Mortomley's Estate Riddell, Charlotte Elizabeth 1874
Morton of Morton's Hope: An Autobiography Motley, John Lothrop 1839
Mortons of Bardom: A Lancashire Tale Holme, Warwick 1863
Mostly Fools: A Romance of Civilisation Randolph, Edmund 1886
Mostly Fools and a Duchess Cleeve, Lucas 1901
Mother and Son: or, "I Will" Marshall, Emma 1894
Mother Carey's Chicken: Her Voyage to the U... Fenn, George Manville 1888
Mother Darling Little, Alicia Ellen Neve 1885
Mother's Favourite Whitney, S. Russell 1866
Mother's Idol Hope, Lydia 1882
Mothers and Daughters: A Tale of the Year 1... Gore, Catherine 1831
Mothers and Sons: A Novel Platt, William 1857
Moths Ouida, 1880
Mottiscliffe: An Autumn Story Ferrier, James Walter 1877
Mou-Setsé: A Negro Hero Meade, Elizabeth Thomasina 1880
Mount Desolation: An Australian Romance Dawe, William Carleton 1892
Mount Eden: A Romance Marryat, Florence 1889
Mount Royal: A Novel Braddon, Mary Elizabeth 1882
Mount Sorel: or, The Heiress of the De Veres Marsh, Anne 1845
Mount St. Lawrence Thomson, Harriet Diana 1850
Mountain Moggy: or, The Stoning of the Witc... Kingston, William Henry Giles 1866
Mousmé Holland, Clive 1901
Mr. and Mrs. Asheton: A Novel Stretton, Julia Cecilia 1859
Mr. and Mrs. Faulconbridge Aidé, Hamilton 1864
Mr. and Mrs. Herries: A Novel Crommelin, May 1892
Mr. and Mrs. Nevill Tyson Sinclair, May 1898
Mr. Arle: A Novel Jolly, Emily 1856
Mr. Bailey-Martin: A Novel White, Percy 1894
Mr. Barnes of New York: A Novel Gunter, Archibald Clavering 1887
Mr. Bartram's Daughter: An Every-Day Story Hamilton, Catherine Jane 1882
Mr. Batter's Pedigree: or, Experiences of a... Hutchinson, Horace Gordon 1891
Mr. Bazalgette's Agent Merrick, Leonard 1888
Mr. Blake of Newmarket Cooper, Edward Herbert 1897
Mr. Bryant's Mistake: A Novel Colvill, Helen Hester 1890
Mr. Butler's Ward Robinson, Frances Mabel 1885
Mr. Carington: A Tale of Love and Conspiracy Collins, Edward James Mortimer 1873
Mr. Caroli: An Autobiography Séguin, Lisbeth Gooch 1881
Mr. Chaine's Sons Norris, William Edward 1891
Mr. Charlton: A Novel Douglas, Christiana Jane 1877
Mr. Christopher Kalydid of Gasconia Anonymous, 1864
Mr. Dalton's Legatee, a Very Nice Woman: A ... Stone, Elizabeth 1850
Mr. Dorillion: A Novel Middlemass, Jean 1876
Mr. Elliott Ford, I. O. 1901
Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds Surtees, Robert Smith 1865
Mr. Gray and his Neighbours Mossman, Thomas Wimberley 1876
Mr. Hatherly's Boys Green, Evelyn Ward Everett 1885
Mr. Hogarth's Will Spence, Catherine Helen 1865
Mr. Horatio Mandeville's Experiences: or, T... MacEwen, Constance Ellen 1892
Mr. Horrocks, Purser Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe 1902
Mr. Isaacs: A Tale of Modern India Crawford, F. Marion 1882
Mr. Jack Hamlin's Mediation and Other Stories Harte, Bret 1899
Mr. Jervis Croker, Bithia Mary 1894
Mr. Jocko: A Novel Fogerty, Joseph 1891
Mr. Leslie of Underwood: A Story with Two H... Patrick, Mary 1879
Mr. Marx's Secret Oppenheim, E. Phillips 1899
Mr. Meeson's Will Haggard, H. Rider 1888
Mr. Midshipman Easy Marryat, Frederick 1836
Mr. Montenello: Romance of the Civil Service Hamilton, W. A. Baillie 1884
Mr. Montmorency's Money Worboise, Emma Jane 1870
Mr. Nobody Spender, Lillian 1884
Mr. Passingham: An Episode in his Life Cobb, Thomas 1899

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